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Gift Metropolis

Updated on July 9, 2014

The gift ideas community

An online community is a group of people who have developed relationships around a strong common interest.

We are a new and active online gift ideas community where both consumers and pro's in the industry meet to find, gift shop, share gift ideas and promote their best gift guides, and the presents shared by other members.

Members of the Gift Metropolis Community are invited to be social and get their biz buzzing by guest blogging at Gift Metropolis HQ, sharing their favorite gift picks with the gift ideas community. Then share your gift guide some more by posting on our Gift Metropolis Facebook Group, Google Gplus Community, Pinterest Boards, Tumblr and more...

What makes it work? The key is that Gift metropolis members are also expected to like, comment on, re-share, re-pin other members gift ideas with their own network of friends, groups and circles as they work their way around The Metropolis. Share and you will get shared!

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Putting Together a Strong Team

It's going to take a team effort, but it'll be well worth it when we're kicking butt!


ith recent changes in search engine algorithms, some traditional website linking techniques seem to have been devalued somewhat, while social sharing definitely appears to have gained importance in the overall equation and every indication is that things will continue in that direction for the near future.

We decided to bring it all together into the ultimate gift ideas niche social networking package and after weeks of tying together Facebook, Pinterest, Google plus, Tumblr etc. in a very unique way. Gift Metropolis was born on 1/1/13.

Now to bring the new social network to life, we are assembling a team of really good, very active writers that have an interest in the profitable gift ideas niche to join me in bumping it up a notch and taking social networking to the next level. To accomplish this, we'll need a core group of authors that will commit to working together to achieve success in the coming year. We agree to contribute to this group project on a regular basis and work together to make it great and if you look at the set up, it has huge potential. Have your efforts alone on Google Plus been lack luster, have you been tearing it up on Facebook or getting nowhere. If we form a dedicated social networking team focused on success

Our pact is to be very supportive to members of the Gift Metropolis Community of each others efforts by not only sharing our own gift ideas but to also share other members gift ideas by finding re-sharing and commenting on cool findings. Share and you will get shared!

Gift Metropolis is destined to become a powerful force in social networking sites in the gifts niche. This is a ground floor opportunity to team up with a winner. Often the initial core members of successful communities like this go on to achieve great individual success by establishing themselves as authority in their field they gain popularity. It helps to be active on a regular basis within the community. Members who hop in with both feet right from the beginning and make this new community work will be rewarded along the way with extra perks. You don't need to go it alone, there's power in numbers. Are you ready? Let's do this!

How to get started? Join today and begin by introducing yourself at the forum or add a listing to the gift ideas directory, then whip up a guest blog post at Gift Metropolis HQ featuring your gift guide. Next share your gift guide with our Facebook and G plus friends. See more ideas below.

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Google G+ Communities
Google G+ Communities

Gift Metropolis on G+


haring your best gift ideas with an active Google Community in the gifts niche might be good for it! Especially if other people pick up on it and share it with their circle and so on. That's why we encourage our members to share and re-share other peoples gift ideas every where they go. Join our Gift Metropolis gift ideas community on Google's G+ today and start sharing.

Thank you for visiting.

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      Johnc249 3 years ago

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      Really nice idea.