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Google's Golden Triangle

Updated on November 9, 2014

Steering Your Website Into The Golden Triangle

Google's Golden Triangle is the place for all website owners to aspire to. The Golden Triangle is said to be located in the top left-hand corner of Google's first page of search results - it's the area your eyes are naturally drawn towards.

SEO Consultant
SEO Consultant

What is Google's Golden Triangle?

Unlike the infamous Bermuda Triangle where ships are said to disappear without trace, Google’s ‘Golden Triangle’ will make finding your particular ‘ship’ a much easier task.

It’s the location every business owner should be steering their company website towards. So where is this exclusive place exactly?

The Golden Triangle is said to be located in the top left-hand corner of Google’s first page of search results – it’s the area your eyes are naturally drawn towards.

The Golden Triangle extends across the whole of the top listing (and sponsored listings above), then tapers to a point just ‘above the fold’ of the visible results section. This effectively (partially) covers the top four search results returned on each page.

The Golden Triangle is nothing new. It was first talked about in 2005 following an eye-tracking exercise by three marketing companies in a San Francisco lab. And really, these results confirmed what those of us experienced in Internet marketing already knew.

So what does this mean for you as a business owner? It means that your Internet marketing strategy should primarily focus on strengthening your website’s organic listings. These days, people surfing the Internet looking for goods and services are far more aware of the differences between paid listings and organic ones.

There is still a strong sense that because the organic listings got there ‘by rights’ if you like, that these companies are somehow more trustworthy. Which is understandable to an extent, as it’s perfectly possible to set up an AdWords campaign which could see your featured ad appearing in the ‘paid for’ listings within the hour. We all know that to achieve success in the organic listings takes sustained work – it’s not a quick fix by any means – however it worth committing some time and effort to as the results can be immense.

One of the fastest ways to achieve success in the organic listings is to utilise the services of a top internet marketing consultancy. These industry experts will use the latest (ethical) techniques to help your company’s website gain prominence in the rankings – and more importantly – stay there.

If you need any help steering your online business towards Google’s Golden Triangle, your friendly Internet marketing specialists will be delighted to work alongside you to achieve your aims. So why not arrange a no-obligation chat today?

Get your Internet marketing on course with input from the leading industry experts. Not only will you get where you want to be quicker, but you’ll get real value for money along with results.

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