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Get Paid With Your Own Internet Business With Squidoo For Free

Updated on September 7, 2012

Squidoo is a great way to make money from home and doesn't cost anything to get started or ever! Just your time and effort!

The complete and totally free way to make money from home so you can earn some extra cash your way! This is a great site to write your own web pages about whatever you want and get paid to do it! It's entirely up to you how much time you put into it and how much effort you put forth into making your own income from home! I have been on Squidoo for a few years now and have made money from the 3rd month I started to now! No matter what is going on in my life I can always Squidoo and count on it to bring me an extra paycheck! Granted I didn't start out making a ton of money, but I have always made money on here and have never had to pay for anything and nobody tells me what I need to write about. Squidoo gives you suggestions and extra points for the things you do. The more points you earn the higher the level you become on here. It allows you to unlock different modules to work with on your lens's (lens's are web pages that you build). It also helps the longer you are on Squidoo and the more involved you are in the Squidoo Community the better off you truly are. So give it a try and join today! It's free to join and free to be a member! Also the great thing about it is you get paid for what you do and have fun on here doing it too! People are very supportive on Squidoo also and you will find all the help you can possibly ever need just take a look and see how well you do! Start a lens today on something you know about or are interested in.

Don't forget to rate this lens or visit other lens's that have been created to see how they are done. Also write a comment at the bottom of the page along with like the page if it was helpful to you! :)

(my own image!)

My youngest son!
My youngest son!

There are so many questions that need to be answered for a new comer!

Hope fully I can answer some of your questions you may have here on this page! If not there are many more pages to help you to discover how to Squidoo and become part of the Squidoo Community! :) We show a lot of love here at Squidoo! I started Squidoo because of my kids for one and ended up that I liked it sooo much that I stayed around since 2009!

(my photo)

Signing up with Squidoo by Kimberly

This is a video of the screens to help you get set up and get started tutorial!

first lens trophy
first lens trophy

1st lens on Squidoo Trophy

wow o wow! This is a wonderful thing to get! It means you have wrote your first lens, got it published and also featured on Squidoo!! Yay for you! Keep up the good work! The only way to learn is by just jumping in and doing it. We all learn more as we go along on Squidoo writing pages and visiting others sites to see what they have done or what they can share with each other of a new little trick on Squidoo or how to earn extra money on Squidoo! So welcome! :)p

Writing a Lens on Squidoo with Megan Casey - Megan Casey is the Editor and Chief of Squidoo!

When is PAYDAY?!?


You can expect to be paid by the 15th of every month. We Squidooers do get lucky sometimes and can see the $ anywhere from the 12th to the 15th! Squidoo would love to pay us asap, but this can't always happen because of the outside influences of strain upon them and depends on when they receive it.

Start today making money and saving it for a rainy day! - Join up with Squidoo and become part of the community!

Put your money away the easy way with a piggy bank that counts it for you!

What about Squidoo?

Squid people like you!
Squid people like you!

Have you ever heard of Squidoo before now?

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Your here to make money!

A lower ;ens rank means more money. More traffic to your lens means more money! More likes, clicks, pins, facebook, tweets, google searches, Amazon sales, Ebay sales, Zazzle sales, ect...all mean more money so make sure to incorporate them into your lens but make sure to add plenty of content. The last thing you want is a lens that is spam..nobody likes a spammer except themselves! lol Happy Squidooing!

I want to know!!

Thanks for the Photo from
Thanks for the Photo from

How did you hear about Squidoo?

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Hard to stay motivated and making money Tips and advise!

I wrote this in response to a baby squid having some troubles!

