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Office Feuds

Updated on January 1, 2012

Female vs Male, who gets along better?

For long time I always thought working in an atmosphere with a bunch of women instead of with a bunch of men was worse. Based on my experience at various work places, it was always the women who could not get along. Whether it is in a office or blue collar work place, I thought that it was always the women who got into arguments and even fights, but now I am not so sure.

These arguments and fights would stem from being jealous of what each other are wearing to who each of us are dating. Most of the time it is who we are dating, because it always turns out to be the guy who also works in the office or the same building. Nine out of ten, the guy you have been dating is also dating the lady you take coffee and lunch break with. Or maybe you are the new kid on the block, and the guy use to date the other lady and now he is dating you.

There have been times, when the arguments and fights are over what you are wearing. Seriously there are a lot of people who really need to be seen as the glamour queen or king. If someone comes in and all eyes are on them, some people tend to get really crazy. The argument would build from the glamour queen or king drilling a person or that person's co-worker about where did they shop, who does their hair, and even how much did they spend on certain items, so they can make sure they top whatever it is that you have.

You know men argue and fight just as much as the women. Some of the arguments and fights are similar to the women. Men will argue and even fight each other over a relationship involving a woman who he thought was only dating him. Men will fight each other over money, especially if he knows that person owes it.

A male friend of mine said that women go through name calling, gossiping, and tit for tat type things, whereas men solve their disagreements by getting physical and then they are done with it. I agree, but I find that it depends on who these men really are. I have found some men can be just as vindictive as some women. And the problem continues to escalate.

About twenty years ago, a friend of mine was working at a manufacturing company, two guys got into a fight, one got suspended while the other was allowed to come to work. The guy who was allow to stay on the job, ended up getting into another fight, this time with a female supervisor, I mean physical fighting. Management solution to the problem was to separate them by assigning each of them to different departments to work in.

What do you think? Who gets along better? I feel that in all work environments, you need a mixture of the sexes. You should not have too many women nor too many men.

Who gets along better in the workplace?

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