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Updated on April 3, 2014

Home Working

I learnt about home working when my wife wanted to earn some extra money while looking after our children who were 9 and 5 years old.We were able to pick up some home working in textile industry.We collected cuttings of ties ,500 at a time to stitch and return on a weekly basis.

Our family sat together after dinner to do this work.In a way we trying to make extra money while having some fun.It was not seen as extra work.We have conversation,joke about things and earn some extra money in the process.

When we started doing home working I was having 2 part time jobs,first one is from 11am to 5pm at Mecca book makers as a board marker and the second one at wimpy fast food from 6pm to midnight.

Eventually I was able to find a job in my profession as a site engineer and I had to leave home as early as 5am and return home by 7pm.I had to prepare for next day at home after having my dinner.For these reasons we decided to discontinue home working.

Revisit home working.

After nearly 10 years I came into contact with a company who make mobile phone antenna for a German company.For business reasons they did not disclose the name of German Company to me.The home working component was to assemble three components and return to the factory who do the moulding to make the complete antenna.

We were given training at the factory and were given a sample of 1000 units on a trial basis.The agreement was that we will not receive any payment for the trial.After the trial we were accepted on a trial basis.They decided to give us a portion of the work at the beginning.Initially half of our work was returned as substandard and had to redo and submit.

To cut the story short , we ended up doing their assembly work and they were doing only the moulding work at the factory.

House wives take over.

Word got around and we had house wives showing interest in taking part in home working.We decided to let the housewives do the work from our premises so that we train them to achieve the required standard for our work to be acceptable without return.When the quality of work by house wives reach acceptable standard ,they were allowed to take work home.

Everyones work was coded and submitted to the client for quality control,quality assessment and productivity.The client decided to close down their assembly section and pass over the entire assembly work to us.By now we began to employ over 50 house wives who assemble over 500000 units a day.Every evening we collect the components and returnthe assembled units next morning at 5.30 am.

We had a team of 5 people to check the work before submission to the factory.

Some house wives collect low volume and do this not for money but as an opportunity to meet others and have fun.There were times when they come to the office,have a get together and have bit of a harmless gossip.

Family participation

Daily Production
House wives employed
number of family members
All family members take part in the home working

Payment Element.

Due to the low rate of payment we received for 1000units,we paid 90 % of the payment we received to the house wives.10% only cover our cost of collection ,delivery and part of rent for the premises.We continued to do this work as we could see the housewives were dependent on this work for number of reasons.They were:

1. Additional income for the family.

2.Family participation on a daily basis.

3.Financial indépendance.

Charity Work.

Our office comprised of two shops ,one for our office and other one for the charity free of rent.The client maintained that they gave this work as an appreciation for our charity work which we realised later to be untrue.We were given this for business reasons only.

Coming to an end.

When the mobile phones developed the internal antenna for the phones ,the market for external antenna died down resulting in our clients going into liquidation.In turn we had to suspend our work.We tried to find alternative home working but was unsuccessful.

Cheap labour.

One main reason for the natural death of home working is due to the fact that all the textile industry went for cheap labour option in developing countries such as Bangladesh,Pakistan China and Sri Lanka.The recent incidents of collapsed factories,long working hours for the employees in Bangladesh are reminders of the collapse in home working facility in UK.

Pros and cons .

Families earn extra money
Rate below minimum wage
Flexible working time
Pressure to do more
Family work together
Using children in work
Teach children money value
Children demand money

Fraudulent advert

There are lot of fraudulent advert which claims about opportunity to earn 300-500 pounds a week .Such adverts turn out to promote net working or sale of goods for which an initial deposit has to be made.

I would like to see a return of genuine home working opportunity in this country.

Dream comes true.

I have been looking forward to make this a reality since publishing this hub.The hunger project , a challenge I undertook to survive on one pound a day for 5 days,successfully completed gave birth to the idea of involving housewives to save money on food.

The project is to deliver the food prepared at home to their other half at work.Their husbands normally buy at restaurants at more than 5 pounds a day and some times they work without taking lunch to save money.This project started only on last Monday and I have 5 housewives are taking part.

This project intends to help house wives on poverty line to improve their food budget.I am elated that working from home can have a come back and improve family lives. .


Week Ending
Number of families taking part
Money saved /week£/family


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