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Helpful Innovation Tips that Guides You

Updated on October 23, 2012

Without innovation, life would have been such one damned thing. Do you remember how exciting your childhood life was? You had to experiment with many things and probably discovered how things worked. You knew how some things were good while others life threatening.

Innovation is something we are all capable of, but many people do not realize this. You may not think of yourself as a creative person. You may think that only others can be creative and innovative. The truth is everyone has the ability to be innovative.

It takes some work to refine the skill, but it is possible. Think about Kindergarten. Did they only let those creative kids use the crayons? No. Everyone used them because everyone possessed creativity.

Anything you learn to do, it takes time to be perfect. Think about how long it took you to get your driver's license or learn a new skill. The same is true with innovation. You have to take time and practice so your mind starts to think in innovative ways. The following outlines some helpful tips that will guide you to a more innovative way of thinking.

Don't Allow Others to Hold You Back: Opinions and ideas from others may only stunt your innovative growth. Don't be afraid of what others think. Do your own thing. Keep working on your creative ideas despite what others may say. Most people won't understand your innovative ideas, but they don't need to. You probably will only get negative comments, so don't bother asking others what they think.

Invest Time Into It: You need to be committed and that means taking time to spend on your innovative idea. You don't have to become a hermit and commit your whole life to it, but to be ready to set aside time for focusing on it.

Get Moving: Exercise does your body and mind good. When you exercise, you get your blood pumping and ideas start flowing. You clear your mind and open it up to new ideas.

Keep a Log of Your Dreams: Dreams may seem silly at times, but there are some great ideas lurking in your dreams. No matter how odd a dream may seem, write it down. You may look back on it later and be struck with a great idea. Dreams can often come from innovative power that your subconscious mind has tapped which your conscious mind has yet to realize.

Develop Your Unique Style: Every innovator has had their own style. You can tell one artists painting from another or one writer's work from another because they all have a unique style. You need to have your own style so your innovations stand out.

You’ll get more respect for your ideas because they are uniquely yours and you become more valuable because nobody else has the same innovative power as you. When you read quotes about friends, you can also write them in your own way that is unique. When you send them to your friends, they will notice how creative you are.

Don't Rely on Tools and Gadgets: You don't need to spend tons of money on tools to help you be innovative. You can write that best selling novel with a ten cent pencil just the same as you could with a thousand dollar fountain pen. It isn't about the tools. It is about what is inside you. Don't think the tools will make you better.

Be Passionate: If you lack passion then your innovate ideas will flop. Nothing has ever been a success unless there was passion behind it. You have to really want it in order to make something happen or someone with more passion will get it instead. Passion keeps you going. If you try to do something without being passionate then you won't have the drive you need to succeed.

Inspiration is often Overrated: You don't have to be so focused on finding inspiration as you may think. When you try to force yourself to be inspired it won't happen. You have to come upon inspiration naturally. It will strike you out of nowhere and then you get started. Always keep something to record your ideas with you so as when inspiration strikes, you can record your ideas.

Just remember that innovation is not about pleasing others. You should do it for yourself. People will notice eventually and you’ll see success in the long run, so don't be too focused on impressing others right now. Focus on your passion and let the innovative ideas flow.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 7 years ago from Kenya

      @Nish999-You're always welcome.

    • Nish999 profile image

      Nish999 7 years ago from Manali ,India

      thanks for inspiring me!!!I needed some and I got some!!!