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Get PAID for Your Opinion and Test Products Too!

Updated on August 16, 2014

Can you REALLY get paid for giving your opinion online?

Yes, you CAN get paid for giving your opinion! Why do companies pay for this information? Simple - it's part of their research and development phase. What use would it be to create a product without knowing that they will have a customer when the product comes to market.

That's where you come in with surveys and product tests.

You are asked questions about your buying habits and then are shown a new product idea or sent a test product. You give your opinions and you get paid. It's a win-win for both sides!

5 Sites that Pay for Your Opinion!

#1 - Ipsos I-Say Review

Recommended by 74.4% of Panelists

Ipsos I-Say is probably one of the best sites out there. They pay well and the payout is low at just 1000 points for $10. The absolute best thing about Ipsos is that if you take a screener for a survey and you don't qualify, you will receive 5 points. So basically you're never wasting your time even if you don't qualify.

Like many of the other companies, the only downside is that there aren't that many invitations. Keep in mind that not getting many survey invitations is actually a GOOD thing. Why? It means that the company is only sending you invitations that the company believes you'll qualify for.

How to AVOID Scams!

Don't Get Duped - Follow These Tips!
Don't Get Duped - Follow These Tips!

A note about the Social Security tip: if you make over $600 from one site, they will require you to fill out a W9 which requires a Social Security number OR a tax ID. This is so the company can notify the IRS of the payments. This is a federal law, not the company trying to scam you. Please keep that in mind. But do remember that they should only require this once you are getting close to the $600 limit. If they ask for it up front, I would advise leaving the site quickly!

Get FREE Makeup From L'Oreal! - Join the L'Oreal Consumer Panel!

The L'Oreal Consumer Panel is one of the best panels to join! You don't get paid in money but you do get paid in makeup, hair care products and other cosmetics. The picture above is the goodie bag that I received for completing 1 study. The study consisted of trying out a new product and giving my opinion about it. It was very fun and easy to complete. The products in my "goodie bag" were worth over $100 total!

This panel accepts women AND men 18 and up. Yes, they do test products for men as well.


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