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Google Cash Detective 2

Updated on February 25, 2009

Google Cash Detective 2

Google Cash Detective 2

Good to have you on my Google Cash Detective 2 hub, I hope you will find this hub informative and useful, and at the end the day will be able to make an informed decision when deciding to buy Google Cash Detective 2.

To get a quick intro about Google Cash Detective 2, click the video on the right.

Please take this quick poll.

Google Cash Detective 2 Poll

Which of the following spy tools have you used in the past?

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Google Cash Detective 2 Review Comparison

Thanks for participating in this quick poll, now for the results.

For those who answered PPC Bully.

Good job, I do use PPC Bully too, it reveals a lot of competitive information about pay per click campaigns on Google AdWords.... if you have used it, then you know that you can discover profitable campaigns, keywords, ad copy, and landing pages with the sales offer. This tool reveals both direct linking affilates and those who send their PPC traffic to squeeze pages or review and pre-sell pages.

The problem with PPC Bully is, you have to set up the keywords you want to track and thus, it takes time before you have some credible data on your hands. The premise of profitability is based on the length a particular ad has appeared when PPC Bully does its daily checks.

"If it has been spotted consistently and has run for a long period of time, it must be profitable." That is what seasoned affiliate marketers assume when they find such data.

Another weak aspect of PPC Bully is, I can only receive URL information or keyword, ad copy and campaign information on those that I am already tracking, so there is no way of actually knowing what other profitable keywords and campaigns could actually be out there.

For those who clicked Affiliate Prophet.

This is a really neat tool and I myself have been using this since I got it November of 2007 when it launched and it is indeed a beauty to use, it was the affiliate marketer's crystal ball of the day.

Today however, more spy tools have come out of the woodwork which made things just easier and more idiot-free to run. Like PPC Bully for example does Affiliate Elite's Project 2 and Project 3 easily.

Affiliate Elite is still a really good all in one spy tool however is lacking in the power aspect since it does take time to make all those processes work and their interface now pales in comparison to other tools like PPC Bully and Keyword Spy.

I still however use Affiliate Elite's Project 1 and Project 4.

For those who answered Keyword Spy.

Here is another great spy tool that also reveals pretty much everything that is revealed by the other two softwares above, however Keyword Spy gives a major advantage to affiliate marketing players who want to quickly spot other affiliates by looking up their affiliate IDs. This is pretty much similar to what Affiliate Elite's Project 4 does, but it makes it easier and faster.

The major drawback of Keyword Spy is that I find the monthly cost way too high, plus there are limitations to the number of affiliate, cpa or pay per lead networks that it can dig up. Plus there are keyword limitations.

Buy Google Cash Detective 2

So why should you Buy Google Cash Detective 2?

Google Cash Detective 2 is powerful, fast, accurate and instant.

If you loved all the good things about PPC Bully, Affiliate Elite and Keyword Spy.. they have all been rolled into one in what I must say the ultimate competitive intellgence tool today, Google Cash Detective 2.

if you notice, the three programs in the poll above all had weaknesses that the other software made up for... so you can imagine that kind of time I wasted shuffling from program to the next to do some competitive inelligence gathering. I had to shuttle between all three, and it takes a lot of time.

Now with Google Cash Detective 2 you have a program that possess all those powerful features and instantly reveals competitive data so you can quickly create your campaigns. There is no more waiting, you immediately see competitive data when you want it.

Google Cash Detective 2 Pros

  • instant data access, no more setting up, no more waiting
  • a huge database of campaigns that it updates every single day, and as of today has over 20 million URLs and 2,5 million keywords that it checks
  • not limited to ClickBank URLs or Commission Junction URLs eigher, but can dig up other URLs of other networks

Google Cash Detective 2 Cons


Google Cash Detective 2 Comments and Questions

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    • profile image

      Watch Desi TV Live 8 years ago

      thanks for sharing this nice piece of informaition

    • profile image

      Mass PPV Traffic 8 years ago

      thanks for this wonderful opportunity and great info

    • profile image

      Phil Williams 8 years ago

      Great Comparison Roy.

      This software will blow the roof of current PPC thinking

    • profile image

      Tav. 8 years ago

      Great comparison. I'm using the tools you spoke about as well and am interested to see if I can consolidate those others and just use GCD 2.0 to replace all of them.. We'll see what Chris has up his sleeve...

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 8 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      well, it is a nice and informative hub.