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Home Party Consultants: Get More Leads, Fill your Appointment Books, Make More Money

Updated on May 15, 2015
Great space to hold a home party
Great space to hold a home party | Source

As I write this article with my children around me and the television going I am reminiscing about my last round with a home based business. While I won’t name the company I will say that the product is very unique, and the market was wide open in the Detroit area. The extra money I made per month was enough to take care of bills or buy clothes for my children. Majority of my income came from doing product demonstrations from my home or from the homes of others.

I am normally a very reserved person, unlike my husband who would welcome just about anyone into our home. The idea of visiting houses of people that I did not know or having them come to my home was uncomfortable, however I did it anyway.

It amazes me how people are willing to go to the house of someone they barely know for a product demonstration.

The training I received in this business gave me new insight on marketing. It gave me a way of looking at things differently.


The old way of network marketing

A few of the direct selling companies that I worked for admonished me to leave my business card everywhere and with everyone. Well, it only works if you have a conversation that would garner you giving out your card. Even in that, you are relying on people to contact you for services. Let’s be honest. How many times have you called someone after they have given out their business card? I can count on one hand the number of times I called a business, usually after quite a bit of time.

Getting leads and building a contact list to call everyday takes creativity and maybe some tricks that brick and mortar businesses are using. Here are some of the creative tactics I was taught a few years ago.

Lead Boxes

This is my absolute favorite way to get leads and customers. You can purchase lead boxes from a company or build one yourself. I chose to create one from my graphic flyers that looked like business cards. I have seen regular businesses do this strategy often. In exchange for your information a company promises to enter you into a drawing for a free car, for instance. With my business I offered a free product if they were picked in the drawing. Well, everyone that left their names and email addresses or phone numbers were winners. I gained several customers this way, and was able to book party demonstrations.

Before you place your lead box anywhere make sure you have permission from the business first. Some will allow you to leave your box if you promote their business. Be sure to consistently pick up your box every week and follow up on leads. Remember, everyone is a winner.

Post-It note marketing
Post-It note marketing | Source

Post-It Notes

This is a great trick for getting people to call you or to visit your website. Post-It notes can be left anywhere-- on bathroom mirrors, in dressing rooms, or on gas station pumps. I would steer clear of cars only because people have a tendency to get upset about things left on their windows. The key to getting people to call you is to have a great ad copy. It can include something about learning how to make an extra $500 per month from home with your own business, if you want to take the approach of sponsoring people in your business. Also, you can make your ad copy tailored to the needs of customers. For example, if you have a great weight loss product that is all natural you can create your headline to suit the needs of customers in order to spark an interest. The best thing to do is to have many ad copies and see which one works well. If you receive a call ask the caller how they heard about the business. Make note of which ad copy drew the customer to pick up the phone to dial your number. Whichever one does best you can continue with those ads.

Webinar on Booking Home Parties

Vending at Fairs

If you rent a booth at a women’s fair or expo, have your lead boxes ready to gather information for free products. Depending on the size of the fair you can gain hundreds of leads within a weekend. Also, you will have the opportunity to speak with many different women on the spot. Take advantage of every smiling face you see. Make sure to have all of your products available for customers to try. Offer them free products if they book a home party with 4 or more people. Have them choose between two days. Call and follow up the next day.

Be ready to make a sale as well. Some customers will purchase products on the spot.

Here is a word of advice: there will be some people that will cancel their appointments, that is why it is best to keep your appointment books full.

Make More Money

Once you find a system that works for you, continue to work it. Take actionable steps every day to bring in income. If you are serious about making money in your home business you should be able to generate a significant amount of leads per day and some income at the end of 30 days. Remember that you are in the networking and sponsor business. The more you network, the more you will sponsor into your business.


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    • momsdoworkathome profile imageAUTHOR

      Katina Davenport 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks. I learned it 2 years ago and I saw someone marketing with post-it notes. Unfortunately they were leaving them on car windows. I took one to see what the marketer wanted. It was to build traffic for their new website.

    • erinshelby profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Your idea of using sticky notes is quite interesting...they're colorful, fun and they do get attention!


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