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Can Your Internet Business Succeed Without Google?

Updated on May 30, 2010

It's Google Or Nothing If You Want To Make The Money!

Why? Because Google dominates the internet for literally everything.

You have to seriously ask yourself the question. Can my internet business succeed online without using Google as a marketing tool?

What's your answer? I would hazard a guess and say 95% of you would respond 'NO'.

You see, it is a fact that whenever someone is seeking information on any subject, the search engine of choice is Google. I'm sure you've heard the responsive phrase, 'oh just google it', whenever anyone asks a question which cannot be answered by those to whom the question was posed. Even though there are hundreds of search engines online, the one name that trips of the tongue is 'Google'. They definitely have world internet dominance!

So if your website is not organically indexed on the first 3 pages (as most browsers only view the first 3 pages) of google you will more than likely opt to use Google Adwords to gain an instant presence online. However, unless you know how to use Google Adwords effectively, you should be aware that you could quickly run-up a huge advertising bill, and as we all know, when you're starting out you don't usually have a lot of money spend. Maybe you should consider using another form of advertising.

Whilst that is ok to do it is highly unlikely that your internet business will receive as much traffic or anything near the type of quality traffic you would have received from Google. It is unfair that Google dominates and is so powerful that internet businesses are "forced" to rely too heavily on them.

It doesn't matter whether the struggle is to gain strong rankings in the organic index or the razor-thin margins associated with running a Google Adwords campaign, but it appears that new business start-ups, are convinced that they can't get anywhere without Google.

To a certain degree they are right, but there are other ways of succeeding online without Google. It's just that those other methods entail a greater input by you and invariably it takes longer for your business to receive recognition. But, you can still make your business work and you can still build the foundation that will serve you well in search engines down the road. Without Google you'll be forced to build the type of business that can ride the ups and downs of search. That means search can only help you by boosting your business.

In the follow ups to this hub I will discuss the alternatives to Google that you can use to ensure internet business success; such as SEO, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Free Adveritising, Article Writing and Linking.

I hope you found this article informative and I would be glad to hear your views on whether you think you could succeed online without Google.

To your success

DeAnna Dubóis


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