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Health Coach as a new career

Updated on November 9, 2014

You can Become a Health Coach

Do you care about wellness and quality of life? So many people need to restore or maintain their health but do not know where to start. Physicians give out pills and "lose weight" advice without providing ongoing support and coaching. Here's where Health Coaches are meeting a huge underserved need.

To be a Health Coach you don't need a college degree or medical background. You do need to be coachable, willing to learn about health issues, model a wellness lifestyle and make a solid commitment to helping America get healthy, one person at a time.

In return you can coach part time or full time, it's up to you. Our team desperately needs more Health Coaches in several areas of the country. Tell me, are you ready to begin? Dr. KT Erwin, Certified Health Coach

Value of Health Coaching

I think the most important role of a Health Coach is

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Inspiring Work

Are you excited to get to work everyday? Does your job inspire you? Do you feel that you are appreciated personally and financially? If you say "no" to even one of these questions, then open your mind and heart to becoming a Health Coach.

As a Health Coach you have more than a job, you can guide people to restore or reach their personal best level of health. People who have given up and accepted illness as a way of life can be taught healthy habits that literally turns their lives around in a positive way. Can you imagine being part of a life change for your clients? I can say that I am inspired by each person who moves from overweight, exhaustion and unhealthy habits into the liberating life in motion. I have made that change so I know it can be done. I can train and mentor you as a Health Coach to do the same.

Do you want to go back to your cubicle and shuffle papers? What if you could earn income and still have time to attend your child's soccer game or take a long weekend break at the beach without begging for time off? Tell me, are you ready for the freedom to learn, share and become part of the health generation? If you answered, "YES", send your name, email and phone in the comments section. I will personally contact you and your information will remain private. If after a short conversation, you are ready for the inspiring work of Health Coaching, we will start your training. The health of America is declining rapidly. We need more trained Health Coaches. We need you.

Coaching on your terms

A health coach has the luxury of being in control of work hours, choosing clients and taking time for family events. Coaching kicks aside the limits of the 9-5 JOB, the uncooperative boss and the irritating co-workers. As a health coach, you decide when to work; part time or full time. For mothers with young children, retirees not ready to cease being active, underpaid teachers and workers fed up with "mandatory overtime", health coaching offers income that's directly related to your personal efforts to coach clients.

An added benefit of health coaching is the satisfaction of helping others lose weight, learn to enjoy exercise, restore health and discover how to live the life they can love. Imagine getting paid to help people make these important life changes. If you have that "can-do" spirit, willingness to learn and good communication skills, send me a message in COMMENTS to say; "Yes, I want to know more about becoming a Health Coach" Include your email or phone and I'll contact you with more information.

P.S. That's me taking the day off to enjoy Disneyworld with my granddaughter. Can you take a day off when you choose?

Is there a market for Health Coaching?

73 million people in the US are overweight to obese and that number is growing daily (no pun intended). Most of these people already have problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery blockage, sleep problems, joint pains and other medical issues made worse by excess weight. Medical studies have documented that weight loss is a major factor in diabetes management and high blood pressure. I'm living proof - after losing 70 pounds on this program in 5 1/2 months I've been free of blood pressure medication for almost 4 years!

Losing weight is liberating but keeping it off and reaching your best Health is the real winner. As a Health Coach, you are trained to guide clients through a safe, medically proven program for weight loss then teach them the simple steps to achieve lifelong wellness.

Your health coaching is instrumental in literally saving lives and improving life quality. And you are well paid.

Is there a market for Health Coaching - - YES! We need you right now.

Health Coaches vital role in health care

Weight loss is great for improving how you look and feel, yet most important of all, losing weight can save your life. Health Coaches are becoming a part of the individual health care team in promoting safe, medically sound weight loss and weight management.

Recent news called our attention to research studies showing the amazing benefit of weight loss in reducing risks of prostate and breast cancer. Women who lose weight after menopause can reduce their chances of developing breast cancer by 57% compared with women who gain weight after menopause. This study by Harvard Medical School published in Journal of the American Medical Association has good news for women near or in menopause - it is not too late to lose weight and reduce breast cancer risk.

Men can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by losing weight. An American Cancer Society study of 70,000 men from 1982 to 2003 also found that obesity increases risk for the most aggressive type of prostate cancer.

Losing weight to reach a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) under 25 is literally a life saver. Share this with family and friends. Your weight loss effort is about so much more than looking good during swimsuit season. It's about reaching your health goals and reducing disease risks. For many people, this goal is real but the process seems daunting. They have bought books, pills, videos and still failed. They need more than 10 minute pep talk from a physician once a year. As Health Coaches, we are the New Professionals in health. The need is great, training is excellent. . . can you make the commitment: first to affirm your health and second to share health with others. If yes, send me a message in the comment section and indicate how I can call or email you. Comments remain private pending my view.

In the photo: Certified Health Coaches - Dr Kathie Erwin & Lynn Ellyn Robinson, wearing their "Before" photos on tee shirts as they present healthy options at a community event.

Could YOU be a professional Health Coach?

