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Great Games for Direct Sales Home Parties

Updated on June 29, 2014

Play Your Way to a Successful Party

Direct sales party games should be entertaining and entice your guests to book their own home party. Remember your home party demonstration should not last more than 45 minutes, so you should play home party games that allow guests to interact with you and your products to ensure your guests learn as much as they can within that time.

Follow these games with the Rose Game and your guests will be excited to book their own party!

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Direct Sales Home Party Games
Direct Sales Home Party Games

Power of Observation

The Power of Observation is a fun home party game that lets your hostess be the center of attention.

Tell the guests to pay close attention to the hostess! Ask your party hostess to go around to each guest carrying a plate with small items from your company - you can use samples, full-size product, add-ons, etc. Have each guest look at the items. (The plate distracts the guests from the real purpose of the game.)

Have the hostess leave the room with the items for a few minutes.

Each guest gets a piece of paper and pencil and answers questions about the hostess, not the items on the plate!


What color is the hostess' hair?

What color is her top?

What color are her eyes?

What kind of shoes is she wearing?

Is she wearing a bracelet?

Is she wearing a necklace?

Is she wearing earrings?

Is she wearing a belt?

Is she wearing glasses?

How tall is she? (Closest answer gets points)

Is she wearing a watch?

The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Alternatively: You can use random household items instead of your products (e.g. cell phone, spoon, watch, toothpick, flashlight). If your company sells bags or something in a large container (like a Jewelry in Candles jar), you can have her carry items in those instead of the plate so guests can see how big your product is!

Direct Sales Home Party Games
Direct Sales Home Party Games

Have You Ever

This direct sales home party game helps you get to know your guests, and assess their needs and wants. When you know what your guests need, you can personalize your presentation and include them. Number your questions on paper so you can easily refer back to it when going through the answers.

I would also suggest pre-making the answer sheet so you can quickly assess who answered yes to each question.

Give each guest a piece of paper and have them put their name at the top.

Ask them "Have you ever..." questions - some ideas are below. I recommend around 10-15, and no more than 20. Choose situations that somewhat pertain to your company in order to feel out the needs of your guests.

Guests will mark everything they have done and score 1 point for each one - winner is the guest with the most points!


Have you ever…

…been on vacation

…been on vacation in another state

…been on vacation in another country

…given birth to a child

…given birth to more than 1 child

…given birth to more than 1 child at the same time (twins etc)

…worked in an office

…worked from home

…worked in a factory

…worked in a restaurant

…driven a car

…owned a car

…owned a brand new car

…rented a car

…attended a bachelorette party

…attended a bachelor party

Company specific ideas - use these to get ideas for your presentation. You can see how these questions work toward how your product can help their lives!

Romance company

…been to a strip club

…been to a strip club with your significant other

…shopped an online adult store

…shopped in a physical adult store

…watched adult movies

…watched adult movies with your significant other

Candle company

…been to a spa

…received a spa day as a gift

…given a gift to a friend

…given a gift to family

…given a gift to in-laws

…picked fresh flowers for your home

Bag/Purse company

…lost something in your purse

…lost money in your purse

…lost more than $100 in your purse

…lost something in your office

…lost something in your craft room

…lost something in your laundry room

…avoided cleaning a room

…avoided cleaning a room for more than 6 months

Direct Sales Home Party Games
Direct Sales Home Party Games

Fastest Fingers

This direct sales party game is fast and gives you the cell phone numbers of anyone that plays. Plus, all players will have your phone number when it's over!

Begin by asking all guests to take out their cell phones and open up their text messages.

Next, ask them to start a new text to the following phone number - give them your cell phone number 1 digit at a time.

Tell them to get ready - when you say "go," they are going to type their name and hit send as quickly as possible!

The first person whose text comes through your phone is the winner.

I do not recommend this be changed from a text to a phone call. With texting, you are sure to get the name and phone number of each player. Why is this useful? If you are a Superstar Seller, you should be using those phone numbers to get bookings throughout the year! With a phone call, you will only know the winner's phone number and anyone who doesn't win will just hang up before their number shows on your caller ID.

Direct Sales Home Party Games
Direct Sales Home Party Games


BINGO is a great game for home parties because it encourages guests to really pay attention to your demonstration. If they don't listen, they won't win!

Create a BINGO card containing your products that you show at home parties instead of numbers. You can use items you don't physically have at the show, as long as it's mentioned during your presentation. Use a free BINGO card generator, or create one with images using your favorite image editing program. You only need to create one, but make enough copies for every guest at the party.

Give each guest a card, a pen and a marker or highlighter. Have her circle her 5 favorite products from your lineup with the pen.

As you go through your presentation, guests use the marker to cross off their "numbers" as they are mentioned.

The first one who marks off all 5 of her choices yells "BINGO!" and is the winner!

There are plenty of other party games for direct sales home parties - I only share these because I know they are effective and I know you can use them to your advantage during the presentation.

I also recommend limiting your presentation to 45 minutes maximum. After that time, people start to get bored and oversaturated and are way less likely to buy a lot!

I'd love to hear what your favorite home party plan games are - and how effective they are!

We Want More Party Games!

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