I overwhelmed myself thinking in numbers and not quantity. I felt like I had already wrote too many lenses to make them better and I would just make them really quality lenses from here on out but, what I discovered is...I would work on 2 of my old lenses at least every day and make them better by researching and seeing what worked for others and try to incorporate the different styles into my own. So, as I work on the lenses I already have everyday then I improve a few of them and write new ones every 2nd to third day. This is also so you do not get burned out on just trying to write a bunch of lenses that later on you will not be truly proud of! Plus, visiting helps you see whats out there....but pay attention to the lenses rank when you are on it also. See if what they have added to theirs has made a difference or if you see a module that you don't use then start trying to incorporate it into your own! AND I went onto and listened to Megan Casey and the team tell how to do different things on Squidoo to make your lenses better and gain rank and pay. Payday can be an awesome feeling and don't give up the ghost just yet! You are so right about trying to stay motivated on Squidoo when you don't see the money pouring in but, keep going and don't give up it just takes time! I have been on Squidoo over 5 years and had it going real good the first 2 years until they banished me from Squidoo and took all my lenses away from me. So just imagine my frustration in trying to pick up from scratch when I had over 125 lenses and over a 100 a month going at least to 0.00 and 0 lenses. Plus had to beg to be allowed back on Squidoo and convince them it was not fault due to my own! Keep up he great work and you are heading in the right direction

two lenses! Awesomeness!!
two lenses! Awesomeness!!

2nd lens trophy

and now your first lens is not lonely it has a friend to keep it company!

You are moving right along once you get this trophy! You are creating away and making a name for yourself on squidoo and on the web! Just remember once you get your lens published on Squidoo to go over to google and submit your content to the web! Make sure you have an account set up (which is also free) and you are ready to go and submit your work to the open net. You can't forget to show your Facebook friends what you have done by submiting it to your Facebook site, also Tweet about it, get the page you created pinned by someone, and so many more ways of gaining traffic to your site! Traffic is a main key player in gaining rank on Squidoo. The lower the ranking number the higher the payout for you it will be! So get to Squidooing! Anything under 100,000 in rank for over 30 days will gain some cash for your pocket. There are many tiers or levels of rank with different payouts.

Labeling Your Lens's with Kimberly - This makes it easier for you to keep track of them

Help keeping it organized! :)

1 month on Squidoo
1 month on Squidoo

1 Month Trophy

Just for you when you have hit the 30 day mark of being a part of the Squidoo community!

Quizzes, Polls, Debates, and Guestbooks!

Get interaction into your lenses!

The more interaction you can have with your readers the better off you truly are! They love to be able to interact with the lens and feel as thought they are getting to know you a little better at the same time also... gives that personal feel about the lens and it work to boost your ranking also! Add a few and see what happens to your ranking when people start clicking on things you have on your lens and answering questions, it's an awesome feeling and fun to read and respond to them if you have the time!

6 months
6 months

6 month Trophy

And another trophy just for you when you have been a Squidooer for 6 months! It's a great accomplishment, so be proud!

1 year
1 year

1 Year on Squidoo

Awesomeness when you have been around for a year like an old pro at this stuff! lol No matter who we are on Squidoo and no matter how long we have been here; everyone is still learning new things everytime they get on here! So don't feel like you are behind and that there are people that know it all because we don't! Feel the love of Squidoo! :)p

Kimberly with How to make money on Squidoo!!

You want to watch and listen to this! It will give you a wayyyy better understanding of how all this works for free for you and how you can make money! :0)

Join the Cupcake Club and Make Great Sales!! - Learn How easily by watching the video!


Great Stuff on Amazon with Squidoo

None of these things need to be purchased to make money on Squidoo and there are help places on Squidoo that are absolutely free! Some people feel that they gets an in when they have a few of these products under their belt. Your choice whether you get them or not, but just know that you don't have to have them to make money on Squidoo!

Squidoo keeps up with the $ you make and tax records for you! :)p

Successfully signed up!
Successfully signed up!

Will you try to sign up with Squidoo?

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Thank you for stopping by and taking a look and hopefully you decide to stay and become part of Squidoo and the Community! The best of luck to you and enjoy!

Say a little something about what you think!!

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    • siobhanryan profile image


      6 years ago

      Great advert for squidoo

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      cup cake club, i didn't know about it , thanx

      life on squidoo is great fun

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very new to this, using it to increase customer base.

    • mistyblue75605 lm profile imageAUTHOR

      mistyblue75605 lm 

      6 years ago

      Don't forget to leave your thoughts and make sure you sign up with Squidoo asap to get started making your own income!


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