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How to Get a Job or Make Money Elsewhere

Updated on December 16, 2014

Out of Work and Desperate?

Many a crazed gunman has turned on society because he was sacked, desperate for money, persecuted and lonely. As desperation grows it is not a fun situation to be in. With the economic climate almost as erratic as the atmospheric one there are millions who are giving up because they have no prospect of employment.

Many can't face the reality of never having a job again - but don't shoot the place up just yet. There is hope and help at hand>br>

Obama, in his State of the Nation address 2010, promised to create 2,000,000 jobs over the next 2 years in the United States. Other governments are working to do the same - so will you be ready? Are you doing the preparation needed to approach an employer and do you have the right credentials?

But it is also a time when College graduates are looking for full time employment as well. So how do you find a suitable career job? Are you engaged in the task or just too laid back to care? You could wait until a job falls into your lap but you might be waiting a heck of a while and meantime you do have to eat and pay the bills.

But right now there are jobs out there. There is money to be made and there are ways of employing yourself. This lens covers a few of the companies who are dedicated to getting jobs for people and who are able to advise you on career choices. There are the right ways and the wrong ways of going about it. Hopefully, you can get some ideas and inspiration from what follows.

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You Have To Make Your Own Opportunities

Do some reconniscence

Have you chosen a Company you would like to work for? How well do you know them,? My advice is to sniff them out. Do some detective work and find out everything you can about who they are, their policies, what it is like to work for them, and so on. Treat this exercise like an army maneuver.

When you have done your surveillance its time for the next step. Prepare yourself mentally and boost your confidence enough to approach them. How do you do that? Well its not as hard as you may think but certainly don't go in cold turkey.

In a really bad economic climate in Australia during the 1970s, when I counseled many an unemployed person on how to approach a Company for a job, they learned that it is rather like searching out the market for something to buy. Its not a case of being invited but of being assertive. First you must decide on what area of business you want to work in. This is vitally important. Draw yourself a plan of action, similar to if you were building a project. Imagine yourself working in that industry. Think what it is like to get up every morning and get ready for work. In your mind you arrive at the premises and meet the staff, including the bosses.

How are they?

Do you like them?

Is the work hard?

Are you up to the task?

Does it involve using machinery?

Why are you working there?

What are your hours?

What are your responsibilities?

Do you enjoy your job?

Once you write down some of these types of questions try to answer them as honestly as you can. Build yourself up in the job and in your mind. If you don't know the answers then find out. Go to a factory, shop, work place, or whatever and look around. Invite yourself in and talk to the staff. Get to know one or two of them, even ask one of them out to lunch or for a coffee to give you more time to quiz them about their job. Be careful! You don't want them to think you have ulterior motives. Be honest and tell them that you want to come and work here so you are trying to get a feel for the place.

Some meditation may help you get positive about your future, With the free guided meditation called the Secret Garden offered by this company, you can free yourself of all stress, tension and worries. This is essential for confidence and to lift your self-esteem With this interactive program, you control your descent through seven levels of relaxation and recharge yourself with energy.

Of course you could start your own business. If you have a good idea and a flair for it then this company can get you finance to start. Put your proposal down on paper, along with expected returns and approach them. It claims that its partnership with Global Business Financial makes getting the capital you need to succeed simple. Click banner for info.

Your Location is Important

How far do you have to travel

Sometimes it is not possible to get a job around the corner or even in the same neighborhood as where you live. So weigh up traveling time, cost of fares, travel routes, times of public transport departure and arrival near the place of work, and so on. Are you prepared to move your location if you get the job?

Research is the key to being successful as knowledge is power and the next thing to do is to research the Company. Its history, background, who are the CEO's and what are their backgrounds. The Companies success, its promotional techniques, whether or not you have heard of it before or even used its products, services, etc.

When you have it all in place its time to knock on the door. This is the big moment. You need to set up an appointment with the Personnel Officer or Manager for an interview. Its possible and more than likely the case that they don't have a HELP WANTED sign outside their door, but don't be put off by that little problem.

Remember the friend you made during your research? Now it is time to use him/her to get a leg in. This person will know the ropes and who is the best person to see to get that interview. You might be fortunate enough to find someone outside the Company with a bit of influence, for example a politician, doctor, lawyer, bank manager, and so on. If so get a letter of introduction and a reference from them, especially if they happen to know the CEO or Personnel Manager of the Company. This is the leg in.

Get as many references from this list of leaders that you can. Anyone of influence who knows you and will verify your good character and achievements is great. Local politicians are usually very good in this department so don't forget them.

With that letter and references in hand ring the relevant person and confidently ask for an interview. You will probably only get to speak to the secretary and she/he can make the appointment. If asked what it is about be cagey. "Well I would prefer to discuss that with Mr . . . . ". If they are persistent say you have a letter from so and so advising you to see him. That should get you in. I used this tactic myself when approaching Qantas for a job while in my teens and just a year out of school. It was a pilot from the Flying school I belonged to who happened to know the name of the Personnel Officer and gave me a letter of introduction. But I was mad about aeroplanes and just had to work there. I got the job on a month's probation and stayed for 3 years.

There is another important point to make here. While at school most kids these days seek part time employment somewhere and that is a great starting point because it indicates enthusiasm and willingness to work and support yourself. Also if you get a job after leaving school you must stay in it for at least 12 months before moving on. Preferably line up the job you want to go to before you quit - that is essential because it shows stability. Employers are more likely to take on someone who already has a job then someone who has bumming around for a year or more. before you leave, however, GET A REFERENCE.

The Key To Success

Be assertive, well presented, and knowledgeable.

What would you do to get a job?

Would you research a Company before you applied

Now For The Interview

Presentation is everything

You must arrive at the interview with everything ready to impress and to subtly state to the Personnel Officer "I am your woman or man. You cannot refuse me the job"

That means being prepared to push yourself over the top. You need a resume, your facts about the company tucked away in your brain ready for instant recall, and most important the reason why you must have a job with this company. When I went for my job interview at Qantas I was already in the Air League, a member of the flying school and desperate to work with aeroplanes. My desire in that oozed out of me from every pore. I knew the history of the Company backwards, knew several of their trainee pilots (from the flying school) and so on. What I did not know was how to type.

At the time I was 15 years old and my only knowledge of a typewriter came from seeing one several times at school. I noticed it had a keyboard and that students got to learn how to type on them. But I never did. Nor did I own one.

"Alright", he said. "what would you like to do here".

"Probably typing" I said confidently. Although I had no experience it could not be that hard and being prepared to do whatever it took to learn it would only be a few days before I could master it, surely.

"Well! Here you are then, go into the next room there and type this for me."

With trembling legs and uncooperative fingers I put some paper into the machine and looked for the appropriate keys. Tap, tap, tap I went as one key after the other fell into place. In 5 minutes there must have been some 10 words written there. Of course there was a window to his office just above my shoulder so he could see what I was doing.

"That will do." He finally released me from the pain. I took the paper back to show him my effort. Whatever he thought made little difference because he gave me the job and I could start the following Monday on a month's probation. My world was suddenly my oyster. Within a week I was typing as well as the next one and whenever I met him in the corridor he always smiled at me.

You see the impossible is possible if you have faith in yourself and don't buckle. But get it all together before your interview.

Don't turn up daggy, nervous, unsure of yourself. You need the job because this is the only place you can see yourself working. They have to hire you because you are their best choice. Unless you believe that of yourself then you will most likely fail

Make sure you have a good resume. If you cannot do it yourself then pay a professional, it will soon pay for itself in the long run. The following companies can help, so why not look them over.

Company not only writes a first-rate professional custom resume/CV for you, but serves as your personal job search consultants. Providing you with helpful career tips and more to help get your career on track. They also provide much needed cover letters and follow-up letters. With years of resume writing experience they have a near 100% level of satisfaction.

Work one-on-one with experienced, certified professional resume writers, specializing in more than 5 dozen career fields and industries. No call-centers, no middlemen, no junior-level associates or English majors. Company partners you exclusively with the most experienced and respected resume professionals in the world.

Instead of posting your resume to all the job boards, hoping recruiters will find it, company distributes your resume directly to recruiters working in your field. This is targeted, proactive resume distribution to the professionals who represent thousands of companies with great jobs. Recruiters and employment agencies work virtually every open job position including an overwhelming amount of confidential or "hidden market" jobs not posted or advertised.

Be Prepared to Give as Well as Take.

Getting the job is only part of it.

When a Company employs you it is because they want you to work. So don't arrive there expecting to entertain yourself all day long. Give value for money because the Company is paying you to do a job and if and when you leave you will need to get a good reference.

Most kids today think that the world owes them a living and they expect that work is something you do in an armchair while listening to jazzy music or some iPod. It isn't! If this is your attitude expect to get fired and then you probably won't get another job for quite a while.

Take stock of your personal appearance. Remember that you are a reflection on the company and if you look good and are pleasant and kind to others people will like you and will probably bring business to your place of employment. And the CEO and others are watching you.

If, on the other hand, you cover yourself in tattoos and poke shafts throughout your face and turn people off they won't have a lot of respect for you. People do have tattoos and pins but they can be done tastefully and it depends on the type of job you are doing. If you are a laborer or working on some industrial site these things are more acceptable than if you are working for a firm of solicitors. Take these things into account before you go for that interview. And don't cover up tattoos or other things because that will do you no good and it will only make you nervous.

When I have gone for interviews in the past it was my priority to make the best impression possible by my appearance first, my resume second, and my enthusiasm for the job itself. Once my reputation and self confidence had built up enough I could go anywhere and get a job and was often invited back to companies previously left for some reason or another.

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Be Fair and Trustworth

Your employer is your best friend, although many may not see it this way. So don't stab him/her in the back. Be upfront and honest at all times and do your bit for which you are paid.

The Other Great Way to Find a Job

Search the market

But of course, you don't want to be last in the queue and it is hard to keep up with the job market. Now there is a new way to stay ahead.

With this invaluable system:-

* You will be searching in "real time" on job search boards around the world from Top Job Board Sites, Current Job Listings from Corporate Career Sites, News Groups, Regional Newspapers and Classifieds.

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* You can review RESUME databases to find examples in your own industry and build an effective resume.

* Your confidentiality is also SECURE!!

This mighty system offers so much more that you will be blown away and you will get a job.

Of course a little more advice regarding the interview won't hurt so why not check out these offers;-

The goal is to end your job search, by helping you Land the Interview and get the job you want, reducing unemployment where it matters most - your home. From editing your resume to get attention, to perfecting your interview skills to providing premium ongoing consulting during your job search, to writing your executive bio as you climb the corporate ladder - this company takes a vested interest in your progress. Your success is their success.

For more than 25 years, major corporations have selectively provided departing employees with invaluable, actionable advice from Ken and Sheryl Dawson, enabling tens of thousands to find a better job for better pay and a better life, even in tough times.

All of this education is now available online. It's indispensable for job search, and it's affordable. Companies pay thousands of dollars for key employees to immerse themselves in The Total System in a supportive, collaborative office environment. Now, the combination of downloadable and interactive materials with online forums makes this same learning and collaboration available to virtually everyone.

Finding a job the old way can be very costly - But you can short change that method

What if you can get a system that will list every job in your area on a daily basis? What if it was constantly up dated and you could make your own data bases on it?

Would you spend money to find a job?

There is No easy Way

You have to work at it.

Whether you are a teenager going for the first job or a more mature person looking for a career change the principles are the same. You have to do your homework. There are thousands of people after the same jobs advertised in newspapers and online, so you have to be smarter. Don't wait for the Company to invite applicants jump in and invite yourself to the interview before they know they want anyone. Impress them with your enthusiasm and skills and above all the knowledge and love of their company.

The very worst that can happen is that you have given them your details and when they decide they need someone they will get in touch with you first. But, if you have done it right they will not want to miss out on your valuable services. If you have enough confidence and feel up to it challenge them to put you on WAGES FREE for a month to try you out. This is hitting below the belt but many managers will rarely turn away anyone with such enthusiasm and go in them.

How many people do you know who are scanning the papers day after day and becoming ever more frustrated. The expense of sending resumes and running around for interviews is one thing but the drain on your emotions, the stress levels you experience and the loss of self esteem every time you are rejected for someone else is not the way to get a job.

Be bright, be smart and be ahead of the pack. Put your nerves behind you and get in and WORK to achieve your goals.

If you were building a boat or a house you can expect to have to work at it before it is finished. Then treat the search for a job with the same respect and patience. Get the plans up front, do your homework and make some friends inside the Company. Chances are they may even put in a good word for you with the boss.

Don't be slack, be well dressed, of good appearance at all times, courteous, polite and above all have a kind nature. Anything short of that will fail you. Don't be loud, abusive, discouraging to others and at all times practice this role model until it comes second nature to you. In other words put your best foot forward and don't slip on the rubbish that others leave behind. Don't take on-board the thoughts and actions that you can do without. Pretend you are carrying a business around in your briefcase and use a briefcase to carry your business in - such as your references, resume, and so on,

You must also have a clear head, be alert and on the ball. When asked a question have the answer up front. This will take practice and you need to rehearse your role. Do it in front of a mirror so you can check on facial expressions and appearance when you speak. When you offer something, like a reference, don't shake. You must be able to leave your nerves outside of the interview.

When you get the job then you can celebrate and take a break but not before, because now you are in BUSINESS. Well done.

If you are recently laid off and have some money then you should immediately invest it. This Company can help you trade into success. It revolutionized the way binary options are traded by supplying clients with a simple, exciting, dynamic and highly profitable trading platform. Unlike a traditional option trading it is simple and speed efficient with low minimum investment amount, It reaches investors with different profiles all over the world. It also has tutorials and live chat available.

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