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How a Courtier should Behave

Updated on May 30, 2013

A courtier is a noble man with good manners in the medieval Ages. They were distinctly different from peasants. In this article I will describe how a crourtier is supposed to behave.

A courtier should behave in a polite and upright manner. There are many rules of protocol that defines a well behaved, mannered, and polite courtier. They have direct access to the highest circles of society and should behave according to the rules of politeness and manners of that circle.

First of all he/she should be an educated person. He/she should dress modestly. The clothes they should mostly wear are suits. They and what they are wearing should always be cleaned. Every morning when they go to work their clothing should always be properly ironed. Their hair should be combed and washed. The courtier should be clean himself or herself (woman courtiers were called courtesans). Housework is not for the courtesan, but for people of lower circles; a courtesan should take care of his skin and body, making sure that he/she is as healthy as possible. No courtesan should use foul language, but speak eloquently. Also a courtesan is no courtesan if he/she is not well educated in a wide range areas, science, culture, sports, and philosophy. The classical dances must be flawless. Sit upright, with a straight back. Too much alcohol and drugs are forbidden for him. His/her food should be of top quality.

Their work should always be precise, thorough, and well organized. Their workplace and surroundings should always be tidy and clean. They should always use suitcases only, to carry their things around. It should also be good looking and well taken care of.

A courtier should be willing to contribute to and support charity organizations; however they themselves volunteering for charity work are not acceptable.

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