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horizontal flow wrap packing machine -popular in bakery industry

Updated on August 21, 2009
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 Horizontal flow wrap packing machine is used for wide application in bakery industry . It is used in packing of biscuits , cookies , cakes , breads etc .Few major HFW packing machine manufacturer are Bosch Packaging, Cavanna .

Popularity of these Horizontal flow wrap packing machine are for the following reason

It can handle wide varieties of Dimensions from big packets to small

Excellent ratio of cost per pack

It offers hermetic packages even at high speed s

Speed could be as high as 1000packets per minutes

HFW Packing machine doesn't require much of the space

HFW are relatively simple machines as compare to the other machine s

Various combination are available like tray flow wrap .

Machine Specifications are PPM ( packet per minutes ) , Pile pack or On the edge pack, Single lane or Multi lane , Single cutter or Double cutter , Servo drive or mechanical .

Horizontal Flow wrap Packing machine s Important parts

Cross pushers

Infeed Lugs and chain

Forming box

Sealing Rollers

Upper and Lower Jaws

Heater ( Cylindrical and round )

Cutter or Knife and anvil

Lateral chain and lateral lugs

Accessories attached to this packing machine are Print mark scanner or Photocell and Printer machine .Now days all HFW machines are driven by servomotor through PLC . Multi line Packing machines are available for higher speed packing .Dismantling and erection of these machines are  easy  as these assembled in parts .


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