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Guide to Prosperity

Updated on December 19, 2014

Guide to Prosperity

According to Merriam-Webster, the condition of being successful or thriving; especially : economic well-being.

According to Dictionary dot com, a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.

According to Wikipedia, prosperity theology is a Christian religious doctrine which claims the Bible teaches that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians. The doctrine teaches that faith, positive speech, and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one's material wealth.


Some synonyms we will look at:










the good life




Abundance is fullness to overflowing, in other words, plenty. In economics, it is the opposite of scarcity. It is interesting that scarcity can be turned into abundance.


Here is how to turn scarcity into abundance:

1. If you are always hungry and find yourself having to beg for food or use food banks, then that may be the universe's way of telling you that you should go into the food business. Become a farmer by first starting a garden or go into the food wholesale business by hooking up farmers with supermarkets or start a restaurant out of whatever space you can find -- borrow the space or use your own kitchen or work a deal on a closed boarded up diner or find local investors. Get a credit union account so that you will be able to get credit with merchants. Get food donated at first. Get labor from programs that train people who stand in soup lines to be chefs. Start a worldwide franchise of fast food restaurants that have a dollar menu or ninety-nine cent menu.

2. If you cannot afford clothes, then volunteer to work at a clothing bank and learn to sew and knit from any one willing to teach you for free. Use these skills to start a business specializing in selling super-inexpensive clothing. Most clothes -- even in Wal-Mart -- are overpriced.

3. If you are homeless, then go to the nearest Habitat for Humanity office and fill out the paperwork. Ask for help if you have problems filling out the paperwork. Participate to the maximum extent possible in helping to build your own home. Use the skills you learn to start a home construction business. Get rich. Or apply to attend a university to learn architecture or engineering. Don't worry that you cannot afford to pay for college. Apply for financial aid. Get grants and/or scholarships. Get a loan and make sure you pay it back ahead of time. Do work-study to earn your way through school. Once you are an architect or engineer, then get rich.

4. if you lack money, then get a job or get a second job or a third job. Ask for a raise. If your boss won't give you a raise, then work better to deserve a raise while using your lunch hour to search for a job that pays better. Do not waste your money on cosmetics, cigarettes, alcohol or lottery tickets. Instead invest this money for maximum return. The public library has books on investment choices. A good investment book will talk about a wide variety of possible investments. A bad investment book will only talk about stocks or bonds or real estate or one thing only. There are hundreds of types of investments from art to zero-coupons.

5. If you lack time, then remember that everyone has twenty-four hours each day. Get a book on time management. Stop spending time on activities that do not matter to you. Stop spending time with people who waste your time and instead spend time with people who help you. Help them in return.

6. If you lack any talent, then develop a talent. Keep looking until you discover your hidden talent. [And criminal talents don't count. They just make you a drain on society and the police will blow your head off. ]

7. If you lack good looks, then get a make-over. There is a whole industry of people with nothing better to do than to make you look great. If you need cosmetic or plastic surgery, then get it but don't go overboard and end up looking like a freak.

8. If you got nothing, then look on the ground. You never know what you will find. On an empty beach, finders keepers. There are spent mines that will let you dig and keep what you find.

9. There are people who are moving or cleaning and will pay you to haul off their trash. You know the expression that there's treasure in trash? You might find rare objects such as "Amazing Spider-Man #1," comic book or something from Antiques Road Show.

10. Prospect for rare elements and rare gems. Rare earth elements. Strategic metal ore. Martian meteorites, Painite (found in Burma). Get some business smarts. Too many prospectors have ended up penniless because they were bilked. Legalize your claim and bargain hard.

11. Don't be a pig and try to hog everything. Instead get a pet porker to hunt truffles for you. Truffles fetch a steep price. So high that you should try to cultivate truffles instead of depending on the vagaries of hunting them.

photo: Black truffles from the Mirna river valley of Croatia

credit: K. Korlevic

If Beauty Is Scarce in Your Life, Grow Flowers - This Is the Jade Vine

Youtan Poluo (has no scientific name yet) -- Supposedly only blooms every 3000 years. Don't bother with this one unless you are a billionaire. If you plan to cultivate it, then you need to enlist rural Chinese to help you hunt specimens. It appears to have an affinity for iron and other elements found in steel and for the chemicals found in commonly used laundry detergents in rural China since the two most recent specimens were found in steel pipes and under a washing machine. Probably it was the phosphates and nitrogen.

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers (Cypripedium calceolus) -- Once grown all over Europe, European skills are rusty. Your best bet in growing these is to join a mycology learned society because these orchids are in symbiosis with fungi. The young orchid lives off the fungi and then the fungi lives off the adult orchid. Be prepared to spend serious money before you make a net profit.

Ghost Orchid (Epipogium aphyllum/Dendrophylax lindenii) -- Join an orchid society because you will need to consult with other members. Hunt this flower in cypress forests in Florida and Cuba from June to August. To propagate them from seeds, identify the specific moss they need. To grow, identify the specific fungus they need near their roots. Moss is not hard to grow but fungus can be as finicky as orchids. To pollinate, have a lepidopterist (or at least an entomologist) help you find a giant sphinx moth.

Kadupul Flower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) -- Easy to cultivate but blooms rarely and only at night. Obtain from a nursery in Sri Lanka.

Koki'o (Kokai cookei) -- Fairly easy to graft onto the branches of other species of trees, the real trick is to grow this flower from its own tree instead of grafting it. Even better would be growing these trees outside of Hawaii.

Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) -- Either hunt all over Mexico until you find a patch of these (good luck since it is extinct in the wild) or ask a botanist to come up with a way to propagate fertile clones. Or both since you would need to broaden the gene pool anyway.

Parrot's Beak (Lotus berthelotii) -- This flower (native to the Canary Islands) is extinct and its pollinator the sunbird (also native to the Canary Islands) is also extinct. This flower will have to be brought back Jurassic Park style by resurrecting its DNA. Make friends with genetic engineers and CEO's at biotech companies.

The Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) -- Use your pet bat or wild bats to pollinate specimens you cultivate in your garden. And preserve its native habitat in the Philippines by stopping deforestation. There are places online that sell bat houses that look a lot like bird houses to help attract pollinators. Even if you attract the wrong species of bat -- insect eaters instead of nectar sippers -- at least you will be swatting a lot less mosquitoes.

Campion (Silene tomentosa) -- You can ask the Royal Botanic Gardens in London to give you seeds. When they stop laughing, offer to pay for the seeds. Don't stand near any sharp objects when asking this question because you might faint at the answer.

photo credit: Emoke Dénes

Château de Versailles (France) - Grand Appartement du Roi: Salon de l'Abondance (Décor Louis-Philippe)

photo credit: Michel wal

Abundance by Filippo della Valle. Trevi Fountain, Rome.

photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen

The Trevi fountain is the world's most famous fountain where tourists toss coins because tradition and legend says doing so guarantees a free trip back to Rome

Fontana di Trevi by night


employee benefits include:

employer-provided or employer-paid housing

group insurance

disability income protection



tuition reimbursement and funding of education

sick leave

social security

profit sharing

take-home company cars

hotel stays

free refreshments

leisure activities on work time


allowances for lunch

first choice of job assignments

first choice of vacation scheduling

first chance at promotions when vacancies occur

federal benefits include:

education (Pell grants)


welfare (intended to be short-term for individuals but long-term for corporate welfare for Big Business)

housing (Section 8)

alcohol & other drug addiction programs

mental health services

child care programs (particularly for single parents who have to work)

food programs

conservation reserve (helps farmers with erosion, flood control, wildlife habitats)

Head Start (helps low income children -- which is why rich adults hate this program)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (for indigent Americans with dependent children)

"Why can't people laid off from jobs get jobs? They must be lazy bums."

The question answers itself. And the comments about lazy bums reminds one of comments about the 47%. Is it easier to believe millions of hardworking Americans are lazy than a few retired billionaires who got their money by being born to the right parents and never worked a day in their lives? I wish my parents had been billionaires but until reincarnation does me a favor, I am not banking on wishes.


the economy tends to boom under Democrats, crash & burn under Republicans but the Republican Party is the party preferred by Old Money. What's that you say? There are Democratic billionaires? Yes, that proves my point. New Money.


I can tell your fortune:

If you eat too many fortune cookies, then you will get cavities, get fat and perhaps get diabetes.

If you sell fortune cookies, then you may get rich.

photo credit: Lorax

Gambling Is Not the Best Way to Make Your Fortune

And after you have been on a game show like Wheel of Fortune, the next day (sometimes even before you leave the TV studio) the IRS will demand its cut. Many game show contestants have had to sell the car they won to pay the taxes on it.

The moral of this story is to invest what ever money is left after the tax man is through with you. Just don't let some Wall Street crook gamble with your investment.

Fortune Magazine

This is actually a useful magazine for the fortune hunter or person setting out to make their fortune..


Why do I do so many lenses on space?

Simple. The psychos in the business world who ravage the earth with pollution and cut down every tree they can find think that there are no limits to growth. The fact that the Earth is finite does not register in their dank fetid little minds. So they continue despite all the alarms and warnings. They do everything in their power to encourage overpopulation -- the one problem that drives all other problems.

Well I have a solution. In fact I have several solutions that will work.

1. silence the Chamber of Commerce types who push for bigger families and overpopulation -- there are many ways to do this including boycotting their companies, shunning them, ridiculing them, making them the butt of stand up comedians, dumping their stock, disinvesting, pulling your company out of the US Chamber of Commerce, and more. You can go to my lens on overpopulation for more insights. Key is better health and better education for girls. Neanderthal men will eventually get a clue if their wives divorce them and no woman wants to go near them. And if other men laugh at them.

2. voluntary programs -- the Hitler type "Final Solution" does not work and is inhumane, immoral and unethical. Voluntary programs work so much better and everyone is happy.

3. sustainability economics -- you may be tired of hearing about sustainability but too bad. They said environmentalism was a fad too.

4. space -- confine growth to space where there is no confinement and plenty of space. Space is perhaps the only place where developers (the bad guys) and environmentalists (the good guys) can work together in a new field called terraforming which is the engineering of moons, large asteroids and other planets to make them as much like Earth as possible. The ideal Earth without pollution that is.

photo credit: K.boroshko


Interest is a fee charged for the use of money. When you have to pay it, then you want it as low as possible. Zero or even negative interest rates have occurred in Asia. When you earn it on your investment, then you want it as high as possible. Double digit interest is rare these days but triple, quadruple, and even quintuple and higher rates have happened.

Fun with Compound Interest

image credit: Autopilot


An expensive inessential. The opposite of essentials or necessities.

Tesla Roadster

Is it still the world's most expensive all electric?

several Tesla Roadsters

In fact, all of the cars in this photo are Tesla Roadsters at a rally.

Mercedes-Benz 2013 SLS AMG E-Cell Trailer

the world's fastest all electric

All-Electric Supercar Inizio From Li-ion Motors

Inizio Electric SuperCar from Li-ion Motors

Inizio RTX - World's Fastest Electric Car Vs. Tesla Roadster

Li-Ion Inizio Electric Supercar @ SEMA 2010

EV-X11 Hot Lap

I expect an electric race car to be as quiet as an internal combustion race car is loud. You know, the authority of quiet power.

Drayson Lola B10/60 LMP1 Coupe Racing Sebring 2010

This one is even louder. Keep at it guys. Obviously, if there is no exhaust pipe, you would not put the muffler there. What part of the car is making all that noise? Everyone in the auto world knows that car companies use racing as a test bed to improve their street-legal mass production cars. How are you supposed to sneak up on pedestrians with a noisy car? And when will electric sports cars have stealth technology and invisibility so that cops in speed traps cannot even see you?

(much less hear you or touch you -- assuming those slowpoke internal combustion cars could do 300 mph)

Wrightspeed X1 Electric Car beats Ferrari and Porsche

Steve Jobs conquered four worlds: movies (Pixar), music, computers, and telephones. - Did he want to conquer a fifth world? Cars?

Judge for yourself these concepts for the Apple iCar.



photo credit: 3D development - Black & White photo shooting session


Electric cars have long been ridiculed as small, ugly and slow. Now they are returning to golf courses -- but not as golf carts.

Rimac Automobili Concept One

The Lightning GT

Luxury Brands

1. Gucci

2. Chanel

3. Calvin Klein

3. Louis Vuitton

4. Christian Dior

5. Versace

6. Giorgio Armani

7. Ralph Lauren

8. Prada

9. Yves Saint Laurent

10. Audi

11. BMW

12. Mercedes Benz

13. Lexus

14. Estée Lauder

15. Porsche

16. Lamborgini

17. Hermès

18. Cartier

19. Rolex

20. Hennessy

21. Moët & Chandon

22. Fendi

23. Burberry

24. Tiffany & Company

25. Armani

Luxury: Gourmet Food


matsutake mushroom

Chocopologie by Knipschildt -- this chocolate is $2600 a pound

Kobe beef -- is not ripped from the flesh of Kobe Bryant, it comes from Japan


white truffle

bird's nest soup -- from China


If you are a lowly Catholic priest at some poor little church, you could get promoted up to pope at this basilica (a cut above a cathedral). But the downside is that modern popes often get substandard health care and the work load is incredible. They get less vacations than the US president and they will never be able to return to private life or ever be able to walk down a street unrecognized or go to McDonald's alone without bodyguards or a huge entourage.

Update -- In the time since I wrote the above words, one pope read this lens and was the first pope in centuries to abdicate rather than die out of the job (the usual way of leaving the papacy). He has successfully returned to private life.



London's oldest department store

photo credit: Stephen McKay


image credit: Kenneth R. Frantz, Board Chairman of Bridges to Prosperity, Inc.

Get rich schemes that work:

1. Sell everything you have and move to the nation with the lowest cost of living. By comparison with the people there, you are rich. Don't believe it? You can hire servants very inexpensively. This is what Jesus meant when he told the rich man to sell all that he had and give it to the poor. [Okay, actually you are giving the money to the poor in the form of wages but just throwing money off a balcony onto a street in a poor neighborhood would be squandered because poor people do not know how to handle money -- that's why they are poor.]

2. invest wisely like Warren Buffett

3. start a company like your favorite entrepreneur role model

4. go to professional school and become a professional (such as a doctor or an architect) -- don't become a lawyer unless you plan to do something useful like restore the rights of individuals and get rid of the atrocity called corporate personhood (a disgrace to every self-respecting attorney, judge and law professor) and don't become another predator preacher

5. get a job and get promoted until you are CEO, president or chairman

There are other ways to get rich but these are the main bridges that work.



photo credit: Billy Hathorn

HK Kwun Tong Prosperity Place REIT night lobby hall interior

photo credit: Cehokan


attainment of the desired outcome, the opposite of failure.

photo credit: LisaVegaGroup

The Good Life

"The good life" is a lot like "the American dream". Every one has their own idea of what it is. But it is generally thought of as happiness. The Italians use the phrase "La Dolce Vita" translated as "the sweet life" or "the good life".

photo credit: Josh Huddleston

A Guide to the Good Life


This is primarily a military term as its opposite is defeat. It means triumph.

In America, use of the word is dominated by evangelical Christians. There are many local churches called "Victory Christian Center".

I am not going to get into Greek mythology on Nike. Just wear the stupid shoes if you are into that kind of winged victory. Just do it.

The Victory Sign

Iranian-Americans who are able to communicate with family in Iran should know:

1. All Americans care about Iranians suffering under an oppressive regime. Quite a few of us remember and are not shy about reminding their fellow Americans that the day after 9/11, ordinary Iranians held candlelight vigils in the streets of Iran for the people who died. We Americans do not forget our friends -- even if George Bush threw away all that international goodwill with both hands by making his response military instead of letting the FBI handle it as a law enforcement matter. [There would be no Al Qaeda today.]

2. The case to stop nuclear proliferation is a compelling one. The Japanese are more eloquent than those of us who were never nuclear victims.

3. The sanctions are by the US government against the government of Iran _NOT_ individual Americans against individual Iranians (whom we find to be invariably good and cordial people).

4. One might wish for citizen diplomacy by citizen diplomats except government agents would probably abduct them and hold them hostage or worse.


photo source: 6th_Day_-_Green_Victory


Net worth of your natural resources and human capital. Not money and securities because they represent only claims and a bank run or inflation can destroy money.


I keep telling my fellow Americans that stupid is not cool. This book is more proof that I am right. We need to make smart cool instead of glamourizing stupidity.


How to Get Rich

You can even get rich by eating. Normally this is outgo, cost, and expense. But if you are a food taster for your own food company or if you are a restaurant critic, then you are paid to eat.

Be sure to send royalties to Toni Roman for giving you this idea (or your conscience will punish you).


First they took the one hundred thousand ($100,000) dollar bill out of circulation.

Then the ten thousand and then the five thousand.

Then the one thousand and then the five hundred.

One hundred dollar bills are scarce and cashiers examine twenty dollar bills.

If they plan to eliminate ten and five dollar bills, then perhaps one dollar bills, what is next?

One dollar coins and fifty cent coins are rare.

There are people who whine like babies over one cent coins. They want pennies eliminated. What physical money will be left? No wonder rich people are trying to get their money out of the country.

No wonder Mitt Romney has money off shore and Swiss bank accounts and won't release his tax returns. Ordinary people applying for federal jobs have to release ten and twenty years worth of returns. It must be nice to be above the laws for ordinary people. I want to be rich like Mitt.

And before you ask, not so I can screw "the little people" like him. I just want to be rich. I don't want to hurt anyone.

$100,000 - One Hundred Thousand Dollars




Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else
Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else

"If you are not a billionaire, then there is something wrong with you."

