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Get Paid To Take Surveys Online

Updated on March 14, 2014

Get Cash For Completing Surveys

Do you have spare time that you're not doing anything?

Would you like to supplement your current income?

Do you like to voice your opinions about products you use?

Would you like to get paid for your opinions?

If you have answered yes, then you can be paid for voicing your opinions by becoming a Paid Survey Taker!

I've been taking paid online surveys since 2008! It's fun and rewarding to know that I'm making a difference in the products companies make.

Big-Brand companies pays Research Panel Companies to find public consumers to give opinions and product reviews in a form of free paid surveys. This is how companies knows what consumers want so they won't send out a product in the market that will not sell which can lead to companies losing money.

In this article, I'll tell you how you can join online survey panels, start making money today from them, and how to avoid online survey scams.

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How Does Paid Online Surveys Work?

Do Online Surveys Really Pay?

When a company is about to create or have created a product, they want to know how consumer feels about the new product idea. Companies contact Research Panel Companies to help find them candidates that will help them in their research study.

For example, lets say Coca Cola created a new soda and wanted to find consumers to give their opinions about the new soda idea, Coca Cola would pay the Research Company to help them find qualified consumers that likes sodas to give their opinion.

When consumers are found for this project, a survey is sent to their email box to be completed. Once survey is completed, consumers are paid for their time and opinions on the new product.


Never pay a company for online surveys!! Online surveys are always free to join and will never charge you!

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How Much Does Paid Online Surveys Pay?

Depending on how long a survey is, you can get paid anywhere from $1 to $5 a survey. Most online surveys are 20 to 30 minutes. There are times when you're filling out a survey and all of a sudden you don't qualify. That means you're not the type of person the company is looking for and you'll not get paid for that certain survey. This does happen quite a bit but don't get discourage because there will be plenty of other surveys you can complete for cash.

There are times when a survey can lead to high paying Focus Groups. Usually Focus Groups last a few days or a few weeks and can pay $100 or more! Focus Groups are in a setting with other consumers evaluating a certain product. Usually the setting is in a forum or chat room setting with moderators with different questions for you to answer. Focus Groups are by far my favorite way to make extra money because the money paid is a lot more. I notice that the more surveys I take, the more I start to receive Focus Group survey invites!

Also another way surveys pay is Paid Product Testing. These types of surveys pays anywhere from $10-$50! And also most of the time you get to keep the product! How it works is a survey is sent to you and by the end of completing the survey the company may ask you to test their product discussed in their survey. When product test is shipped to your home and you've tested the product, the company will send you a survey to complete to give your opinion on the product you've tested and then you get paid!

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Top Paid Internet Survey Panels

These are my top best paid internet survey panel websites that pays consumers for their reviews on different topics and products.

More Legitimate Online Surveys

Here is more paid online survey panels you can join and start making money by voicing your opinions.

What Type Of Payments Research Panel Companies Pay?

Some survey companies pay by check, gift cards, Pay Pal, cash, and merchandise. But when you sign up, they'll let you know what type of payment you'll receive and how much you have to make in order to cash out.

How to Complete Online Surveys Successfully

These helpful tips will help you become successful at making money with online surveys.

  1. Create an email address strictly for your survey invitations so you'll not miss out on opportunities to complete a survey for cash.
  2. Complete surveys as soon as possible before the quota fills up and the company no longer needs peoples' opinions with your demographic.
  3. Always tell the truth! Survey companies needs truthful people to evaluate their products. If you lie, companies will not know if they need to make any necessary improvements to their products. Also you can get yourself removed from their panel and lose any money already made.
  4. Do not speed through a survey. Survey companies can't use your survey if they've noticed that you sped through it. Your survey will look like your answers are untruthful which will lead you to getting removed from their panel and you lose any money you've already made.
  5. Sign up for more then one survey panel The more survey panels you sign up for, the more surveys you can fill out for cash!
  6. Always fill out your demographic information with each survey panel website your signed up with. This helps survey companies know which surveys is better suited for you and more then likely will qualify for.
  7. Never expose information about new products you've seen on a survey to anyone. This can lead to you getting sued because you do sign that you'll keep information from the survey confidential.

Avoid Paid Online Survey Scams

How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately there are survey scams online. Scammers are claiming you can make thousands of dollars from completing online surveys and that is simply not true or I'd be quitting my day job! LOL! If a company is requesting you to pay to receive surveys, RUN!!!!! You should never pay any company to complete surveys.

There are some middlemen out there that charge for a list of survey companies and I would avoid them as well because their list maybe out dated or lead to wannabe paid survey websites like GPT (Get Paid To), where you must complete offers in order to get paid. Don't get me wrong, some GPT are not scams but they're not a Paid Research Panel.

If you want to do your research about a survey company, visit and you'll find people giving their reviews about survey panels they've joined.

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You Don't Get Rich Completing Online Surveys

So Don't Quit Your Day Job

Paid Online Surveys will not get you rich! Even if you complete surveys every single day, you'll still not make a fortune! In order to make a few hundred bucks a month, you must be signed up with serveral survey companies and complete each survey you receive in your email box.

I complete surveys pretty much every day and I usually make about $300 or less a month from surveys. I complete online surveys to supplement my current income so I can pay down some of my debt.

So do surveys for extra money part time, but don't expect it to become a full time job.


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