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Updated on November 30, 2011

World wide communication

The communication for business

Communication occurred among people from different cultures in a global network is known as global communication. We know from the previous discussion that process. When communication will involve people from different cultures with different backgrounds, it becomes bore challenging.

Because of rapid technological development, business is becoming more international. And international business cannot be carried on without international communication. The more you face competition in a global network, the more you confront problems created by cultural differences. In this ever growing global market place, if you desire to do overseas trade, manage an international plant or office, or work in your own country for a multinational company headquartered in another country, understanding other cultures is very important.

An often quoted saying is that you can buy in your native language anywhere in the world but you can sell only in the language of the local community. There prevail multicultural environment in any multinational company with a diverse work force. Working in any foreign-based multinationals, typically requires learning to communicate within the context of the culture that foreign managers bring with them. A basic problem in intercultural communication is that people from different cultures may not view the people from the same culture communicating will or there is no misunderstanding among them. What we mean to say is that our chances of misunderstanding are greater in multicultural environment. “Such differences in themselves are not necessarily cause for concern;… The problem is that behavior that springs form a cultural source is easily confused with responses hiving to do with personalities and attitudes” (Feinberg 1982, p35),

Whether you work for a multinational of a domestic company with a diverse workforce, you must be aware of this fact. You will succeed if you can adapt effectively to the cultures and communication styles with people from other cultures. For this propose you must first understand their manners of communicating. Himstreet, Baty and Linman (1984, p91) rightly commented:

Messages are decoded and encoded is not just a function of the experiences, beliefs, and assumptions of the person sending or receiving those messages. Equally vital is how those attribute of the individual are shaped by the society in which he of she lives.

For obvious reason, Understanding how culture creates barriers to effective communication and knowing was to break down those barriers are keys to success in the modern world of global economy.

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