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Free Ebay Auction Templates

Updated on January 9, 2015

Get Free Auction Templates to Spruce Up Your Listings on Ebay

A step forward in making your Ebay listings more professional is to use a free auction template. This will make your items more organized, appear more attractive to buyers, and will lay out all of your information within the listing in an easy to read fashion that your customers will love.

Besides looking attractive, templates for your Ebay auctions will instill a sense of trust that the buyer is dealing with a true professional, thereby increasing your traffic and sales. Most are just an easy click away. Ready to see which templates are available for free?

sample auction template
sample auction template

What Will An Auction Template Do For Me?

Template FAQ

A template for your auction will provide you with a different look for your auctions, which is very important when you're being pitted against thousands and thousands of other sellers! Give buyers a vote of confidence that they are dealing with someone who knows what they're doing and cares about the way their store and auctions looks with a simple yet effective free template.

Is it hard to install?

No, most of these are copy and paste codes that you place into your auctions. You upload the photos as you would on Ebay, add in the product details, and copy the code given to you. You then paste it into the HTML tab of your auctions. It's that easy.

Do I Need to Know HTML?

While it can be helpful if you'd like to make major changes to the template, you don't need to know HTML at all.

ebay custom template
ebay custom template

What to Look for in a Good Auction Template:

Traits that will draw buyers and traffic

Auction templates aren't just going to make your life easier as a seller, they're going to increase the level of professionalism in your auctions. That will allow bidders take your items more seriously, and provide a level of trust that you didn't have with just a standard formatted auction. Combine that professional appearance with an outstanding feedback score, and you'll have just about everything in place in order to ensure sales. When you look for your template online, be sure to look for:

  • Templates with colors that compliment the products that you sell. The design of the template doesn't necessarily have to have images embedded into it, it may just need to have a pleasing design or pattern.
  • Formatting that is going to organize the text in a meaningful way that will make it easier for buyers to read your auctions.
  • Room for standard text and policies that can be used in every single auction.

Many Ebay Store Templates are Free

...however, don't let that limit your ideas and options. Some are available on Ebay (search through the auctions right now) for a very affordable price. Some sellers even custom make a template to your specifications.

ebay stores logo
ebay stores logo

Five Places You Should Consider Using a Template (and Why)

Create professional web real estate on other Ebay pages

Auctions aren't the only place that you should be using templates. Having one created, buying, or downloading a template can give an overall look to all of your branding efforts, making you instantly recognizable. Have you thought of where else you can utilize a good template? Try these other places:

  • About Me Page: This page is essential for sellers. On it, you'll be able to clearly lay out policies and give background information on your company or you as a person. Keeping the look consistent with your auctions will make people feel like they are on a website, not on Ebay. Have the look consistent to keep potential customers within your items and pages.
  • Ebay Store: It's important as well to have the appearance of your store match the auctions you are presenting to the public. If you're image is completely different or unprofessional upon entering your store, this will present a negative image and perhaps drive some people away. Again, have this match your auctions for the best results, just like you would with a website outside of Ebay.
  • Your Custom Pages: Ebay allows several custom pages with a store subscription. Use the templates to also give these pages the same look.
  • Blogs: Do you have a blog outside of Ebay that is directed at flowing traffic into your store? Have the look match your auctions for a seamless transition between the two places.

Learn More About Selling on Ebay:

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Where Have You Used or Downloaded a Template? - Make a suggestion for design, or tell us about a site you used!

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