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be a successful health coach? When you ask that question, you are seriously contemplating whether health coaching is right for you. Do you believe in "doing well by doing good"? That's an essential belief of our health coach team. We are focused on helping our clients lose weight, restore well-being and reach a personal level of wellness. That's the process which we can teach to a willing learner. What we need is a person like you with a heart for helping others.

Say "YES" I want to know more about professional health coaching by leaving your name and email in the contact section of this lens. Your information is private until I review it and I will personally respond to you.

The Health Coach Mindset

No one wants to be overweight, tired or unhealthy. That's why they need YOUR help. Picture yourself as a Health Coach and choose what you think is the most important way that you can help clients "lose to win"

Helping others, help yourself to health

A bonus of being a Health Coach is that the focus of your work helps you stay healthy. How often do you see people lose weight only to go back to the old eating habits that led to obesity in the first place? Many health coaches, like me, lost weight with the help of a health coach only to "gain" a passion to guide others toward the health we now enjoy. As health coaches, we can "pay it forward" while getting paid for our professional services.

Answering questions and problem solving with my coaching clients also gives me new ideas for applying the healthy habits in my life. Each time I help clients find new lean & green recipes or introduce them to vegetables that they didn't know how to cook, I'm reinforcing these pro-health choices for myself as well. So if you are interested in health coaching as a new career, keep in mind the added benefit that you will be healthier for it. How many jobs do you know where health is a calling and a benefit every day!

As a health coach, you can help people you care about to get healthy also. That's me in the center of this photo with LE and Shelia; friends, successful weight loss clients and now enthusiastic Certified Health Coaches.

To learn more about becoming a health coach contact me at

Weight Loss and Wellness for Life

Imagine more than losing weight, imagine how you could feel if you reached Optimal Health. That's the goal of Dr A's Habits of Health to explain the value of nutritional intervention for weight loss, disease management and ideally, disease prevention. Not another diet book, this is a Prescription for life!

Dr. A's Habits of Health: The Path to Permanent Weight Control & Optimal Health
Dr. A's Habits of Health: The Path to Permanent Weight Control & Optimal Health

From safe, medically sound weight loss to Optimal Health, learn the Habits of Health that will protect your health for a lifetime.


Reduce Stress to Increase Weight Loss

The tabloids are wrong. The really rowdy linkup does not involve Lindsey, Brittany, or Jesse. It's Stress and Cortisol acting like BFF (best friends forever) to sabotage your weight loss.

How does this unhealthy pair from link up inside your body? Cortisol is a hormone produced internally when your body feels stress. More stress = more cortisol. It becomes a vicious cycle. Stress seems to be part of our lifestyle with increasing work hours, financial pressures, rush hour driving, angry customers, excess caffeine, family problems, inadequate sleep plus many other stressors. Constant stress is like floor-boarding the accelerator of our Adrenal Glands. Cortisol rushes in to help but then does not get to retreat and rebuild. In an over-stressed body Cortisol becomes an enemy to the muscles, immune system, metabolism and mental energy that it was designed to boost - but only in brief bursts. It's like calling the fire department to put out a fire then expecting them to stay to rebuild the structure.

Moderating Stress is essential to supporting weight loss and setting your body on course for Optimal Health. Notice the word "moderating". Managing stress suggests acceptance of continual presence. Avoiding stress is unrealistic in all situations. To moderate stress is to deal with what occurs without stressing about stress. Come on, you know what I mean. Harboring stress leads to overeating, which brings guilt that leads to stress, etc .

Here are some ways to break an unhealthy Stress/Cortisol Connection:

1. Identify the three most stressful places, tasks, times or people in your life and be prepared.

2. Establish a positive coping statement such as: "This is temporary, my health is more important." "I can put this behind me and move forward." "That was then, this is now."

3. As soon as possible, remove yourself from a stressful environment. Even taking a walk during break or lunch is worthwhile for the mental lift of changing the context.

4. Recognize your Stress Eating Messages. Chocolate, cookies, donuts, candy, snack cakes, chips, milkshakes and caffeine only feed frustration and fuel cravings but fail to satisfy emotional distress. Keep a Medifast bar, drink or soup handy for times when you want a healthy treat. Remember to eat or sip slowly for enjoyment.

Reducing your Stress/Cortisol Connection contributes to weight loss success.

I want to hear you questions about health coaching.

Questions about Health Coaching

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Loving every minute as a Holistic Health coach. Thank you for getting the word out :)

    • Dr KT Erwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr KT Erwin 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      @anonymous: Hello Autumn, I look forward to talking with you about the advantages of health coaching and will contact you to set a telephone time.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am interested in picking up part time work as an online stress/health coach. Where should I look to get started?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am interested please give me more information.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am currently in college, and I am an undecided major. I have been involved in sports all my life and running cross country and track in college. I was reading about the exercise science major and one the occupations you can have is a health coach. I do not want to go to medical school. Do you think an exercise science will be good to know everything I need to, to become a health coach? Would you recommend taking business classes or maybe even a business minor so if I wanted to start my own business or pick my salary I would know what to do. What is a good salary per hour for a health coach? Sorry for all the questions, I am just not sure what I want to do in my life and I have always cared about nutrition and helping people, I just never wanted to be an actual doctor.


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