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Freelance Writing Jobs: Tips for Beginners

Updated on June 1, 2014

My Personal Experience with Freelance Writing

When I first started working online I had a lot of bad experiences. The less money you have, the bigger the chances you will believe in things that don't even seem possible. Much like many other freelancers, I too had to 'learn a lesson' in order to be where I am today. I had to learn to tell whether a job is too good to be real, and choose working opportunities very wisely.

After three years of working as a freelance writer I can now say that I have a good grasp of how most things work in the freelance world. However, those three years seemed like a century to me, and the idea of giving up on freelance writing was going through my head almost every time I've chosen a 'bad' job. Now, I know how difficult it is to succeed in the online world which is why I decided to start a series of lenses on the topic of freelance writing jobs.

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Three Golden Rules to Follow

If you follow the rules described below you are very unlikely to end up with a 'bad' job.

Know Your Employers - Rule Number One

One of the first things most freelancers have to learn the hard way is that you can tell a lot about a job if you do just a little research on your potential client. I was lucky enough to find a great client that offered me my first online job. However, this is not the case in most situations. Most sites offering work to independent contractors give their members the opportunity to find out a bit more about their potential clients. Not all sites provide the same information, but what you’ll find on most sites of this kind is some basic info about employers: whether their payment method has been verified, how much money they've spent on a particular site, and you will also see their feedback. If you use your common sense, you will easily come to a conclusion whether a certain job is worth the risk or not.

Build Your Portfolio - Rule Number Two

We all have to start somewhere and from scratch, which is why many new freelancers have a hard time finding their first online job. This is why it is essential to start off right, and as soon as you decide you want to be a freelancer you need to start building your portfolio. If you are a writer, write on different sites such as Squidoo, EzineArticles, HubPages, and so forth from day one, and this will help you demonstrate your writing skills to your potential clients as well as build your online presence.


Rule Number Three

After you get your first job, don’t let poor communication ruin your chances of successfully completing a project. Communicate with your employer, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in case there’s something you don’t understand. It is a good idea to provide your employer with regular updates about your progress.

Keeping my fingers crossed :)

My Favorite Site for Freelance Writers - oDesk

Watch this video to see how clients from oDesk see freelancers, and what they're looking for.

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