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Hair Salon Forms

Updated on October 1, 2014

Hair Salon Forms Guide - What You Need To Know

Hair salon forms help run a salon much more efficiently which provides your clients with a better overall experience.

When you are running a hair salon, there is a great deal of paperwork which can help streamline the processes, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here is what you can do to help yourself.

There are many forms that you can use to operate a hair salon for increasing efficiency. These will help make it easier for you to run the salon. You may not need all of them - but it is easy to figure out which ones will be of help to you.

Hair Salon Forms Part 1: For Clients

The client questionnaire - If you have a set questionnaire for clients, as to what they expect from their hair style, coloring, maintenance of hair and the like, the client will feel he or she is going to get good work done. A feedback form for the client after the work is over will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of employees and also give you a better idea of what clients expect.

The appointment book - you should (or have the manager do it) note down all the scheduled appointments, and assign somebody to do the work. If the client requests somebody particular, make sure that it is done. Phone numbers of clients should be added in case you need to contact them.

Operating hours - as these may be seasonal, make sure that your timings are listed according to the schedule of the salon and keep one copy near the phone and another in the shop window, so that people can read it easily.

Hair Stylist
Hair Stylist

Hair Salon Forms Part 2: For Staff

Staff contact numbers - keep all the staff contact numbers handy on paper.

Evaluation forms - These are useful for having on paper how your employees are doing in their work environment and whether they can improve. You can have a box or column for the employees to rate themselves and compare this with your own ratings. This helps in instilling discipline in the workers.

Policy form - you should set out clearly the rules of your salon. This will also help the employees follow the rules and you will have a paper trail in case there are any problems. You should also state what happens in case of policy violations.

Work schedule - When you have a number of staff members, it helps to delegate the work and have a written schedule. For instance all the equipment in the salon needs to be cleaned and maintained for good performance. There are many machines and appliances used in a salon and unless these are cleaned regularly there are greater chances of malfunction. The salon premises also need to be kept clean as do usable items like brushes, combs, various kits and the like. Apart from maintaining hygiene levels in the salon, this also gives staff members something to do when they have no clients to attend to.

Some work will be done daily, some weekly and some monthly. So if you have a schedule written down, as the work is done, the employee can tick mark it. You can use a custom schedule form or make your own and it sometimes helps if something else works better.

Holiday and leave hair salon forms - this helps employees as well as owners and managers keep track of staff going on one day breaks or longer holidays.

Hair Salon Forms Part 3: For The Salon

Product and appliance suppliers - Salon forms include a a list of all the service centers and people you may need to contact in case you have to order products or if anything stops working or needs work. The list should encompass all major suppliers of appliances and gadgets used in the salon including spray tan booths, infrared body wrap, hair dryers and other electrical equipment, chairs, air-conditioners and more.

The numbers could be local or national and there should be some emergency contact numbers included. You should also have a list of suppliers of the products used, so if you run out, you can call for more.

Inventory - a hair salon uses numerous products and it is important to have an inventory check on a regular basis so that you do not run short. These can range from shampoos, conditioners, hair repair products, hair-setting products, various hair colors and highlighters, creams, gels, sprays and include gloves, aprons, linen and towels.

Work place inventory - these are items that you need to keep your place running. These include items like toilet paper, facial tissues, detergents, cleaners and other office supplies including stationery.

Hair Salon Forms Part 4: Efficient Operations

Daily opening checklist - if everything is spelled out in black and white, it helps any employee follow the instructions, in case something goes wrong. The staff member who is in charge of this should be coming in a little prior to the opening of the salon and seeing that everything is as it should be.

Daily closing checklist - The person who is responsible for closing down the salon must also see that everything is back in its place and that the salon is as neat, tidy, and clean as it was when it opened.

Billing and cash - a price list helps in the billing process and if you have some petty cash, it helps in emergencies and some clients prefer to use cash. If staff members take cash out, they should be responsible and accountable for it.

All these lists will help you operate your hair salon in a more professional manner and there is lesser likelihood of anything going wrong.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is so helpful to have these suggestions all in one place. I'm opening a hair salon in a month and I'll be implementing all of these. Check out my lenses if you're interested in finding out more about the blow dry bar.


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