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else
Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else

When criticized, they have the gall to compare themselves to battered wives. This is interesting since some of these guys batter their wives.



Singapore's prime minister Lee Hsien Loong received $1,690,000 per annum.

Floyd Mayweather, the boxer, earned $85 million in a recent year.

David Simon, CEO of Simon Property Group, was paid $137.2 million.

John Hammergren of McKesson was paid a one-year total compensation of $131.2 million including cashed out stock options.

Stephen J Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group, was paid a one-year total compensation of $102.0 million of which $3.3 million was a paltry salary and bonus and the remainder was $ $98.6 million in stock gains.

Gregory Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media had total direct compensation of $87.1 million in a recent fiscal year.

Oprah Winfrey is the highest paid celebrity at $165 million a year and of course her net worth has long topped a billion.

Rock group U2 earned $195 Million touring and other sales but that is split four ways. And Bono gives away chunks of his checks to charities.

Henry Kravis, of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, was paid $30 million but is worth $4 billion.

Joseph Safra of Grupo Safra is a banker worth $13.8 billion but net worth is not the same as annual income.

George Soros of Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund, is worth $20 billion.

Carl Icahn, of the private equity firm of Icahn & Company is worth $14 billion.

Most billionaires pay themselves relatively small salaries and leave looting to the corporate executives -- at least according to some billionaires. In the battle between millionaires and billionaires, millionaires have a somewhat different view. They feel entitled since they work long hours and have to fly on corporate jets to DC to demand that Congress hand over taxpayer money to bail out their mismanaged companies that are too big to fail.

In a recent year, the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs divvied up $3.46 billion in fees.

How to Get Rich

You can even get rich by sleeping. Here is how: Invent cures for snoring and sleep apnea in the form of effective products. Offer cures for snoring and sleep apnea in the form of services that offer more than ineffective sleep labs (that compound their harm by invading your privacy by recording your brain waves).

Be sure to send royalties to Toni Roman for giving you the idea (or you will have nightmares that get more frightening each night).

Luxury Car

This is why the Maybach often tops lists of the best and the most luxurious luxury cars.

Maybach 62 S

luxury car

How to Get Rich

You can get even get rich by walking. You can lead a group walking as a tour guide or doing tai chi in the park or being a personal trainer for rich clients. In other words, you are paid for exercising when your doctor will tell you to exercise and then stick you with a bill that puts you in the hospital.

Be sure to send royalties to Toni Roman for giving you this idea (or deal with the karma).

How to Get Rich

There are jobs that pay one for doing nothing. These do not include being a trust fund baby who collects millions for being born to a billionaire. That is not job. "Child" or "heir" is not a job. Giving that child a job at the family-owned company with no duties (because most rich kids are incompetent at anything except going to parties) is, however, a job. Likewise, collecting a welfare check or a corporate welfare check is not a job. Read the next section for more information.

Paid to do nothing

Can you actually get paid to do nothing? Yes and no.

No: If a link says the internet will help you get paid to do nothing, then they probably want you to invest in some scam or to create a website or blog. Obviously, you should avoid scams like Forex. As for websites and blogs raining cash money dollars on you for nothing, not going to happen. If you are Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post (pay per click) or Michael Arrington of Techcrunch (advertising banners) or Timothy Sykes (affiliate sales) or Collis Taeed of Net Tuts Plus (membership area), then sure they are rich (Arianna is said to be a billionairess) but they worked hard to build and then maintain their websites and blogs. Really hard. Not too long ago, Arianna collapsed in her office and was lying in a pool of blood before someone found her and called the paramedics. Bloggers work hard if they expect to get paid. You better believe it.

Yes: Many people know someone who says that they are paid to show up to work but do nothing because the employer has no work for them but needs their availability and it literally costs too much money to recruit, hire, and train new people who might leave anyway. Some jobs are sheer boredom ninety-nine percent of the time but have one percent of sheer panic or terror. For example, there are front-line combat soldiers or night-watchmen (who occasionally come upon crime in progress). Then there is the cynic's view. Most US presidents enter office with dark hair and leave office with gray hair. According to statistics, George W. Bush took more vacation days than any other president but I cannot call the man lazy. He was the stupidest president (whole books of 'Bushisms' have been published, he mispronounced the word nuclear, and once confused Iraq and Iran) and he was the worst president (signed the Patriot Act to nullify the Bill of Rights) in history but he was far from being the laziest president. Here are some presidents who did nothing:

Ronald Reagan -- He napped during staff meetings and let his people do anything they wanted. Iran Contra was one result. The loss of transparent government was another. College students in California who experienced him as governor and a whole generation of Boomers knew what to expect when he was elected.

William Howard Taft -- So indolent that he got stuck in his White House bathtub because of his morbid obesity.

Calvin Coolidge -- Slept ten hours a day plus took afternoon naps. Nickname was Silent Cal. Perhaps the laziest president of all. [That said, considering that presidents both Republican and Democrat do nothing but allow a certain intelligence agency (The NSA) to run wild invading our privacy and destroying our freedom, perhaps we would be better off with a lazy president who did not sign bills authorizing more billions of dollars for these monsters. I would rather a president relax than go insane like Hitler who loved his Gestapo.]

Many forgettable presidents before Coolidge did the bare minimum -- they delivered the state of the union address because by law they have to do it. After campaigning hard for money to get elected, most members of Congress spend their time fund-raising for the re-election. On any given day (except when the Speaker of the House or their counterpart in the Senate holds a roll call), the chamber may be empty with only a C-SPAN camera watching a filibuster. If Congress wants a pay raise, they show up for that. The US Senate is called a millionaire's club for good reason. Moving from cynical politicians, other "jobs" that get pay for no work include "work" that is considered play by the rest of us.

1. ice cream taste tester -- At the big ice cream companies, some people have to taste the batches for quality control. The work comes in exercising off the pounds gained at places like Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Oberweis or Jeni's Splendid.

2. video game tester -- No joke. I have seen the job openings listed. Naturally, such positions fill quickly.

