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How To Always Get Discount on Domain Names—Buy Domain Names for Half The Price or Less

Updated on February 5, 2017
Stop paying premium prices on domain names
Stop paying premium prices on domain names | Source

Want to buy a domain name but that $14.99 price tag seems “pricey”? It actually is. And when combined with a hosting package, your entire budget goes out of balance. Fortunately, there are “hidden” and clever ways to nab one (or two or ten) for a lesser price. Domain name registrars are producing intelligent websites, and they know how to get you to pay more for a simple domain name that you could buy for half the price or sometimes even less.

Here are three ways you can grab a domain name for half the price in your cart, or sometimes for even $1.99!

3 Easy Ways To Get Discounts While Purchasing Domain Names

1. Clear out your browser’s cookies

If you are a returning customer, chances are you have already logged into your domain name registrar’s account at least once. It is also possible that you are currently signed-in. This is where magic tricks are played on you. The registrar website(s) store cookies on your computer notifying that you are a returning customer who is already looking to do some shopping. So why bother and flash you their flash sales? You head to the search bar, type your domain name and a neat $14.99 price is shown to you.

You would think it’s fine. But guess what, it’s not! Try clearing out your cookies and head to the website again. See the difference?

Example: As of this writing, the value of a new domain name on GoDaddy is currently $11.99. It proudly boasts, “What will you do with your $11.99 domain?”. However, when I log out, clear out my browser’s cookies and head back in, a promo is shown to me: “Only $1.99 for a .COM”.


Even more: if you do a Google search, the price is just $1.17.

2. Get a packaged hosting plan

If you don’t already have a hosting space and looking for cool hosting deals, go fish them out. If you’re a blogger, chances are you will have a WordPress site. All major registrars (like GoDaddy, Hostgator, NameCheap) offer customized WordPress installation and hosting. And most of the time, they will provide free domain registration for your hosting plan. If you subscribe for a 3-year hosting term, they will throw in a cool 3-year free domain registration as well.

Want a standalone website for your company, business, brand, and not a blog? GoDaddy’s Website Builder is the best thing you can get if you want to have a web presence on a budget. Their plan is just $12 a year (with a free domain name!). That’s like eating a piece of cake and getting a medal for it.

3. Don’t type the direct URL of the domain registrar

Instead, head over to Google and search for phrases like “discount domain names GoDaddy” or “$2 domain names Namecheap”. You might be surprised. Registrars are always running tens of marketing and promotional campaigns all over the internet. They recruit affiliates whom they provide banners and creatives with promotional links and discounts, coupon codes, and exclusive news to an upcoming promotion before they are even made available on the website. All these affiliates advertise on several websites and on search engines in return for a small commission. Your benefit? You get to access the promotions or coupons which you normally wouldn’t if you went directly to order from the website.

A recent promotional campaign by Hostgator.
A recent promotional campaign by Hostgator. | Source

This method will help you save hundreds of dollars in hosting fees.

For example, I was already an affiliate of Hostgator when I decided to buy a hosting and domain package last year. They had sent an affiliate newsletter that they would be providing 75% off on new customer hosting accounts and this was just a 3-hour promotion. When the promotion started, I got a 3-year hosting package for just $75 when it would have cost me $300 if I was just 3 hours late.

BONUS Example: Just by using this special link, you will get a domain name at GoDaddy for just $0.99 instead of paying $11.99. Yes, that's true. That is how marketing works! But hurry, because that promotion won't last long.

Do you have any more ideas to get domain names for cheap? Let me know in the comments.

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