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Government Contract Jobs

Updated on April 10, 2010

Government Contract Jobs

Sadly, with government contract jobs there is a lot of paper work.  Honestly, anything you ever done with the United States Government not involved tons of paperwork.  Even the IRS 1040EZ comes in a whole book to show you how to fill it out.  With taxes, you get a professional to help you fill out your required federal paperwork.  Consider that a moment, you are paying someone so you know the proper amount to pay someone else.

Now consider this, do you pay someone to help you fill out government paperwork so you could make money?  I rarely advocate that you spend money on people (consultants) to fill out your government contract jobs paperwork.  There is help available though.  There are small business assistance centers that can help you through the process.  Some are federally funded, some by the state or local governments, or even private non-profits, but they all want to help small businesses to succeed.

There are also books available to guide you.

The first book recommended is a large and pricey (but worthy it) tome called Contracting with the Federal Government.  Hey, it's a book on federal contracting not marketing!  That is why it is large and priced higher than a college textbook.  In it's fourth edition, it provides everything from history to forms to step-by-step instructions.  Still, if you are serious about getting government contract jobs, then you need the right resource.  Do not make the mistake of skimping on your tools!

Sometimes you need simpler instructions or an overview.  Where the above book is for the serious, the following books are for the considerers.  Those who are considering pursuing federal contracts, these works are for you.  I enjoy the West Publishing "In a Nutshell" series for a lot of topics.  These series of books are like Cliff Notes for legal issues.  The  book for this case is Government Contracts In A Nutshell.  Another recommended book is Federal Contracting Made Easy.  This book is good for giving the unspoken methods of getting contracts.  The federal government has the written way to it wants to do things, and then there is the way things get done.  Though not omniscience on the topic, it is a good primer on the federal contracting undercurrents.

Regardless, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Ordering a book today, means the sooner you get government contract jobs money deposited into your account.

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    • headexposed profile image

      headexposed 6 years ago from New York

      true enough, one can really save on the time and energy needed for government contract jobs. nice article you have here! :) keep on sharing!!