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Boost Morale with Corporate Gift Baskets

Updated on April 28, 2015

Behind any successful corporation is a commitment to great service - you simply cannot survive without it!

While this certainly applies to clients and customers, who expect quality products or services, it also applies to the people behind the scenes.

When employees, associates, and key clients feel like they are unique and special to the corporation, it, in turn, helps create better products, service, and experiences for all involved. Corporate gift baskets can be used in any number of situations and for a variety of recipients.

When is it appropriate to give a gift basket and what should you include? Here are some ideas to get you started.

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When to Give?

There is any number of occasions which call for recognition, thanks, or greetings from your corporation, including:

The retirement of a long-time employee.

Promotion of an employee.

Maternity leave or the celebration of a new child.

Holidays and birthdays.

Congratulations on a job well done, a new client or account landed, or just thanks for a consistently strong work ethic.

Sympathy or get well.


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Wisconsin Favorites Corporate Logo
Wisconsin Favorites Corporate Logo

Where to Start?

The items that you choose to include in your corporate gifts can vary based on these events or the known preferences of the recipient.

In general, though, it is good to assemble a variety of gourmet foods that aren't typically available at the local grocery store. It is also a great opportunity to gift brandable items.

As a business, you are always thinking of ways to build visibility, and gifts with your company's logo or name are excellent additions to the basket - provided that they also have a useful purpose. Some examples:

A cheese board or cutting board with your company's name or logo branded onto the bottom.Mugs or travel cups with your name and/or logo.Pens or pencils.Tote bag, beach bag, or reusable shopping bag.

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The Gift of Good Taste!

Those are all thoughtful additions to a corporate gift basket, but now come the treats!

What can you include that will make your client/employee/associates/etc. feel special? Depending on the specific individual, you can customize a gift basket. If, for instance, you have an employee who is particularly hard working and just completed a major project, you might theme your basket around spa items for relaxation.

Food is generally a very good idea for any occasion and any recipient. If this is the route you choose, make sure the foods are ready-to-eat so they can be enjoyed either at work or at home. Some delicious ideas:

Gourmet flavored popcorn.Flavored cocoas or coffees.Lindt truffles.Caviar.Seasoned almonds.Rosemary and garlic crackers.Parmesan crisps.Smoked cheese.Gourmet pretzels or chocolate dipped pretzels.Fresh baked goods, including cookies, mini muffins, fudge, and other goodies.Chianti salami.Smoked salmon.Stuffed olives.Biscotti.Gourmet mustard.Jellies or preserves.Blue tortilla chips and chunky salsa.Mixed nuts.Tea or shortbread cookies.

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Final Word in Gift Giving

You can always mix and match or create your corporate gift basket using a theme. You might create a basket, for instance, that features a variety of gourmet flavored popcorns or a basket full of truffles, chocolates, and candies. For the more health conscious, you could do a fruit basket filled with more exotic treats.

No matter what the theme, though, make sure each item you choose for your basket is reflective of your thanks and appreciation. Anyone can buy a pre-made gift basket without giving it much thought, but it shows a new level of caring when you take the time to assemble a top notch basket on your own.

Have you received a nice gift from your company? - Stop by and say "Hi!"

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    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      Great ideas! Food gifts are always a hit with me.

    • kimmer1491 profile image

      Kim 6 years ago from Big Lake, MN

      My boss once gave me a gift card to a high-end salon and it was heavenly! Although it took me nearly a year to use it, the hot stone massage felt wonderful - and it was something I never would have done without the gift card.

    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      For my 5 year anniversary, a company I worked for gave me a gold ring with the company logo on it and a diamond chip in it. It was beautiful!

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 6 years ago

      These are all such good ideas! I love to get little packages at work, so these would be a wonderful surprise!