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Grow Your Business with Social Media

Updated on November 27, 2013
Social Sites
Social Sites

The Drive to Social Media

The huge number of users drives the rapid move on various social media sites. In fact, by the end of 2012, Facebook had at least one billion members, Twitter had five hundred million members and LinkedIn had about two hundred million members ( These sites, together with others such as Youtube and Pinterest, command huge online following that can be turned into great business opportunities.

Social Media

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Brand Yourself

Traditional marketing strategies are going on the decline as more and more people are tapping into the opportunities created by social media. For instance, business leads through social media have become arguably more powerful than traditional word of mouth or other marketing strategies. Social media punch lines such as ‘share’, ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ are capable of reaching many people within the shortest time possible compared to other traditional marketing channels. Used properly, these tag lines can help in building customer base with social media.

As a business owner this has a Unique and Powerful Outcome. You can promote and position YOUR PERSONAL BRAND using Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, among all the others.

Establishing Your Personal Brand
Establishing Your Personal Brand | Source

Position Your Personal Brand

You can position your brand on the market in various ways and every way is meant for a specific type of customer. People must position their personal brand in such a way that it will attract the optimal type of customers. The following 4 types of brand positions can be considered for selection:

1. Being original or becoming the first.

No matter what is the topic or niche that you choose, it can be crucial for you to be the first one to approach it. Even if you cannot be the first, at least be original. This will place your possible competitors in a difficult situation, because their only thing left to do is to copy your work. One of the best examples can be the company Coca-Cola, which has always been the top soda brand, because it was the first of its type. Pepsi became the second because it used the same idea.

2. Becoming the expert in a specific niche.

If you become an expert in your specific niche or sub-niche, people will make a mental connection between you, the niche and even your brand. For example, the first person that could come into people's mind regarding personal development could be Tony Robbins. In the same way, when you think about real estate flipping, the person that usually comes into your mind is Robert Allen, who is also called the "no money down" guy. The examples may be quite general, but the same things work for small markets. If you have a very good reputation in a small market, it can be better than to be almost unnoticed in a larger one.

3. Providing the best customer service to the client.

One of the best things that people can do for positioning their brand well is to be personable and caring when they provide customer service. Providing the best customer service on the market can make your brand seem amazing and different from the rest. The company called Nordstrom has higher prices for their clothes in comparison to other similar firms, but they are very popular. One of the main reasons for the high popularity is the awesome customer service. If this wouldn't exist, they would fail because of their high prices.

4. Being interesting enough for others to follow you.

4. Brands can be successful just because of one reason: people find it really interesting and they follow it. But, this works only for some of the companies. An example can be the brand of Richard Branson, who owns Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records. This guy has a brand that people consider really interesting. There are three possibilities for the popularity of a brand: very unconventional, very controversial and very interesting to follow. All these three things can matter for your brand to become popular, but for some people it may simply not work at all.

The ways in which you can position your personal brand are not many, but there are multiple types of brands that could achieve success. What you can do to get the best results is to choose one style and use it for good, as this could help the image of your brand to become clearer on long term.

Social Networking

Social Media Networking
Social Media Networking | Source

Here are some of the major reasons why social media is a potential avenue to grow your business.

The following highlights will explain the unique and extremely positive benefits to an aggressive Social Media Networking Campaign.

Huge Coverage:

Based on the ever-growing audience of social media, you are likely to reach out to as many people as possible with your brand. When your customers see your brand on Facebook, they are likely to invite their friends to like the same brand. This channel of ‘likes’ and ‘share’ continue indefinitely and this is an opportunity to turn those who like your product or service into loyal customers, which eventually leads to potential growth of your business.

Social Media marketing is diverse:

As much as you can use one avenue of social media, you still have other outlets to build your brand and reach out to as many prospective customers as possible. Using Facebook can promote your business a great deal by giving you the opportunity to respond to what your customers are saying about your brand. In this respect, both positive and negative comments from the public are an opportunity to grow and develop your brand. The same goal can be achieved by using Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn. The more diverse you are, the more popular your brand becomes.

A touch of humanity:

Unlike other hard-faced, mainstream advertising channels, social media allows you to get closer to your customers, to understand their comments and respond accordingly. The use of blogs and installation of recent video app for Twitter have made this closeness more possible. In the end, your brand receives a special recognition that leads to growth in your business. The conversations you build about your brand through the social media sites can go a long way to build your business reputation and enhance its growth. Negative comments from the public can also be an opportunity to correct a fault before serious damage is done. Such mechanisms are rarely present in other methods of marketing.

Social Media makes your Brand SEO-friendly:

Your brand’s existence on various social media sites, and your ability to develop quality, business-related content for promoting it, can help in ranking it top in the search engines. Brands with newer, quality content about a specific product or service tend to rank in the top ten searches by the search engines. This implies that when a product is entered in the search engine, your brand is likely to appear among the top ten searches. This popularity with the search engines gives you an edge over your competitors as your brand is among the top searches for customers.

Utilizes digital technology:

In the era of the internet, having your product on social media can give your brand a strong customer base. Most people have gone online in almost everything from transacting business to social conversations. As your customers keep in touch about your product or service online, you are likely to maintain a steady stream of loyal customers who also refer their friends and the friends of their friends to your social media site.

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My Home Business

My Home Business
My Home Business | Source

Final Conclusion

It is therefore imperative for upcoming and existing entrepreneurs to consider having accounts with various social media sites as a means to grow their businesses. This is a growing technology with a large online following and if utilized accordingly, can result in great opportunities for business development. Marketing with Social Media is considered cheaper and more powerful in reaching as many people as possible in this era, compared to other means of marketing. Owing to its popularity, your business is also likely to generate more leads with social media than with other means of marketing.

So what are you waiting for!


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