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How colour defines a brand.

Updated on October 28, 2014

Colours play a significant role in defining a brand. Colours have a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand.

Based on the colour, customers tend to judge a brand. Hence, it is essential that you choose the colours wisely and stick to the colours that aptly define your brand.

Listed below are the general notions what people have about different colours and based on the information provided, you may choose colours that are best suited for your establishment.

Blue: Honest, Trustworthy, Secure, Caring, Calm

Blue is one among the most widely used colours all over the world, and is largely used by the Police department of various countries. It is largely used in a wide range of industries, such as corporates, bankers, accountants, financial institutions and the medical and tourism industry.
Blue is a colour used to represent trust, reliability and honesty, which would give a soothing feeling to clients.

Red: Passionate, Exciting, Love, Energy, Action

Red is a colour that defines itself and is one of the most catchy and eye-grabbing colours. It is a stimulating colour and as per studies, it is found to stimulate feelings and raise the heart rate among people. Red is a colour that draws attention and is widely preferred by food and beverage companies since long!

Orange: Happy, Sociable, Affordable, Creative, Friendly

Orange is a stimulator and boosts the enthusiasm of people. It is used by companies to indicate that the pricing is affordable and is known to initiate conversations among people, thereby making it ideal for food joints. It is also used in spas and to attract children.

Yellow: Cheerful, Optimistic, Logical, Confident, Playful

Happiness enhancer and can be associated with sunshine. Yellow is used in areas where stimulation of the brain for purposes like logical reasoning and decision making is needed, such as classrooms. It boosts the creativity by enhancing the clarity of thoughts and it is used by brands which target young generation clients. It must be noted that yellow must be used in combination with any other colour as it does not look prominent when used alone.

Green: Growth, Reliability, Nature, Sympathetic, Flexible

Green is indicative to strike a balance between the emotions, mind and body. It denotes a sense of soothing and is used in healing and recreational purposes and is avidly used by businesses that indicate to be eco-friendly and often go with the tagline of being green.
Green is the colour of trees and hence, indicated a balance like that present in the nature and signifies peace.

Purple: Individual, Creative, Psychic, Fantasy, Selfless

Considered to be a favourite among children and females, it is the most preferred color among children. Hence, brands which target a customer base among children opt for purple. It is also considered to be a status of luxury and sophistication and is thereby most preferred by brands that would want to establish themselves in the luxury offerings category.

Black: Authority, Strong, Sophisticated, Formal, Seductive

Black can be seen as a class of richness and elegance. It is a favourite among car companies to give a high-end and elite feel. It can be used with any colour, especially silver, gold or any other bright colour. Also, logos are generally designed in black and white as they can be recognized easily and the hassle of choosing an appropriate shade is eliminated.

Multi-Coloured : Multi Channel, Playful, Creative, Positive

Multi-coloured logos are opted for by many companies as it creates a diverse effect and do not fall under the category of any specific colour. Conglomerates and companies that offer different products choose such colour schemes.

Author: Danny Molt is creative designer and all round follower of great design, working for Print-Print Limited, promoting business and building your brand through quality printing.


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