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how can i accept payment on my website

Updated on May 16, 2011

Accepting payment on your website

How do you accept payment on your website? Its easy there are a number of options available to you if you want to accept secure payments from people for your items or services that you have for sale.

Paypal Payment option

You can use the payment company paypal as one of the quickest ways to start selling your goods online. Depending what type of ecommerce software you are using, paypal should be easy to intergrate with them. If you have just a small blog, or if you have built your website with other software, then there is the option to also use the paypal buttons that are included as small bits of code that you put on your website. They are called buy it now buttons, and allow your buyer to move through and actually buy the item they want, paying for it directly on the trusted paypal website. They can paywith either a paypal acocunt or they can checkout through paypal without an account for under £100 purchases. This allows most website owners to the fastest option for setup.

Google checkout option

If you want to accept credit cards from another trusted internet name, then google is the second option for an easy to implement cart solution into your ecommerce store. All you need is a google account, and you can checkout at a google payment accepted store within 2 clicks. There is the same option as paypal to setup paypal buttons, as well as integration option, which although similar to paypal, can be slightly tricker to implement depending on the setup of the actual eCommerce software you are using. Its worth checking this out as a comparability issue first. Google also has an easy to use store gadget if you want to setup an online store with just a few entries into a spreadsheet. 

Merchant Bank Payment Options

These are options that require you to actually have a merchant bank account in place that the actual transactions will be paid into. Normally a merchant bank account will require some work to apply for.

Worldpay option

Worldpay is a sophisticated solution for holders of merchant bank accounts. The worldpay logo is owned by the bank of scotland, and is widely recognized as one of the oldest payment solutions on the intenet. As the name applies worldpay can easily be used by most countries, and almost every payment card type. You do have to pay to setup a worldpay account and you also have to pay per transaction fee. These transaction fees though are cheaper than google and paypal options. Your chargeback risks are also reduced. Worldpay offers a number of payment integration options, and is one of the more sophisticated setups within your eCommerce stores. You won't find any automatic buy it now buttons here. You'll need to either get a specialist to integrate it with your store, or get some sort of module. I would recommend just changing your eCommerce software to something that will integrate with worldpay easily.


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      Richard 6 years ago

      You have given a great explanation of the different ways to accept card payments online, however the merchant account is the best way to go if you want to be a professional business. The reason I say this is because a merchant account doesn't require you to wait for the payments to be transferred through issuing banks. The most important concern for merchant's in this day and age is actually protecting against hackers, there is a little more information about it on this blog: