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Highest Paying Computer | IT Jobs 2013| Top Paid

Updated on December 25, 2012

"Highly paid positions have usually less tension and work-load, the core part of such professions lie in the possession of highly specialized and experienced skills and powerful ‘knowledge’."

Highest Paying IT Jobs 2013 in Demand

This article can give you some incredible insights into choosing the top paid IT jobs for 2013 and earn deserving income for your sweat. The explosively rising demand for IT professionals in 2013 have made the task of getting into a normal computer job an easy task. But the question you should ask is : am I worth only for such a little basic pay? The smart ones among you would choose to specialize in highest paying IT jobs and get luxurious pay for lesser amount of work. The philosophy is: However you’re going to work 6-8 hrs a day so why not choose the top paying jobs so that you make the maximum remuneration? Highly paid positions have usually less tension and work-load, the core part of such professions lie in the possession of highly specialized and experienced skills and powerful ‘knowledge’. Here I list out the highest paying IT jobs for 2013 in demand and their aggregate salary. One thing to keep in mind is that people for the below listed positions will be hired only if they have some years of experience in the area. So if you are a fresher, take care to undergo the courses in Institutions that provide ‘Assured Placements’ or have good previous year’s placement records.

IT Job : Data Architect

The primary duty is to build relational database for storage and processing. Unifies data from various source and unifies them together into a database. The data is cleaned and normalized for the most optimum performance. Have the duty to take regular backups and safeguard the system.Usually only 0-2 years experience is demanded and it preferably one of the hottest IT jobs in demand for new graduates.

IT Job : Data Modeler

Works in coordination with the data architect, requires to remodel the data to meet the needs of the organization’s information system. Manages the inter department data connectivity and regular report generation. Also performs database integration by normalization.

IT Job : Data Warehouse Analyst

This role resides on top of data architect and modeler. Will have to manage huge databases and perform periodic maintenance of it. They have the main task of taking regular backup of the entire database and cleaning up bugs. This is a job with high responsibly since the whole data of the organization will be in the hands of the data warehouse analyst. This is one of the highest paid IT jobs in database management and usually require 4-6 years experience.

IT Job : Operation Managers

Have the responsibility to manage the mainframes, client/ servers etc and coordinate the work force for the completion of various projects. Requires extensive experience and judgment in the project development of IT companies. Must be very creative and bold enough to deal unforeseen troubles. Typically, reports to a head of the department or manager.

IT Job : Business Intelligence Analyst (Hot)

This job role is the critical link between the manufacture/sales/advertisement reports and the ultimate owner of the company. Responsible for strategic development of business intelligence applications according to the behavior of the enterprise. Requires 5+ years of experience to be eligible to work for world class companies.

IT Job : Lead Application Developer

Must have core software programming experience and be very skillful in managing teams. Usually, the initial programmers are promoted over the time of 6-7 years into this position. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Will have to coordinate the work of many team members and also cooperate with other departments.

IT Job : ERP Technical Developer

Enterprise Resource Planning is the field of IT which integrates technology with traditional business models. ERP systems are applicable in almost every industry. The employee have to keep the ERP systems updated , perform upgrades, and install patches. They have to actively participate during project development. 3-5 years of experience is preferable. If you have a long time experience in the work, ERP can be one of the highly paid IT job among others. The demand for ERP have surged further in 2013 and is expected to continue for foreseeable future.

Highest Paid IT Jobs And Salaries

Highly Paid IT Job Position
Data Architect
Data Modeler
Data Warehouse Analyst
Operation Manager
Business Intelligence Analyst
Lead Application Developer
ERP Technical Developer
U.S. National Averages Source :

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      sir,want to learn cloud gurgaon or whch institutes they can b learned...n wats the address.

      Jai Bharat

    • nanospeck profile imageAUTHOR

      Akhil Anil 

      7 years ago

      Thanks rebecca.. this article deals with the Database management side of IT Jobs.. they are not only best paid but also have consistency on the job.Database operators won't be hit by recessions. But still there are 100's of highly paid computer jobs in various sections like Security, SAP, Mainframes. I hope to write articles one 'em very soon.. :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I enjoyed this, however, this is such a focused list. It seems only to cover 1/1000th minuscule of the IT sector


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