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Earn Money Blogging

Updated on January 23, 2011

How can i earn money online blogging is a question many ask themselves when looking to make passive income, however there is a way and that is starting your own Blog and making money from Blogging, it is easier said than done, and can take allot of your time optimizing your blog for the serps and choosing the right keywords to draw in traffic. So one needs to seriously consider the time and effort it will take before heading down this path. Like anything you need a sense of passion when choosing a subject that will provide genuine value for the reader, then you can hit two birds with one stone by having a sense of ambition and drive for writing and earning a income for your efforts at the same time.

Just Make Money

If you are going to generate any income from your blog then make sure you do exactly that, for instance if your going to earn AdSense revenue don't go putting up a small a square that no one can see, go for the limit of AdSense ads you can use and make sure they are seen, or if your going to sell products then by jolly make sure they see the product as well as a well written article, your intentions are to make money, so make it. Don't muck around you are in the business of making money not pleasing people if you want to do that than go social and join face book or something.


Is everyone cut out for this type of business... to make money blogging? well no not every one is, depending on the amount of time you can commit to your blog, if your still working part time than it will be a lot harder, of course on the other hand if you can commit full time to this business than the likely hood of earning enough money to pay your bills and reach your financial goals becomes very realistic indeed, the old saying time is money stands true. And the time you commit to blogging will see results if you just keep doing what your doing and stop wasting time looking for information online when you should be spending time on optimizing your blog. If you want to know how to make money online with a blog then I suggest that you take a look at Grizz's blog, "make money online for beginners". It has a gold mine full of information about how to make money with a simple blog, but you may need to put a fresh pot of coffee on before you sit down and read this priceless information.

Understanding The Basics

You will need to understand the basics in optimizing and writing good quality content, although if you choose you can outsource your content and focus on optimizing your blog then so be it ,or either devote your time to writing quality content and hire a expert in seo. There's a saying (jack of all trades is the master of none) which means you don't have to be a expert writer or a webmaster with seo skills as long as you can comprehend the basics of both and implement them into your work, if you aren't familiar  with these subjects take a bit of time to study them, do a google search and find a site that will provide you good information it will open your eyes and save you unnecessary grieve in the long run. As I said take a look at Grizz's blog and everything will come to light, he explains everything in detail and after reading is blog you won't need to look anywhere else.

Make Money Blogging


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      N Holding 8 years ago

      Thanks for the helpful info, I hope this advice pushes me on to make some cash!