3. actor who specializes in playing crime victims (the newly dead) -- on shows like CSI or Law & Order

4. actor who specializes in playing accident and disaster victims (the still alive) -- Avoid TV shows and movies where you are expected to moan while you lay on your back all day long. Moaning is too much work!

5. egg donor -- another job where you just lie on your back

6. IT tech support -- The more incompetent you are, the more work you will have to do. The best IT people do not create work for themselves or for anyone else. With no complaints from users, you are less likely to be fired for sitting around watching blinking lights.

7. industrial maintenance -- The best industrial maintenance people do preventive maintenance during the annual shutdown. The rest of the time they play solitaire or sleep in between watching for the predictive maintenance software to alert them of possible problems. Fix little problems while they are still little and there will never be big problems, angry bosses nor termination of employment. You may do little or no work but if you are competent and expert at this job, then that is the way it should be.

Most employees have to work hard and professionals in independent practice also have to work hard. Investors are self-employed and since the "work" consists of picking investments and then waiting sometimes years for payoff, this is hardly what most would consider hard work. In the investment field, the hard work is where you invest for others. Examples are portfolio managers, fund managers, and investment bankers. Investment bankers work on average ninety to one hundred hours per week. The workaholics amongst them work up to one hundred twenty hours per week, at least during projects and big deals. With work days that exceed eighteen hours, there will be no long commutes from Connecticut, upstate or Jersey. They will live in Manhattan so that they get some sleep in a bed instead of on a train with pickpockets and gropers. Some prop themselves up with more than caffeine. Little wonder that the whole country is full of ex-Wall Street types who retired or burned out and who delude themselves into thinking that since they made all that mad money that they are competent to do anything else. Predictably they flock to venture capital firms where they can further screw up capitalism and destroy the dreams of entrepreneurs. Investment bankers work hard but their work is of dubious value. Like lawyers.

Speaking of which, some partners and some Supreme Court justices do little other than assign work to law clerks who do the actual work. The partners' "work" consists of counting the money and justices on the Roberts Court pretend to listen to the advocates of individual rights and then screw Americans out of their rights by giving the rights away to fictitious "persons" called corporations. Welcome to the real America.

I suspect that a lot of the so-called debate between conservatives and liberals consists of each suspecting that the other is getting away with no work. Those welfare cheats. Those corporate welfare cheats. Safety. That has to be make-work. Workers with lost arms, legs, eyes and hearing must be faking it. Pollution. Another fake issue. No one but sissies need to breathe air, drink water or eat food without poison in it. Look at the Chinese. Their economy is doing just fine and they can see their air, their water is orange, and their food is . . . well, Chinese. The Chinese will eat anything. Never mind why so many Chinese have the world's largest tumors.

Once total automation comes and Watson is our master, the only work we will have to do is pick up unemployment checks until the machines assign us caskets in which to lie down and enter eternal repose or assign us crematoria -- which would further pollute the air. So we wait for the singularity to upload our minds onto "the cloud" (electronic oblivion) and assimilate (meaning chop off limbs, replace them with metal, and implant mind control) us all into the Borg collective. We become gadgets.

Actually, it has already happened for some young. You take their gadgets from them and they suffer physical withdrawal symptoms. Might as well take the Black & Decker and drill a hole into their ear to make the Bluetooth a cochlear implant. Might as well super-glue the cell to the palm of their hand.

We should not criticize the Millennials for expecting their first job to be play instead of work since they were raised being given everything. For the rest of us, the reality is that jobs, professions and investing have their drawbacks. Warren Buffet is an investor and he worked hard and still does. If you want to be paid to do nothing, then start a business. Once it is successful, either turn it over to professional managers and then do nothing but count money or sell it and then do nothing but count money.

Or hire an accountant to count your money for you.


The photo of the Bush presidential dynasty and Americans floating in the streets of New Orleans is by Matthew Hoelscher (tiswango) and is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

Get paid to look busy

Multi-tasking and a messy desk are but two of dozens of ways to look busy.

Certain companies will actually pay you to look busy.

1. They were forced to hire you because you are the boss's incompetent child. When the boss or other group comes through on a tour, someone nudges you to wake up and look busy.

2. There were forced to hire a token white or token black or token male or token female to get the lawyers or regulators or PR people off their back. They are racist or sexist to the core and so the token hired is not trusted to do anything important. They are there for window dressing only.

3. They are scammers who have a dummy operation going to bilk investors or consumers or the government. The US Department of Defense in particular is a soft touch with addled brains or aerospace giants would not be so padded with do-nothing people.

4. Incredibly, there exist ethical and moral companies that pay workers to look busy. The best example of this is where they are actually paying for your availability in situations where you are on call for emergencies or high-priority clients. You can sleep, read, play games on your computer, take breaks, whatever. But when that call comes in, you better be on it because people could die (paramedics and firefighters for example) or billions of dollars could be lost otherwise.

[A counter example is a lifeguard who gets paid to look but who looks very un-busy. Trust me, they are looking for shark fins and thrashing in the water. If someone dies on their watch, then they could be fired and sued —― after being cussed out by their boss and the boss's boss.]

5. A personal assistant (PA) may be hired by an up and coming star who is intimidated by other stars with huge entourages. They might be able to afford one PA but can't really keep them busy because their phone is not busy due to poor booking agent. So when you hear about the trials and tribulations of personal assistants, some of that is the result of a star with their first flush of success and they have got the PA walking a dog that they should not have in the first place and running out for pizza when there is delivery and other make-work by a star with a weak ego and neuroses.

How to Get Rich

You can even be paid just to exist.

Okay, there is more to it than that . . .

Get paid to be rich

I have had second thoughts about adding this section. Like conservatives, if one has a stake in the status quo, then one can justify getting super rich while the middle class is destroyed. One can always count on the mindless lower class to support the policies that make them even poorer because if the poor had any sense about money, then they would not be poor in the first place. Do not get lower class confused with blue collar. Many blue collar workers both skilled trades (think master plumber and master electrician) as well as the high wage per hour unions, have annual incomes that exceed that of starvation wage white collar workers.

