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Guide to Space Careers

Updated on March 22, 2014

Guide to Space Careers

A manual for finding work out there to support yourself, your family and have a heavenly good time.

Employment on the High Frontier has got to be the greatest thrill ride ever. Having fun and they are paying you to have fun? It does not get any better than this!

Editor's Note-- Until now, this lens has just been for adults in mid-career but now I am adding sections for older workers seeking a second career in space and children doing more than dreaming about working in space -- they are preparing for it. I also added a section for particularly disadvantaged minorities such as Native Americans. Women-owned space companies and Hispanic-owned space companies are fairly common but even aside from them, I have not heard of grievous discrimination in NewSpace companies. Therefore, I have no plans to add a women's or Hispanic section.

Aerospace, on the other hand, is still an old boys network, which you would kind of expect in an industry devoted to military systems designed to kill humans. African-American or black owned space companies are rare but they do exist. Therefore I plan to concentrate on hunting for Native-American space opportunities since in my humble opinion, they would most benefit from a friendly helping hand.

Seniors are over-represented at NASA while young people are over-represented at NewSpace companies. Some faces at NewSpace companies are not out of their teens. NewSpace is also quite welcoming to people with gray hair who have good ideas.

Things are easing up a bit on the whole foreign national right to work front. Americans work overseas at space companies and non-Americans work at American space companies. Expect it to hit the fan though if a Chinese spy is ever caught stealing American space technology.


Please like this lens. Thank you.

space jobs and space employment

almost 69 percent is commercial (nongovernmental)

Generally, when you bring up the subject of space jobs, people immediately think of Florida, and maybe Houston. Engineers think of Huntsville Alabama. But pickings are slim along the Florida Space Coast near Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center and -- let's face it -- NASA is really a jobs program for people who cannot find honest work. I love space. Look at my lenses if you doubt that but NASA would never hire me and wouldn't know how to utilize my talents if their lives depended on it (and they do).

Military people think of Colorado Springs as the place to go because NORAD and Army Space Command and Air Force Space Command were there. Navy Space Command was elsewhere.

Smarter people know that Australia is a place to look for space jobs and the Brits (though they have yet to really get into manned space aside from Sir Richard Branson) also have a keen interest in space. In the UK however, the hot space field is space finance hence London and the Isle of Man are places for financial professionals seeking to cash in on space -- and perhaps justify a few trips to space to look over space investments.

The smartest people know that all those software and internet companies drowning in billions are looking around for new opportunities and that means space. This is why many quiet space projects are headquartered out of Seattle. A well kept secret is that little towns like Redwood California and Mojave California are hotbeds of NewSpace entrepreneurs. Insert sound of cash register.

note the fine print after the asterisk

WTF! Going into space is the only reason people would apply for a job like this.


many space jobs are overseas

space jobs in the UK

space science

Space Job Center

a lot of women in the space field

random listings of space jobs

Editor's notes --

Use the Toni Roman contact hyperlink if you want me to list a career opportunity that my bots and agents have missed. I can input it manually.


Student Internships

Editor's Note -- SpaceX has internships but you have to scroll down or search the link above to find them.


A public listing of available National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) openings.

space community

There are dozens of organizations to join.

Useful ones if you are serious about a space career are:

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) -- for engineers

American Astronautical Society -- membership looks nice on resume

Space Frontier Foundation -- this is the one to join if you want to actually go yourself rather than send a robot proxy; it is skewed toward people starting the companies that will take you there

Space Angels Network -- this is for financial angels interested in backing space entrepreneurs but they let in venture capitalists and investment bankers [several groups in years past started specifically for space venture capitalists or for space investment bankers went defunct]

International Association of Space Entrepreneurs -- space consultants and others offering services to space entrepreneurs but few or no actual space entrepreneurs themselves

avoid membership in groups set up primarily to be NASA cheer leading squads

Go to LinkedIn, register, join space job groups, and read before you participate so that you will not sound like an idiot. Read some books on space. Take some classes or courses on space. Read my space-related lenses.


space classifieds

Native American space opportunities - (and some inspiration and some humor)

Editor's Note -- Since everyone knows that the budget axe falls on programs like these first, I will have to keep looking for more opportunities to replace them as fast as I hear of dead links. I would appreciate any help.

Career Choices

There are two types of careers that you can choose:

1. careers that won't make much of a difference in the vast scheme of things and

2. careers that will make a huge difference.

Careers that will save the planet:

1. environmental police such as the EPA

2. prosecutors who go after major polluters

3. legislators who draft and get passed tougher laws against polluters

4. presidents who will enforce current anti-pollution laws and encourage legislators to pass even tougher laws

5. judges who will show no sympathy and no mercy for polluting companies

Careers that will change the direction of the human race and nudge it toward a supercivilization

1. hyperluminal physicist

2. hyperluminal propulsion engineer

3. hyperluminal propulsion inventor

4. immortality researcher

Careers that will take some of the stress off Mother Earth:

1. terraformer

2. designer of lower cost to orbit transportation

3. leader of effective campaign to lower world population nonviolently

4. teachers of girls in developing countries

Describe what you are looking for, post a cover letter, even a short resume. Take advantage of this section.

It just so happens that I just joined a recruiters network (for my own company) and I will tell corporate recruiters to visit this lens regularly to see what you have posted. So take advantage of this opportunity.

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Space Positions Wanted

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