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Updated on June 7, 2011

Business Ideas For Your Consideration

Buying and selling Rare books via the internet.

The Internet is made up of thousands of tiny niche markets. Each of these niche's have specific ways of communicating with each other.

One of the most dynamic markets on the Internet right now is for books and music.

To say that there are dynamic changes taking place in the rare and collectible book market is an understatement.

At one time the ‘market’ for rare and collectible books consisted of a few hundred well known and highly respected rare book dealers and collectors who slowly and laboriously collected books in their specialty. It wasn’t too long ago that collectors wanted ‘depth’- collecting every book and piece of ephemera by a particular author or within a particular genre. A collector searching for a particular book gathered dealers catalogs, visited shops in remote corners of the world hoping to come across the book they wanted.

Collecting was a “gentleman’s” game. Dealers carefully cultivated their customers over years, helping them select books that added depth to their collections. Dealers relied on word-of-mouth and reputation to build their business. Dealers, for the most part, ‘specialized’. Book collecting was more than a hobby, it was an obsession to some.

The Internet has added liquidity to the rare and collectible book market. And liquidity is very important for any market. All it means is that, when you’re ready to sell there is a buyer, ready willing and able to buy your offering.

The Internet has also added the element of transactional speed. People are buying and selling books at a rate of speed that seems incredible by standards just a few years ago. Thousands of books are being traded daily.

Why deal in books rather than other collectible items such as figurines or art or pottery?

Books have a special place in the history of the human race. They record the history, thoughts, feelings, views, philosophy, theology and dreams and imaginings of men and women who lived before us and who live with us.

Books have shaped the way we think, live our lives and have formed the backbone of governments and world religions.

The fact that books have a special place in our lives make them, I think, more than 'collectible items'. They are an investment in the past and the future of the entire human race. I was as astounded, as you might be, to learn that used and out-of-print books are valuable and some are even super-valuable.

Take for example a first printing of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" - today worth about $725,000. Why should a simple child's book be worth so much money? Because it's "collectible"? Because it's old? Because it's a children's book? The answer is simple. And it took me sometime to accept the simplicity of it, but here it is:

"Certain books are valuable because someone wants it and is willing and able to pay the price to own it".

Collectors come in all shapes, sizes and interests and they are all over the world. Demand is huge and you’ll be surprised at the rate at which used books will sell. That doesn’t mean there aren’t slow times but books move very fast into the hands that want them. This is certainly an area worth taking a further look.

3 Ways to Create a Steady Cash Stream while You Work from Home

Working from home was once merely a dream for most people. Until the onslaught of the Internet and home PCs, it simply wasn't feasible for companies to hire employees to work from home. And starting a small business took special know-how, a large initial investment, and a lot of advertising and marketing. But now, working from home is a reality for thousands of people, and you too can realize this dream.

The first goal for your home business should be to find ways to create steady cash flow. You'll need cash flow to operate and promote your home business, and to secure a lucrative income for yourself. There are many different ways to create a cash stream for your home business. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Buy a Pre-Existing Profitable Business

One way to create an immediate cash flow is to buy a pre-existing home business that is already making a profit. Of course, you will not enjoy a profit immediately because you must invest initially. But once you are able to recover from the initial investment, you can continue receiving profits year after year.

The key benefit of buying a pre-existing work-from-home business is you will gain knowledge from the previous owner about what works for the business and what doesn't work. The main disadvantage is you will have to follow in the footsteps of another instead of building your own home business from the ground up. There's a great sense of pride when you can truly call a business "your own!"

2. Follow a Profitable Business Model

Another way to create a cash stream for your work-from-home business is to follow the profitable business model of another. You can learn a lot from others who have already been successful with a home business. Many long-time entrepreneurs are creating e-books and global networks to help new home business owners become a success. They are revealing little-known secrets about work-from-home businesses that would likely take you years to discover on your own.

Look for entrepreneurs who have owned work-from-home businesses in a field that interests you. Use their ideas and examples to create a profitable business model for your new home business.

3. Internet and Network Marketing

A third way to create a cash stream of income is to utilize the Internet and network marketing to your advantage. Find and join a team of individuals who have similar goals and work with them to build a successful online business. With the Internet and network marketing, many are realizing their financial goals faster than they ever imagined.

Network marketing online can be accomplished through email and a website while working from home, and it can bring more people together with similar goals in a very short period of time. Many global network companies will promote your online business for you and take every initiative to help you become a success. There are even global resorts networks that enable you to travel to exotic places while earning a substantial income.