The wage slaves at the low end per hour and the small salary slaves are seeing their conditions worsen each year and they feel fortunate in the years where they can tread water without sinking. So this is how the other ninety-nine (99%) percent lives. Liberals want change. Some want change so that their industry (generally a new industry and not one of the death industries like war, destruction of forests, paving over the Earth, pollution, alcohol, nicotine, other drugs, oil, coal, nuclear, et cetera.) can grow and their company can prosper. Some want change so that their job is not subject to lay-offs. Some want change so that they don't lose their mortgage. Some want change because they are tired of high energy prices. Some worry about their children and grandchildren and they know that the fiends in Washington will kill the whole planet and kill the whole human race to avoid anything that might adversely affect the oil industry or the coal industry.

So you have evil on one side and inability to organise on the other side. It is not as simple as vote with your wallet or your purse because if you own oil or coal stocks, then you vote Republican. If you own stocks that are alternatives to fossil and fission, then you vote Democratic and then you get hopping mad that Washington seems to accelerate climate change rather than reverse it. The media portrays the right wing nuts as the angriest people with the busiest use of firearms to kill liberals. However, from my analysis, I have to wonder why those left of centre do not go berserk and impeach every politician and judge and remove all of them from office. They don't even watch movies about revolution after the NSA revelations -- much less any of the colourful inspirations from American history (even less French or Russian or Chinese history where the aristocrats ceased to exist). I do think that conservatives over-estimate the capacity of Americans to suffer when they call us "sheep-ple". If Americans had the ability to sacrifice, then we would have dealt with climate change by simply ending and outlawing the fossil and fission industries and made it mandatory and compulsory to switch to non-carbon non-uranium non-plutonium alternatives. We would now be the richest and most technologically advanced nation on Earth instead of a limping economy and a population that calls the president the N-word behind his back and everything but calls him that to his face. A whole hate industry exists fed by people with nothing better to do than fight the president even when he pitches Conservative Republican ideas to Conservative Republicans (who, all of a sudden, do not recognize their own ideas).

There is no "danger" of America doing what it should have done twenty years ago and outlawed the fossil and fission industries. Even if it did happen, the fossil and fission industries would have brought it on themselves by refusing to do even the bare minimum the rest of society has a right to expect. The president is seen as weak and therefore an easy target. This is another indictment of the low character of the American people who mistake manners for weaknesses. If he bullied the American people with the Department of Homeland Security like his predecessor Dubya, then you would hear almost no criticism of the president. Yet another indictment of the low character of the American people.

Am I pushing the president to use his authority under the Patriot Act and round up the Republicans and execute them all? Heaven forbid! Democrats would be next (no great loss either). Finally, independent moderates like me would be last to face the firing squad. Being a student of history, I do not smirk when my enemies get the guillotine because there but for the grace of God go I. No, what I am pushing for is the repeal of the Patriot Act and the abolishment of the NSA (the IRS too while you are at it) and the breakup of the DHS. Then I would finally breathe easier that my government was less likely to kill me or spy on me.

The justification for the loss of our privacy and freedom is foreign devils. I do not give a flip about the foreigners and their desire to go back to feudalism and the Dark Ages. If their women cannot pick up a knife and make their men sing falsetto for abusing them, then I can hardly side with feminists in that benighted part of the world. If they stand for abuse from their men in a part of the world where machine guns are readily available, then I say let them and bring our troops home. Let them fight it out amongst themselves. I really don't care. The women there are forced to wear black (a color that absorbs heat) from head to toe and thereby suffocate in one of the hottest and sunniest parts of the world. Seeing as to how they can hide explosive vests under those burka, can they not hide weapons to protect themselves from their men? Granted that there is a lot of physical abuse of women in the USA but at least men in Western countries know that if they push the women too far, then they might perish in a burning bed or suffer one of the other things that I have referred to above.

But enough analysing a society where you can get paid to be rich. For now, it is sufficient to know that whether it is morally or ethically right or wrong, we live in a country (USA, Australia and a few other Western nations) where you can legally get paid to be rich. The poor get welfare. The rich get social welfare. Even corporations get corporate welfare.

As Yakov Smirnoff used to say: "What a country!!!"

By the way, Professor Smirnoff now teaches at two universities, he is a painter and he owns a theater in Branson, Missouri.

Get paid to be nice

Perhaps we should not have to be paid to be nice. Perhaps we should be nice simply because being nice makes the world a better place and because when you smile, people smile back.

Most jobs both private and public sector that involve contact with people have being nice as part of the job description in so many words. From the chief executive to the bottom, if you are nasty to people, then you could be fired. Even if you have no boss, then being nasty could lose you customers and clients. So getting paid to be nice is not just Walmart meeter-greeters, flight attendants and customer service representatives, it is pretty much all jobs.

Get paid to be nice

Get paid to be bored

Actually, I could not find any job where the employer pays people to be bored. Boredom is just one person's reaction to a job. The most exciting job for one person could be totally boring to another person. Our society is just terminally bad at matching the right personality to the appropriate opening. Moreover, since boredom is an internal mental state, it is hard to tell if a person is bored or faking being bored.

I can however conceive that any scientists studying boredom could pay medical volunteers to be bored and psychologists and brain researchers know a few things about determining internal mental states. In college, I chose boredom as my research topic for one course. My professor joked that it was a boring study. It has applications though. A bored person will fall asleep just as the plane is about to collide with another plane. That's why air traffic controllers should get free coffee.

Get paid to learn

Full scholarships and grants pay you to learn. Being a student is not a job in the conventional sense but you can think of it that way but just don't think of school as drudgery or you will ruin the whole experience for yourself.

_EVERY_ conventional job is or has the potential to be a way to get paid to learn. It is called on-the-job training or OJT. In addition, many bosses will have the company or government pay for you to go back to college to learn skills that the company or government department values. They see this as cheaper than having a trainer come in and charging them a lot. If this were not already great, many companies, government departments, school districts, and universities give you an automatic pay raise when you complete your course or obtain a new degree.

