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H1B Visa – Requirements, FAQ and Tips

Updated on January 18, 2011

H1B Visa – Requirements, FAQ and Tips

Looking for H1B Visa? Here is a guide to let you know all about the H1B visa – the process, eligibility, FAQs, sponsorship information and more!

What is H1B Visa?

H1B Visa is a type of non–immigrant Visa that can be sponsored by an employer in US and that which authorizes a foreign worker to work in Unites States for 6 years. An extension for the H1B visa for one more year can be applied.

H1B Visa comes under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H). If the employee who is under H1b visa quits the company of the sponsoring employer or is dismissed, then he/she will have to either apply and get another non-immigrant Visa or leave United States.

You should have completed graduation that is equivalent to an US bachelor degree to be eligible for H1B visa.

Can you as an individual apply for H1B visa?

No, H1B Visa can be sponsored only by your employer. The cycle starts with finding an actual employer who will sponsor H1B visa for you. You will have to be currently working in a job which offers H1B sponsorship. Once the application that was sent by your employer on behalf of you gets approved, you will be eligible to move to United States.

Can you get H1B visa for any profession?

H1B Visa is issued only to the professionals in certain fields. They are Information technology professionals, Healthcare employees, medical professionals (doctors, surgeons and nurses), architects, financial analysts, professors & teachers and engineering professionals.

H1B Visas for certain professions like doctors and lawyers also require you to have obtained a license.

Does the H1B visa cover the immigration for the employee’s spouse and children?

Your H1B visa entitles your spouse and children to get a H4 visa and migrate to United States. Your children can be up to the age 21.

However, your dependents who are under H4 visa cannot work in United States unless they get H1B visa for themselves.

Should the field of my education or current job match the job that I will be working for the sponsoring employer?

Yes. You cannot be sponsored for H1B visa for a job that  is not related to your work experience or your educational qualification. If you are working as an accountant in India, your current employer cannot sponsor you for a software developer profession in United States.

Here are some other useful facts about H1B Visa

Ø An h1b holder can only work for the sponsoring employer and his job responsibilities can include only those duties which are described in the visa petition

Ø An h1b visa holder can be on vacation, on sick/maternity leave or work part time for the employer during his/her stay in United States as long as the work relationship with the employer exists.

Ø The employee under H1B is allowed to travel outside United States and reenter during the Visa period.

Ø H1B holders can apply for green card and if approved, they will be able to permanently stay and work in Unites States.

Ø 65,000 H1B visas in total can be filed every year in the United States. Also, an additional 20,000 are available for people who have graduated from any US institution

Find H1B sponsorship for Technology jobs This is a technology job portal which has thousands of registered recruiters from IT staffing companies who sponsor H1B Visa. It also has a direct submit option to submit your resumes directly to thousands of potential employers who offer H1B sponsorship.


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    • profile image

      Hazel ickes 

      6 years ago

      Nice hub..A good one to be read while one begins the process of applying for H1B.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      a very informative hub! great work!


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