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Hate Your Job Then Change Your Career

Updated on March 29, 2014

6 Steps to Change Your Life and Find the Job/Career That You Love

  1. First-Analyze your financial needs
  2. Second-Take free career assessments
  3. Third-Do research on your career field of interest
  4. Fourth-Study and learn your new career field
  5. Fifth-Join associations and attend events
  6. Sixth-Professional resume creation

CBS MoneyWatch revealed:

84% of workers want to leave their jobs

Do you hate your job?

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Do you hate your job? Do you want a better career opportunity? Do you want to embark on a career that makes you happy? Do you want a change? It is time for a career change. You are the captain of the ship of your life and you must pursue that life you want with determination, focus, and the desire to obtain the life you want.

Be inspired and tireless in your pursuit of a career that fits your interest, curiosity, and skill set.

Spending your life being stressed, overworked, and unhappy on a daily basis is not the way to spend 8-10 hours of your day.

How do you know it's time to rethink the job that you have?

The signs:

You complain about your job all the time to family and friends

You experience chest pains from stress

You almost become physically ill when the weekend comes to an end

You can not stay in the moment as you are always doing a count down till doomsday

You can't sleep well at night

You are bored and are not effective or efficient as you once were

You notice your physical health starting to decline

You are angry, agitated, and upset easily

You become negative in speech and thought

You stop connecting with co-workers and withdraw from conversations with others

Now is the time to take charge of your life! There are 6 Steps necessary to change your life.


Determine your finances and what amount of money you need to make in order to meet your obligations. Determine what industries interest you. Determine where you want to live if living elsewhere would allow you to experience better success. Start researching two fields that are best suited for you based on your interests, skills, and workplace environment desires.


Take free career assessments. Try to take tests that not only identify your interests but your personality as well.


Once you research and identify your interests then do research on the requirements, education, skills, and income for that career field. There are websites that provide a comprehensive overview of the job and daily work environment.

You can research the careers that interest you utilizing these two websites:

United States Department of

O*NET online


Determine your path by studying the field. Perhaps that is a low cost online class that can provide you with an introduction or overview of the career field(s) that interest you. If you can not afford to take classes go to Goodwill in a nice neighborhood as you will often find current college text books for $5-$10 that will provide you with knowledge about the career field of interest. You can also YouTube on your career field to learn from industry experts and individuals that are knowledgeable about your field(s) of interest.


Join associations and attend industry events in order to network with others in your field of interest. Networking in your career field will provide you with valuable job leads and provide you with the latest career trends.


Your resume is your selling point and if you are transitioning into a new career field, get help from resume writers. Seek assistance from professional resume writers with designations. Make sure to rear their reviews and check on better business bureau before paying for anything in order to make sure your investment helps you to get to the next level.

Life is too short to be miserable. Life is too short not to do something that you love. The world is waiting for you to use your gift and you deserve to be happy. Every day is a gift and you can not be your best person: husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, daughter/son, or effective member of society when you are stressed out and unhappy doing something that you do not love.

I hope this inspires you to revamp your life to chase your dreams.


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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 4 years ago from Philippines

      I love the practical, step by step approach to analyze whether or not you are ready for a career shift, and the advice and links you give to prepare you for the career of choice. You have all areas covered here, including your current financial situation to see if you are ready for a career shift. Very clearly written and well done. Incidentally, I was fired from 10 jobs before I realized I was meant to write.