Caution: If you do not learn as evidenced by good grades or obtaining a certificate or diploma. they may have fine print or legalese that says that you have to pay back 100% which they can either take out of your salary or sue you to recover. This is rare in the case of scholarships and grants but it can happen. So don't pretend to learn. Actually learn. As for reimbursement plans, if you are a pretender, then they they simply do not reimburse you.

Warning: If you come upon a company that charges you to learn or receive training, then run. They are a scam. They will take your money instead of paying you to learn. And if you pay them instead of them paying you, then likely you will never learn the most important lesson -- get paid to learn.

Do affirmations for prosperity work?

See results

Get Rich Quick - Rich defined as four to ten million US dollars. Quick defined as less than ten years.

1. Most (meaning all) get rich quick schemes are scams. "Systems" and MLM and network marketing are usually pyramid schemes and some are illegal.

2. Study the top ten companies on the Inc. 500 list for this year. Start a fast growth company. This is the best way to get rich quick. If you need assistance, then contact me and ask me to put you in touch with someone who can help you get started.

3. Forget the lotto. It is a waste of money. Your odds of winning are slim to none. And playing the lotto cultivates bad mental habits (like gambling and magical thinking) that will hamper your making money.

4. Forget inheriting money to make you rich overnight unless you can arrange retroactively to be the sole heir of billionaire who is on his or her deathbed.

5. Day trading. If you can figure out a way to minimize the brokerage fees for trading and you get very good, this actually might work. However, the day traders I know are losers. Elsewhere in the investment world are billionaire investors like Warren Buffett and George Soros. They got to be billionaires over decades. That is not fast.

6. Real estate. This used to be a reliable way but times are changing. Almost anyone can become a millionaire in less than two years. If you are middle class and own rather than rent, then your estate totaled up may already be above one million dollars when you count your house and insurance. Pay off the mortgage, cut up the credit cards, become a tightwad, get on a miser's budget, clip coupons, brown bag it or bring a lunch box to work, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, stop spending, invest, set up an IRA, take advantage of employer matching funds in your 401K, sell unused stuff on eBay, get a raise at work, trade your expensive gas guzzler for an economy car (an all electric), and fix up your house into a McMansion (if it is not already) to raise its resale value. Sell the house. Voila! You are a millionaire. If you have been paying attention, then you already know how to turn that million into ten million. What the real estate gurus may not tell you is that your neighbors may ruin your property values, your fixer upper may be a money pit, the IRS will take a bite, the bank may foreclose (or worse, they may have sold your mortgage to sharks), gas prices may break your back (I did tell you to drive an electric), and you may be laid off from work or lose all your clients. The real estate seminars also do not talk about your expensive drug habit or your cash draining children. A working spouse can help you achieve a better lifestyle but squirting out lots of children will lower your standard of living. Sure, we have heard these stories of big families with ten kids who all went to college and success and came back and bought their parents a house. [In these stories, please note how the parents are dependent on the largesse of their children and are probably in failing health as well as failing to achieve wealth.]

7. Marry a rich person. This generally does not work out well for men but for gold-digging women maybe. However, it will take time to find a multimillionaire and then more time to seduce him with no guarantee that he will marry you. He might find and marry a rich woman and kick poor girls like you to the curb. Also it is still his money not yours. Only fools don't require a prenuptial agreement. If you say something stupid like: it is "not romantic", then you just announced to the world your true intentions. If he marries you without a prenuptial, then he is a fool and fools and their money are soon parted. Forget celebrity TV. In the real world of anonymous real money, old rich families will lose their attack dogs on you. We aren't just talking canines, we are talking lawyers.

8. Become a star athlete or star entertainer. Again, forget celebrity TV. It took Michael Jordan years of practice and it took Whitney years of doing other things before we knew her as a singer. Injuries can end a career faster than it started. Drug addictions also take their toll. Lawsuits fly because you are a magnet for gold-diggers, bad agents, bad managers, and bad investment schemes. In racing and other dangerous sports, you can get killed. In some areas of music, you can be shot. And you don't even want to know what happens to struggling actors, dancers, and child models. Back in the Nineteen Fifties, writers were paid less than a penny per word or a couple of dollars for an article. Margaret Mitchell got only a few thousand for Gone With The Wind book royalties and film rights. Most writers contine to receive pennies (literally) and not the billions that JK Rowling has earned.

9. Win a lawsuit. Get a reputation as being litigious. That means lawsuit-happy. Judges know who you are. If you can predetermine the outcome of a court case, then you could end up in prison for jury tampering or bribing a judge. If you cannot predetermine the outcome, then you have to pay your lawyer anyway and you are that much poorer. Also, thanks to Republicans and ALEC, there are caps. The government or corporations can screw you and you will be lucky to escape with your life.

10. Invent something. Edison was in another age. Name one modern inventor. They exist but they are rare. Inventors get screwed. Even when you invent something great, it will be stolen, reversed engineered, and big companies that own thousands of patents will sue you because they have something similar.

Of the different ways on this list, only number two above is fast. No reliable way that I know of will get you rich within 24 hours and even in those claims, years of preparation went into the "overnight" success.

How to get rich quick legally

Not flashy. Just a lecture. But good advice and some motivation.

Ways to Get Filthy Rich and Still Smell Like a Rose - (you'll even be able to look in the mirror)

1. Start a business helping home owners become energy independent. You are being patriotic. You are saving money. You are undermining the economic basis for the NSA's shaky rationale for invading your privacy. You are saving our boys and girls from dying on some foreign soil for oil. You are undermining terrorism and the fossil/fission industry (the most corrupt one of all). Let's face it. Terrorists and oil executives are hard to tell apart. Bin Laden was a billionaire and oil companies have been known to hire goons to kill people. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. So home energy independence is a win-win-win proposition.

