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Get Money Within a Short Period of Time

Updated on October 6, 2009

Some sites where you can earn real money within a short period of time.


Join for earning good amount of real money in your adsense account. Hubpages is the community of writers. This website is very good in SEO, so you will get more traffic than that of your normal blogspot, wordpress blogs.

Along with adsense here you can also place the products for sale matching your hub's (article) content. You can use amazon and ebay affiliate marketing for this purpose. Within the content of your hub for the specific keywords you can use the kontera advertisements.

Hubpages have several pre-defined rules and you must have to follow them for the better experience of traffic. Limitation of hubpages is that you can just your hub within English. Besides this hubpages is very cool place. If you want to earn constant and real money within a short period of time, hubpages is the right place for you.


Where hubpages shares 40% pageviews with the writer, with flixya you can keep 100% ad revenue. But the main problem is that there is no any traffic from search engines for this site. You will receive traffic within flixya, when your content is fresh and just recently added. From this traffic you may make money using your adsense account.

With flixya you can share youtube videos, original photos and your blogs. All the advertisement along with this material is credited to you. Flixya can be the way to earn quick money.


With triond create unique and original content in any format. They publish your content on the most relevant website. And you get more readers and revenue.

Triond share 50% revenue. Where there is no any need of adsense account. Triond is the best place for writing within your own language. You can also share your poems with Triond. So that Triond can be the way to make money within a short period of time.


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