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Tourism in Nepal.

Updated on June 9, 2012


Nepal is one of the beautiful countries in the world. With its natural endowments like free flowing river, lakes, taller hills and mountains, Nepal has become one of the fascinating natural destinations for many visitors. The most exciting is that Mount Everest which is the tallest mountain in the world lies in northern part of Nepal with height of 8,848m from sea level. Another most exciting fact about Nepal is that it is the birth place of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Similarly the temple of Pasupatinath, one of the holy places of Hindu is located in Kathmandu of Nepal. Similarly the plain cultivable lands in plain terai and dense forests in hilly areas are very attractive to any strangers.


The number of foreign people visiting Nepal is also growing rapidly. The statistics of 201o shows that the population of foreign tourists in Nepal was 602,855.The population is expected to increase once the country gains stability in politics. From time to time, Government of Nepal is bringing special packages to increase foreign tourists visiting in Nepal.2011 was declared as the Tourism year by the Government of Nepal with special attractive packages like home stay. The main aim was to increase the money spent by tourist is Nepal in friendly environment. The detailed evaluation of the tourism year is still to be evaluated deeply as the political instability was hindering the goal during the whole year.

Purpose of Foreign Visitors to Visit to Nepal

As Nepal is one of the natural countries with no more advancement in modern sector, the resources are in nature with no management. However they look very beautiful. Visitors especially come to Nepal for adventure, paragliding, rafting in rivers. Similarly many visitors come to Nepal for hunting as there is Shivapuri Park for hunting animal. Other purposes include mountain biking, jungle safari and kayak. It is very good to do jungle safari in forests in terai region. Especially Chitwan National Park is well recognized for the Jungle safari.

Tourism and National Economy

Tourism is one of the vital sectors in Nepalese economy contributing about 8 percentages to GDP. Many modern hotels have established only for tourists providing employments to thousands of educated and uneducated youths. Mainly youths are engaged as guide, porters in the tourism sector. Similarly the skill products of the painters are sold in the form of beautiful Mithila picture. As tourists used to buy the statue of lords, Khukuri-the weapon of Gurkha while returning to their countries, such small scale enterprises are flourishing because of tourism.

Positive Aspects of Tourism in Nepalese Society

Tourism enterprise is flourishing in Nepal with the increasing globalization and many positive effects are seen in society level. Previously in many rural areas of Nepal, there were not school, but with the increase in inflow of tourists, schools are being built in many places of Nepal with the help of tourist aid. Similarly hospitals are built in rural areas of Nepal with the help of tourists and as a result many doctors are getting employment and local people having access to medical care in their own village. Many libraries are built in the name of tourists so that advanced learning can be accessed in rural areas.

Constraints in Tourism in Nepal

Although there is good potentiality of tourism in Nepal, lack of coordination between government authority and private enterprises is hindering the tourism sector. As a result the Government is being unable to bring packages to attract more foreign tourists in Nepal. The lack of management in resources is making the resources dirty which need to address by concerned authorities and citizens. The main problem is also with citizens who lack the knowledge of importance of tourism in economics of country. Thus it needs to make people about tourism in coordination of government of Nepal and private sectors to get better result from tourism.


Although Nepal has lots of potentialities to enhance tourism sectors in Nepal, the political transition in the nation is affecting the whole sectors including tourism as well. As a result, the country is unable to produce better vision about how to attract many tourists, how to manage the money generated from tourism in development sector. For that government give priority to work together with general people so that importance of tourism in ground level can also be realized.

Bodnath stopa
Bodnath stopa | Source
Children in beautiful Mustang of Nepal.
Children in beautiful Mustang of Nepal.
Coper horns, Lo Monthang of Nepal.
Coper horns, Lo Monthang of Nepal.


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    • profile image

      Aman Tripathi 

      3 years ago

      Favouous essay yhat reflect the face of nepal ovrrallllll fantastic work by u sirrrrrrr4rrrrrrrrrr

    • profile image

      sujan shrestha 

      4 years ago


    • tourismnepal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Narayangarh,Nepal

      Thanks for valuable comments.I will write that in next hub.

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 

      6 years ago from kerala

      i think the whole article is good. but it will be better if added some info about tour packages and the cost of travel. People who want to visit will be more attracted to it then.

    • tourismnepal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Narayangarh,Nepal

      Hello!Thank you for your comment.What about whole article? I want to get your feedback to improve.

    • addingsense profile image

      Akhil S Kumar 

      6 years ago from kerala



      your picture are very interesting


      thanks for sharing


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