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Tips for Home Party Sales Jobs

Updated on October 5, 2010

Home Sales Consultant Tips

If you're thinking about becoming a home sales consultant, or if you are already one, it's a good idea to make sure that you know plenty of means to get sales. Keep up with the new and fresh ideas, so that if there's something you haven't thought about, you can give it a shot for yourself.

Not all tips will work for every program, but maybe you can get ideas and tweak them so that they'll work for you. There are so many different things that you can do with your home parties that the options are near limitless, and when getting your sales, have fun. Don't stress the small stuff. 

If you're having trouble getting sales and making your minimum orders, there are many things that you can do to potentially increase your sales, parties, and overall success as a home sales consultant, but you will find that not everything works the same for everyone. It will time for you to get into your niche so that you can figure out what works best for you.

A few ideas that you may want to consider to get your business up and running smoothly may include, but are not limited to the following.

Palm Candles Home Party
Palm Candles Home Party

For you

  • Keep a birthday list, and when your customer's birthdays birthdays come around, mail out a birthday card with a coupon, whether it be a dollar off, percent off, or another offer.
  • Always stay in contact with your frequent customers. Give them a friendly call or send an email when a new catalogue comes out or when there's going to be a change in the products.
  • Ask permission to leave your catalogue and business card (stapled to the magazine) at various locations, such as day care centers, retirement homes, doctor's offices, dentist offices, dance studios, various waiting rooms, call centers, tanning salons, hair salons, nail salons, etc.
  • Make sure that all of your customers have a business card. If you want, you can take your business card and glue it to magnets; these are great reminders for customers, as people tend to go to their refrigerator many times a day.
  • Keep a log of what people order, so that if something changes with that product, there's going to be a new similar product, or maybe just something that you think the customer may like, you can give them a call or shoot an email.
  • Have samples on hand, so that you can show people what the products looks like, versus tell them to just go to the magazine or website to look at the products. If you have samples that you're able to give away, like makeup, lotion, spices, etc, give samples to potential customers so that they can decide if they like it or not to buy.

VIE home party
VIE home party

For the hostess

  • Have the hostess write down her goal for the party. This way she knows what she needs to sell in order to reach the free gifts and discounted products.
  • Have the hostess write down a list of names before she sends out invitations, so that she doesn't forget anyone. Have the hostess consider church, work, school, extra-curicular groups, family, other friends, etc. Consider writing down the alphabet, and having the hostess write down all the names she can associated with the letters.

For the party

  • Have a party with pre-ordered products, discontinued products, and products soon-to-be discontinued. This is a great way to clean out inventory, build interest in your products, and keep things exciting. Offer these items with a slight discount in order to get people interested and buying. These will be a quick grab bargain that don't necessarily count toward the party sales the hostess earns from.
  • Have a display with the current special that is going on. Many companies will offer monthly specials, so grab together a few products that tally up to the minimum purchase in order to get the bonus. If you want, set up a few different options and groups, so to give guests more ideas for related items or commonly purchased products.
  • Set up a few baskets of individual gifts and one large gift, and when the guests at the party make a purchase of a specified dollar amount, they get to choose a gift. When all the gifts have been chosen, the hostess gets the large gift. This is an incentive for the hostess to get her guests buying. You can set it so that for every $25 spent, the guest gets a gift, so if the guest spends $100, they gets 4 gifts. You can set it up however you want to.
  • Take a registrar for bridal showers, baby showers, and various other occasions. Then, hold a party, passing out the registrar to the guests. This will get the items purchased plus some extras. If the hostess doesn't necessarily want to have a party, but just wants people to know that, 'hey I really want these products from Jane. Please talk to her about it,' you can make up cards and lists on letterhead with your name, number, and information so that you can be contacted.
  • Offer discounts, prizes, games, great food, entertainment, and fun! You want your guests to leave knowing they've had a good time, versus regretting going to the party. You want the guests to sign up and book their own party with you.

Make sure that you use your products. How are you supposed to make sales and convince people that your products are better than other brands, if you don't even use them?


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