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Freelance Writing Niche Non-profit Writing Ideas

Updated on April 3, 2013

Where Do I Look To Find Non Profit Writing Jobs?

When starting to earn money from home writing I looked at many different niches or other wise different types of companies. My favorite freelance writing niche is without a doubt in the Non-Profit field. While my specialty is grant writing there are many different ways to earn money writing for Non-profits, without the stress of fundraising directly to large organizations.

In order to be good at writing for Non-Profits you do not have to be a prolific writer or one with perfect writing skills. A writer with a passion for what they are writing for will turn more pages and create more interest in a charity then any other writer could dream of. Below is the top places to find Freelance Writing Niches For Non-Profit organizations or groups.

Top High Paying Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs In The Non Profit Field

Freelance Grant Writing Information
Freelance Grant Writing Information

Making A Living As A Freelance Grant Writer

Grant writing is my favorite form of freelance writing. And yes I can take favorites. You do not have to be a great writer or poet to be a good and profitable freelance grant writer. What you do need is basic writing skill, top niche computer/research skills, the ability to be personable on the phone and have a passion for what your writing.

How Do I Make A Living As A Grant Writer?

How Does A Grant Writer Get Paid?

How To Decide How Much A Grant Writer Should Get Paid?

Write Promotional Letters for Non Profits
Write Promotional Letters for Non Profits

Write Promotional Material For Non Profits

In order for a non-profit to survive it will most likely need to promote their self rather it be promoting services or promoting to funders. It takes a special skill to write donor letters, fundraising flyers, and promotional brochures. Sure anyone can write one but the best results come from material that is specially written by those who specialize in the field.

In order to get started in freelance writing promotional material for non profits you must understand the business and how to find out what your costumer needs.

Tips for Writing a Fundraising Letter

How to Write A Donation Letter

How Do I Know What To Charge As A Freelance Writer? - Learn To Charge As A Work From Work Writer

When I first started to write as a freelancer knowing how much to charge was something I was not confident about. I never knew if I was outbidding myself or working for too little.

As a writer gets more experience their writing will get faster and improve, therefore they can bid more and they can do more work in less time. So while a freelance writer may start making below miniman wage at first they could possible be making a good living after a little practice.

What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants
What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants

I though this was a great overview of how to price a freelance writer's work.


Top Niches For Freelance Grant Writers

Gran Writing Jobs With Green Non Profits
Gran Writing Jobs With Green Non Profits

Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs With Green Non-Profits

If green living is your thing there are many profitable places to find freelance writing jobs. Because the green writing industry is so big finding a niche withing the big niche will help you keep your writing focus and be more successful. Most popular green writing niches include solar power, recycling, environmental events, green building, green living, and waste reduction.

List of Freelance Writing Jobs in The Green Industry

Grant Writing Jobs That Are For Children Based Non Profits
Grant Writing Jobs That Are For Children Based Non Profits

Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs With Children Based Non Profits

Non Profits that work with children and children services tend to rely on donations and grant funding. In order to maintain funding writing grant proposals, donor letters, brochures and interest letters is necessary. Many of these non profits hire freelancers to write effective marketing tools for them to make them as effective as possible.

Organizations that you could contact to find freelance writing jobs are day cares, children's hospitals, schools, youth groups, youth clubs, and sport clubs for kids.

Sample Sponsorship Letter For Youth Groups

How To Write A Donation Request Letter For Youth Arts And Sports Programs

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs For Animail Shelters
Freelance Grant Writer Jobs For Animail Shelters

Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs With Helping Non Profits that Help Animals

If you are good at writing about heart felt letters about causes to help animal shelters and to fund animal rescue you may on your way to writing materials for non profits that work with animals and animal issues.

Animal shelters hire website writers, persuasive writers, grant writers and copy writers.

Starting a Non-Profit Organization to Help Animals

Types Of Freelance Writings For Animal Shelters

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs In Health Care
Freelance Grant Writer Jobs In Health Care

Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs In The Health Field With Non Profits

Writing for the healthcare field does not limit yourself to hospitals. Community centers, schools, the small family clinic and other groups focused on the community.

Write Medical Reports For Hospitals and Doctors

Write for Local Veterinary Hospitals

Write Newsletters For Local Hospital or Nursing Home

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs With Churches
Freelance Grant Writer Jobs With Churches

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs With Religious Groups

Church groups, youth groups and other religious groups seek writers to help them write donation letters, create church documents, news letters, church Bulletins and bible school material.

Write Christian Church Grants

Write Church Donation Letter Samples for Writers

Write Church Histories

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs In Education
Freelance Grant Writer Jobs In Education

Freelance Grant Writer Jobs In Education

Write for schools teachers, preschools and schools. Writers can earn income through writing lesson plans, work sheets, study guides, donation letters, parent teacher letters and about any type of writing you can think of that is needed in schools.

Write Grants For Schools

Get Paid To Write Teacher's Lesson Plans

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    • dstyle4 profile image


      6 years ago

      love your idea

    • sunny saib profile image

      sunny saib 

      6 years ago

      Good idea. I've been writing on freelance basis from quite a while now and I am always on a lookout for newer niches, especially the more rewarding ones..


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