A fresher should start career with a large or small organisation?

  1. Sundeep Kataria profile image75
    Sundeep Katariaposted 3 years ago

    In the Business Management Schools there is a saying that " large desk in a small organisation and a small desk in a large company". Which means that smaller the size of the employer organisation the bigger shall be the responsibilities and hence more scope for learning and vice versa.

    Given the current economic scenario what would be the right choice for a fresher?

  2. darrensurrey profile image74
    darrensurreyposted 3 years ago

    Good question! I guess it does depend on the career and job preference.

    -work in a small business does mean you get more experience, it's more interesting, what you does counts more , there's more scope for senior roles as the business grows (if that's the company's aim) and you get to learn stuff that can potentially mean you can start your own business
    -a large company means you can move to other large companies as it looks better on your CV, has more perks, probably pays more, may mean less chance for broader experience unless the company doesn't mind you moving around to secondments in other departments and greater job security.

    I've done both and much prefer smaller companies.