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How To Grow Your Business Rapidly with Minimum Investments (Part 2)

Updated on January 20, 2015

Hello everyone, welcome back. In the previous part of this topic, we have covered the main strategy in this economy or in virtually any type of economy to help you grow your business in the fastest rate with minimum investments: Guerrilla Marketing. We have introduced a clear definition of the concept, which was written in one of the 2014’s best-selling books (Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures: Million Dollar Partnering Strategies for Growing ANY Business in ANY Economy), and we have shared and illustrated three creative, crispy, vibrant and successful actual examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns from three of your most familiar brands (Maxwell, Coca-Cola, and Oreo) along with visually impressive pictures and videos.

Today, we will continue this topic and what’s more you might be more interested in the examples that are to be shared with you, because some of the brand names from which you might never hear. This is the very reason guerrilla marketing has been gradually winning favor not only among big brands but smaller-scale firms or even non-profit organizations as well. Just because they have limited budget doesn’t mean they cannot have big ideas or do big campaigns. Powered by the influential and effective methods of guerrilla marketing, you will be able to achieve what you have been dreaming of with the smallest investment.

The hard part is that you need to figure out a creative and unconventional way to deliver your big idea, but the great thing is you could do it on virtually any type of media (in terms of guerrilla campaign) as long as you can imagine. A space as small as an elevator could just do the trick. In prior part, we have mostly seen the guerrilla campaigns focusing on the outside of an elevator, like the Coke Zero Cup and the Oreo Cookie Dunk Milk, but in this second part, we will take a look at all of the innovative brand messages shown INSIDE an elevator. You might ask, “By how?” Well, if you are ready, let’s have a look at them one by one.

(Once we complete, I’m sure that you will feel pretty amazed by these fantastic ideas which had left audience with deep, direct, influential and viral impressions. And most importantly, you won’t feel it too hard to come out these campaigns by yourself, because I’m going to show you two examples in the end which I made up simply from my own mind based on my imagination and professional experience.)

Example 1: Keep Safe Distance (Volkswagen)

We all know the driving rule to keep safe distance from the car in front of you, but when this idea was conveyed in a guerrilla campaign which was placed in a hospital elevator like this one shown below, the message becomes more convincing and alarming. As was mentioned above, the guerrilla campaign could be very easy to be conducted, for you merely put two stickers on the doors of the elevator; yet the results could be truly impressive when the audience sees the elevator doors open and shut.

The best essence of this campaign was taking advantage of the movement of elevator doors, which transformed two static pictures into a motion effect. So when the three types of motions (the doors wide-open, slightly-open, and closed) were captured and compared together, the real-life experience about two cars getting closer and further was well simulated with the movement of the elevator doors. The great idea came from Volkswagen in its initiative to raise drivers’ sensibility about road safety.

Example 2: Superman

How about this one? Even cooler idea by using three stickers, left and right hands pasted outside elevator doors and the superman logo placed inside the lift wall. Looking at the three stickers individually, you won’t feel much sense; however, when they were placed in an elevator of a department store (where there is a movie theatre on the top floor), the results was impressive and dramatic.

If you never saw ads like this and was exposed with this campaign for the first time when you entered the department store, you might have an illusion that the elevator doors were not operated by machinery, but were purely forced open by this superman! And certainly, you might feel your heart beat wildly and can’t help pressing the button of top floor when you entered the elevator, because you just wanted to see how this powerful man did it. Well cheers, that’s exactly what the guerrilla campaign sponsors would like their target audience to do, immediately, instantly.

Example 3: Muscular Arms (Gold’s Gym)

Who said that only big names like Volkswagen and Superman could do such ambient guerrilla campaigns? If you are running a small business or work for a smaller-scale company or even if it’s just a start-up, you could help grow your business too with bold and innovative ideas and sponsor your very own guerrilla campaign within minimum budget (like a few stickers) or investment, like this guy.

Do you know this guy? Well, it’s ok if not. Of course, he’s not as famous as superman, but he has ambition as great as superman has. Look at the three stickers pasted on the doors and the wall, it looks very similar to the superman campaign illustrated above right? Yet you won’t feel it a replicate to that, because it has equally well taken advantage of the medium and in fact well fit to a gym’s function. The message becomes so clear, do you want to build your muscles like this man who is strong enough to force the elevator doors open simply with his muscular arms? Then come to the Gold’s Gym. Even the company is not as large as a publicly-traded corporation, it can still generate huge volume leads with low-budget guerrilla campaigns like this.

Example 4: Creative Lawyer

Let’s see one more example from a personal business owner such as a lawyer who came out this perfect idea fitting exactly in her business, though the topic is a little controversial. But there’s a business there, and as a business owner, you have to be actively looking for creative ideas that could help generate your business leads. So here comes this one, called Divorce Lawyer.

Similar to previous three campaigns, you only need three stickers, and this time one stick with the bride on the left, one with the groom on the right, and then her business card in the center of the lift wall inside. And it depicts the scenario precisely, when the doors open, the couple are separated, and that is very time when they need a lawyer, so then you will see the business card when you stepped inside the elevator wall. The ad would not only generate immediate action for the target audience (people who seek a divorce lawyer), but also left great impression and memory to any potential client who wouldn’t need the service at this moment but would recall the ad later when they or their family or friends need one.

Example 5: DIY - Online Education

Now, I promised to show you two examples that I made up purely from my own mind, and here’s the first. Since we have illustrated all the examples about guerrilla campaign on the elevator doors or lift walls in this blog, the examples shown below are following this pattern, and it would be easier for you to capture the key message since we walked through 4 examples already.

This one is good for education business, whether it’s online or offline, and whether it’s a big brand university or a start-up education service. What you only need are three stickers, much smaller than those we have seen in previous ad. And this will help save your budget further (the smaller the paper size, the lower cost you would save for printing): one stick designed as a human hand and pasted it on the left, and the other designed as a diploma and pasted on the right. The third stick could be customized, be your company’s logo, or company name and company’s business card (including contact information such as address, website or phone number). And, that’s it! You get the idea.

Example 6: DIY – Pest Control

The second one was based on my professional experience working with a client in the pest control business. There are large volume of small businesses in the pest control services sector and business owners are frequently struggles with limited budget to perform effective advertising campaigns. Guerrilla marketing campaigns would help solve the problem. And this one you use only three stickers to deliver your brand message clearly to your customer or potential customers: only your company could kill pests in such huge and powerful way like forcing an elevator doors to open. Isn’t that cool?

Thank you for reading this, and if you are interested in reading the first part of this topic, please do not hesitate to click this link: How To Grow Your Business Rapidly with Minimum Investments.

Happy Blogging!


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