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Get a Coach and Change Your Life

Updated on December 18, 2011

Where A Coach Fits In

How long have you been in the internet business and feel like you are just going round and round and wasting away? How much have you actually spent on various digital products or e-goods with the hope of cashing in big on a promised gold mine?

How much have you denied your family and friends (even yourself) those precious moments as you grind the hours in front of your computer with the hope of finding "financial freedom" and living the ideal four-hour work week?

All over the internet, you read about people investing a fortune, squeezing their credit cards dry and earning nada. This is such a frustrating situation; yet, you also read about people claiming to have cashed in big and enjoying life despite the global recession.

Now you are asking: How come you have not earned a dime despite your years of work and investment?

Your life is complicated enough. Where does a coach or a coaching program even fit in?

Forging Ties With A Coach

Coach and You
Coach and You

When A Coach Can Help

When you experience the following conditions, it is time to get yourself a coach who can help put you on track:

  1. You feel lost. You are not clear of your goals and have no vision or sense about where you are going. You go where the buzz takes you. You have no direction.
  2. Life seems fast-paced yet static. You are almost always busy and feel you do not have enough time. Yet on closer look, you are where you were when you first started your business. You are running in circles and accomplishing nothing.
  3. You feel scattered. You feel flighty, disorganized, impulsive, compulsive, unfocused, and easily distracted. You oftentimes make wrong decisions. You feel like a "scatterbrain".
  4. You are burned out and unhappy. You feel tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, lonely, depressed, exasperated and at the end of your rope.
  5. You are broke. You have no money and you are losing whatever you have left in the bank.

How Coaching Works With A Coach

A Coach: Just What You Need

What good does getting a coach do? What is a coach anyway?

First, a coach enables you to clearly visualize your future in terms of your directions, goals, and strategies. Being an external party, a coach helps you to be more objective.

Second, a coach enables you make a plan to set things in motion. He helps you pin point your priorities and act on them. A the coach's indicator of success is your success, he sets a pace that is aimed towards achieving results.

Third, a coach keeps you focused. He presents you a guide that can help minimize if not totally eliminate things that distract you from achieving success in the most efficient way.

Fourth, a coach inspires and motivates you. He helps you overcome your fears, boosts your self-confidence, lowers your stress levels and enables you to live a more balanced life.

Fifth, a coach empowers you to succeed. He takes you out of your comfort zone and arms you with updated knowledge, effective tools, workable techniques, tested strategies, wider network or resource, and broader opportunities to gain new skills and experiences.

Sixth, a coach gets you results with tried and tested money-making schemes or strategies based not just on theories or concepts but on practical applications. Results can be in terms of more sales, increased income, build a list of subscribers, launch your own product, more clients or customers, more traffic to your website, among others.

Let us hear what you think!

Did getting an internet marketing coach change your life for the better?

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A Coach: Can He Change Your Life?

When you allow a coach to effect changes in your life, then change can happen. When you accept the idea that you need help from a coach, help becomes easy.

The role of a coach therefore is more of an enabler. Although a coach is also a resource provider, benefits of his coaching can only materialize when you allow it.

A Coach Can Do Wonders

Yes, a coach can change your life. He can help you in so many ways:

  • clarify your direction in your business (and life, in general)
  • develop a clear plan of action
  • set your priorities
  • keep you focused on the more important (rather than the mundane) things in your business
  • inspire and motivate you to persevere
  • empower you with his helpful knowledge, tools, strategies, resources, network and opportunities
  • get you positive results.

Your coach can help you quit your eight-hour day job, fire out your boss, live the four-hour work week and go on expensive holidays simply because by then your internet marketing business would be churning money into your bank.

So yes, a coach can help you do these things... when you allow him.

What are you waiting for?

Hire yourself a coach, not just any coach but the right coach, and change your life for the better.


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