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    Almanac1posted 9 years ago

    Advertise new products that are in stock besides those on sale so that customers are aware of new products. Food products should have contents, nutrients and amounts listed on all in-store baked goods. Prices should be on all items in store to save time and confusion at the check-out counters. Cashiers should be advised of all on-sale items without looking in fliers which would save time.  A small list near cash register would be advisable for quick lookup for on sale items.  An on-call person who has no other job to do but be available to assist cashier with any problem without taking people away from stocking, other registers or away from another office job would be feasable for managment of the business in clothing, hardware or groceries retails outlets.  More available assistance to find food items would also be a great time saver for customers nowadays customers have problems finding food or household items in a supermarket or hardware store even an on the floor helper would be great instead of bothering the stockclerk who is kept busy stocking shelves.  All of these suggestions would make more business because customers would be more satified and go back to where they can get assistance and not have to spend half their time looking for prices, food and household goods and be able to spent more time doing other thing with family, freinds,other worthwhile causes and doing chores at home.

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      WOW!!! Can paragraphs be a run-on? haha