Whatever method you choose to create a cash stream as you work from home, set some goals for your business and start realizing your dreams today!


What skills do you have? How can you profit from them? Consider the following:

Home Manager

An aptitude in household management can offer itself to many job ideas. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture repair, decorating and a whole host of related skills, are widely advertised in local papers. A home help could offer services to the busy professional people who have little time to do the job themselves.


If you enjoy cooking, you could possibly find an outlet for your wares in the local bakery, pub, health-food shop, or restaurant. Traditional home-made items are more popular than ever with a public tired of tasteless instant foods. Transport may be an important consideration for those large orders. For some great food ideas go to;


This is one of those hobbies that you either love or hate. If you love it, appeal to those who hate it! Tell them how lovely their garden will look after you have spent a day in it. People who haven't time or are disabled, would appreciate someone landscaping their garden or even just weeding it or mowing the lawn. You could specialise in a particular type of work; Eg. rockery, planting vegetables, or weeding. You could even offer a complete landscaping service. Take a photo of a garden you have worked on. Show it to your potential customer. For more ideas go to

Buying & Selling

One of the most popular types of self-employment is the old 'in and-out' selling technique of the second-hand salesman. You advertise as a buyer for all types of household equipment, electronic equipment, furniture, and so on. You buy them for a low price and sell them a higher price. Profit margins are usually high.

Hiring Out

Similar to buying and selling, except you are buying and hiring out. It is usually better to specialise in a few items, rather than trying to offer everyone everything! Some items are popular at particular times of the year only-so obviously you would need to ensure that what you have is popular all the time. You are likely to meet with a more regular demand for TV's than barbecues.

If you are still stuck for a job to do-assess your interests. What do you really enjoy doing? Your success depends on your work situation.


It costs the earth to get the outside of a house painted, even if it's just the window frames and doors. Many people shrink from a DIY job - they don't like climbing ladders. Here, then, is a field where you can specialise, and keep yourself in work for years.

You'll need some equipment: ladders, brushes, blow lamp, and if you buy them, they'll cost you a packet. However, you may already have some items, and ladders can be hired. Your customer can buy the paint, so you only charge for your labour.

If you've never painted a house before, practise on your own, or treat a relative. This way you'll iron out the pitfalls before you start paid work - and you'll also know how long a job is likely to take, thus enabling you to give accurate quotes to potential customers.

Ladders can be dangerous: make sure you know how to use them properly! Take out extra insurance before you start paid work. Make a start by planning the painting of your own or a friends house.


The health and beauty market seems impossibly overcrowded, and many who have flopped-no pun intended-would be eager to advise steering clear of it. However, I've heard of two enterprising ladies who have made it by finding an untapped market. How? By running a fitness programme especially for Extra-Large Ladies.

Believe me when I say that in order to qualify for this programme, you have to be BIG!

Our two enterprising large ladies started the whole thing almost by accident. Together, they had planned to take a fitness course at their local fitness centre, but found the instructor to be 'thin' and very agile! Dignity and egos were bound to be at stake, so they started their own and named it Ladies at LARGE.

Their business has been booming ever since and are now in the process of formulating franchises for other areas of the country.

Could you start a similar centre in your local area? It could really go with a SPLASH! Or take a look at the following website; 


Of course it has all been done before, but so have a good many fortune making ideas. Some are still worth considering. A man I know, who a few years ago was an unemployed hoover salesman going from do to door. He is today the owner of a highly successful window cleaning business,

Within a few hours of his leaflets being distributed door to door, his telephone began to ring.

Window cleaners are in big demand and good ones are in short supply. He advertises very little these days. Customers get more customers and casuals get his name from his van. His personal salary is now much higher than when he was a salesman.

He is the perfect example of someone who has made money from looking for a business for which there is a proven permanent demand, and to get others to do the manual work whilst you do the management. It's organising others that makes the really big money.

Window cleaning is hard work. You need to be reasonably fit and not afraid of ladders or heights. It is very easy and low cost to start. An ideal start-up business for this credit crunch climate that we are in right now.. Like Susan Boyle, you can make your dream come true.

Money and Employment



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    • EllenGraeger profile image

      EllenGraeger 7 years ago from Madrid

      Converting a dream into reality like a work-from-home-project requires three core items:

      - to remain attached to your dream

      - to be ready to work, work, work

      - to have some money for investing in your dream.

      DONE !

      Thanks for this hub, Jim. One never stops to learn.