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Easy Stay-At-Home Jobs

Updated on August 24, 2011

12 Ways To Earn Money At Home

Avoid rush hour. Have time for your family. Enjoy life. There are many reasons people want to stay home to earn money. And plenty of people are doing just that. The trick is, you have to find something that works for you. Below are mostly easy work-at-home choices for you to consider.

1. Be an Internet writer and sell ad space. You can do this by having your own website or by writing hubs on websites such as Once you get started and have something people want to read, companies will pay you to advertise on your site.

2. Sell Stuff. You can buy stuff at a garage sale or on ebay and resale it for a profit. Or you can make something and sell your product. This can be anything from crafts and baked goods to welding projects. I know of a guy who cut down unsightly pine trees and made rough furniture out of them to sell for thousands on e-bay.

3. Continue doing what you do at home. If you work at a computer and are valued by your employer, it may be worth it to ask if you can do your job from home. If you're a nurse, companies like and may hire you to dispense medical advise over the phone.

4. You can work over the phone as a customer service rep. Or if you have computer technology skills, you can do IT from home.

5. Create logos for t-shirts and other products and get a share of the profit at sites like and

6. If you have good typing and grammar skills, you can convert audio information into typed format for companies like and

7. Be an online juror. Attorneys pay to try their cases on mock juries before they go into real court. Check out,, or

8. Sell your blood platelets. Technically, this isn't done from home, but you can watch t.v. while you wait for the process to be done

9. Men can sell sperm, and women can donate eggs and be compensated. For more information about egg donation, see Keep in mind you have to be okay with having your biological child "out there somewhere."

10. Start an in-home daycare. This is ideal for a mom who wants to stay home with her own kids. If you get registered, your state may even find children for your daycare.

11. If you drive around some, you can be paid to advertise a company's logo on your back windshield. Or, if you find a company who wants to "decorate" your whole car with their design, you can make even more money. Look online for car wrap advertising.

12. Be a surrogate mom! This may not be as easy as some of the others. But the pay is good ($20,000- $45,000,) and you'll get to feel good about helping someone else have a child.

Good luck putting one f these ideas to use! Any feedback is welcome


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