to be fair and hionest will you post my comment? I have more cops in my family t

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    neohiobikerposted 7 years ago

    to be fair and hionest will you post my comment? I have more cops in my family then you have fingers

    Our family of cops goes back 3 generations. Will you abuse your power to let me comment? you know I speak the truth..

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    blissinprogressposted 7 years ago

    Honestly, I think you may have missed my point.  My article was not about the salary fairness of officers, or what they make on the side, for those who are allowed, many departments do not allow officers to work security anymore and many departments do not offer overtime. I have learned from many officers and family responses to my hubz that they have not been allowed overtime or security for years.  As far as insurance and benefits are concerned, perhaps many departments still have good benefits but our insurance more than doubled this year and the "free" dependant coverage is no more.  I have heard the same from many LEO families across the country.  As far as officers being able to make a lot of money, with not much "smarts" as you stated, I don't know how anyone could work effectively as an officer with no "smarts".  My husband has a college degree and is a certified QPR/Suicide Prevention Officer, as well as CIT, LEDT, and FTO, with Instructor certifications in all. So, on that area, I would have to disagree with your opinion.  Secondly, your remark that Police Officers hold one of the safest jobs comparitively speaking is really irrelevant to the point of my article.  My article was specifically addressing the increase of officers being injured and killed by repeat offenders and parolees and the need for changes in laws related to sentencing and early release for those who assault or kill an officer.  There is no question that many professions are risky by statistic.  A coal miner is at great risk anytime he enters a mine.  He does not however have that risk increased by evil doers purposely setting off collapses while he is there.  His risk is limited to the job.   My point was that our officers are being put at a much greater risk by having an increased amount of repeat offenders being released back on the streets.  This increased risk factor would be preventable by changing the laws to prevent those who have already assaulted an officer back on the streets.  That would help our officers to only have to deal with the "normal" risks they face on a daily basis and reduce the increased risk of having those with nothing to lose and a long criminal record wandering about with ill intent.  So, not posting your comment has nothing to do with me not wanting to be fair, I certainly don't want to open the door for a debate about officer pay and benefits, etc. That had nothing to do with the point of my hub.