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Updated on November 30, 2011

Learn Visual Business


Visual aids are tools that help the listeners hear and understand the spoken words. They hit the audience with double impact through the eyes and the ears. They are used to emphasize points not to substitute for the speech. An ancient Chinese proverb says. “Tell m, Ill forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me and I’ll understand.”

Type of Visual Aids: - There are various types of visual devices that can be used to enhance oral reporting. Let us examine here some of the most common visual that are available to speaker. (Graphic are excluded as they are unclouded)

Handsome: - Handouts are pieces of paper with information. These papers i.e. printed copies of notes, tables or illustrations are given to people who are attending a meeting, lesson, etc. Printed handouts are the dominant typ3e of presentation materials used and they are especially useful in small working groups particularly for presenting complex information such as detailed statistical tables. In order to refer to their speech, many speakers handout printed material such as agendas, reports, etc.

Flip charts and Posters: - Flip charts are the most common display visuals. These charts consist of a pad of paper with sheets of 2’*3’ that are fastened at the top and mounted on an easel with a try for colored pens. On the other hand, posters are prepared on single sheets of poster board of various size and colors. They are also displayed on an easily. So when you want to choose there media, be sure that an easel is available in the presentation room.

Chalkboards and White boards: - This medium I useful for preparing informal visuals to small groups. If the visuals are sizable or complex, you may find them helpful to place on the board.

Overhead Projections: - Transparencies for overhead projections are probably the most popular presentation media. These media allow an image to be projected without darkening the room and without loosing touch with the audience. This means you may face the audience while an image is projected. Transparencies can be prepared of anything from freehand drawings to printed pages by simply running the original copy through a copying machine. You can also write on transparencies with specially designed pens. Thus a blank transparency serves the same purpose as a chalkboard or white board does.

Slide: - 35 millimeter slides are best projected in a somewhat darkroom. These slides are displayed with a carousel or other slide projector. Any type of two dimensional visual aid including photographs, maps, lists, tables and charts can be better displayed through these media.

Videotapes: - Videotapes can be used to illustrate major points. A video has the advantage of recording and instant playback. In todays visual age, many speakers are now showing video clips with sounds to small groups viz CD-ROM attachments of their computers. Videotapes can be sent to potential customers/ clients and employees in remote places.

Visual Aids

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