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Home Based Jobs – You’ll Never Want to Work at an Office Again

Updated on December 5, 2010

internet jobs

More moms and even dads are discovering ways to spend more time with their kids at home and still manage to earn a living. The Internet allows us to find work at home jobs that we can do from our own residence, whether part time or full time.

Although most home based jobs are driven by the internet, there are still some other options for less tech savvy work at home moms such as a home based day care center, a food or small catering business, or private music lessons for kids in your neighborhood.

Even people who’ve been laid off can find new and more fulfilling careers they can do from home. You might want to consider some work at home jobs listed below. Surely you will be able to find one or two home based jobs you will enjoy earning from.

E-Store – You can operate your own e-store from your own website. You don’t need to have a physical store to sell things. Most retail stores are actually moving online to capture the growing internet shopping market. You can sell things you have a special interest in like home made crafts, clothes, used books, and other items. You can do it the easy way by signing up on auction sites.

Virtual Assistant – Fewer executives and entrepreneurs retain a full time secretary at their office. Since most businesses nowadays are online, employees can also be found online. As a virtual assistant, you can take calls, type data, or send out newsletters for your boss. You can handle all internet correspondence and errands for your employer from your own home computer.

Home Based Call Center Agent – Call center agents don’t always work from an office or “center”. More companies are starting to see the advantage of hiring individuals who work at home. Getting a home based call agent is more cost effective that paying a big outfit to do the same thing. All you have to do is to take calls and answer inquiries about products and services of your client.

Interpreter - Because business has now gone global, there will always be a need for translators who can convert business documents, marketing material, and other professional information from one language to another. One company can use 1 or up to 4 interpreters for different languages to be able to market and run their business worldwide.

Medical Transcriptionists – These days, even doctors are going high tech. More hospitals and doctors are keeping electronic data instead of storing piles of medical records in filing cabinets. A medical transcriptionist is supposed to transcribe voice recorded medical reports dictated by physicians into text. Someone with know-how on medical terminology would be ideal for these types of home based jobs.

Graphics Artist and Website Designer – People who are knowledgeable in computer languages, programming, and graphics are in high demand. More companies need their own websites for online visibility. As long as you keep up with the advances of technology, website developers will never run out of job opportunities.

Freelance Writers – Work from home opportunities are abundant for writers who can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), write website content, and post blog entries for companies that need internet marketing or something interesting to read on their website.

Online Teachers – Kids and adults can learn all kinds of courses online . There are also numerous online educational companies that offer ESL or English as a Second Language for foreign students from non-English speaking countries. Majority of these ESL students come from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. The online teachers are from all over though, from Asia, America, South Africa, to Europe.

Parents, retirees, and people who are currently jobless or physically disabled can take advantage of what the internet can offer. There are various ads online that offer all kinds of work at home jobs. You can also find many home based jobs on outsourcing websites where clients and providers can work on a mutually beneficial deal.


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