2. Start a NewSpace company. You are helping ease overpopulation without holocausts, purges, killing fields, dirty wars, genocide, or ethnic cleansing. You are undermining war because tourism in general and space tourism in particular is a peace industry. You are providing jobs. You are giving the next generation of young people hope that the future is not terminators, thermonuclear war, climate change, being turned into the Borg, and the post-Apocalyptic nightmare that they feared was their lot. You are part of the human adventure! And you get rich on top of all that.

3. Start a company whose business is solutions that stop air pollution. Clean lungs, less asthma and profit.

4. Start a company whose business is solutions that stop water pollution. Clean water at a time when cities and states are fighting over fresh water sources and nations have to invest in desalination plants because of droughts and polluted rivers and lakes. Demand for your products and services is almost guaranteed. Perhaps you can figure out a way to clean the oceans and make a profit at it. Perhaps one day seafood and fish will be safe to eat.

5. Start a company whose business is solutions that stop land pollution. Less chemicals on crops, less fracking, less toxic waste pumped into groundwater and aquifers, and fewer landfills leaching into that groundwater and those aquifers. Less cancer from food crops grown in toxic dirt and meat from livestock eating toxic feed. Organic food will someday be cheaper than chemically poisoned food and genetically modified food. Whichever company figures out the economics of this will make the most money.

6. Start a company that uses a business model that does not depend on advertising. Billboards and ads are everywhere and no one likes them.

7. Start a company that sells privacy products and services to protect yourself from the NSA. Even if the government and Big Data said that they would stop invading your privacy, you'd know they were lying and just being more secretive about violating your rights.

8. Start an urban farm because city people are demanding local food and you can't get more local than growing food next door.

9. Start an underground construction company. Grow lawn and trees on the roofs of homes and towers. Put freeways underground. Build better storm sewers that don't discharge into rivers and poison and infect drinking water. Put power lines underground. Put everything underground. Energy costs will drive this trend. Extreme weather will drive this trend. Security will drive this trend. Better education will drive this trend as we understand that coasts and flood plains have high water tables. "Developers" call what they do to woodland and forest "improvement" -- as if they could improve on God's handiwork. Destruction of land is the past. Underground construction and green construction is the future.

10. Figure out how to make money from declining population instead of whining about it. Declining population means higher standard of living. It means AI and automation. It means free robot labor. It means new educational methods as we train people to supervise machines and manage machines. It means replacing overpaid CEO's with unpaid robots. It means throwing out the book on everything we thought we knew about running a democracy. Who needs Congress when we can represent ourselves better? Who needs the Electoral College? Who needs the current duopoly of Republicans and Democrats? It means a new emphasis on social IQ and emotional IQ. It means that the internet is obsolete because people relate to people—not machines. It means the Laws of Robotics. It means that kids as well as adults thought that the educational system prepared them for the real world by throwing tablets at them and making everyone log on to the internet. That is yesterday. Philosophy will be in big demand in the universities. All this because the advanced nations have educated healthy women who are tired of being baby factories. Men in third world countries sense that they are obsolete and so they fight better health and education for girls. Remember Malala? The Taliban and other sexist men are roadkill because they cannot adjust to the future. Perhaps there is money to be made in educating boys who do not want to be obsolete. Perhaps men might appreciate adult education about their reproductive choices, their health choices, their career choices, new industries (I have listed a few), philosophy, AI management, and the future of the human race in space. The other choice is to become obsolete and die.

[If you don't understand #10, then read the section titled: "men are Obsolete" to jolt you out of your complacency. I am not anti-male nor am I a man-hating lesbian. What I am is a capitalist who sees profit in NPG negative population growth.]

Sustainability economics is a step in the right direction. Waste is a step toward bankruptcy. Pollution of any kind and extracting carbon and uranium from the ground is the biggest waste of all. History will prove me right if environmental accounting does not prove me right first.


logo credit: Trifon1988

GNU Free Documentation License

The only people who will have children are those that can afford the reproductive clinic fees or the people who occupy the lower classes. Only loser men with nothing to lose will be the sperm donors. There's no child support from these guys.

— Struth

Women Are Obsolete!!! - or maybe humans are obsolete

We have a robotics industry that wants to make robots more human and transhumanists who want to make humans more robotic. This is just before they upload us all into the group mind (the cloud) and we dissolve into the singularity -- which will promptly crash.

Poor communists think capitalism is bad

Rich communists laugh at such twaddle and laugh all the way to the bank. Communist parties in Russia, China and elsewhere were and remain just a type of organized crime.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a Russian coworker in a multinational firm. I asked him how in a nation in which even the leaders made only a few thousand dollars a year could people make these purchases. He replied because they had money because they were former members of the crime syndicate. When I expressed curiosity as to what that was he said "Of course it was known then as the Communist Party."

— tom1295

If you use a Big Bank, you deserve to be treated like crap

Editor's Note -- The title says it all: "If you use a Big Bank, you deserve to be treated like crap."

My Personal Story of Prosperity

A lens called "my Big dream" details my dream to start a business. I sometimes wonder if being a writer and being a businessperson are incompatible or call upon opposite aspects of one's personality. However, business people do write books but mostly after they become rich rather before. A notable exception to this rule is JK Rowling who is worth over one Billion dollars (in British pounds or Euros).

I have learned that one needs a product or service in order to get started. Next one needs customers. As long as you keep those customers happy, then they will tell others and you will get more customers. I have posted a link which says that Big Business does the opposite (deliberately makes service worse and customers unhappy) and gets bigger. The writer of that article says that customers have no one to blame but themselves if they are not happy. I have no plans to abuse customers because I cannot do business that way.

In the prosperity module of this lens, I outline five ways to get rich. Personally, ability to sell is not one of my strengths. I am however a pretty good investor. I chose starting a company as my path to prosperity because it makes the most sense to me and it is where my passion lies. I have a college education and some graduate school but I was never going to make it working for someone else and working my way up a corporate ladder and then bash my head on a glass ceiling when I am old and grey. No thanks.

God has been good to me but the best is yet to come and I see signs of Providence everywhere these days.

Tell me what you'd like me to add to this lens.

Healthy Requests

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