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how i survived retrenchment to become promoted

Updated on September 29, 2012

How i survived retrenchment to become promoted

Instead of being retrenched during the last economic meltdown ,i was promoted with increased perks. This was because i made myself indispensable to the company because of the skills i had acquired and the way i carried myself . This are some of my secrets



How i survived retrenchment to become promoted

how i became promoted instead of retrenched

I have worked in this company for some years as a receptionist ,staying at the front office accepting visitors and doing other things receptionists are known for ,with gusto. While my colleagues in the same department were busy mourning about the perk-less situation of their job, i was busy making a mark in the company by following this methods



Within two years i was doing my job ,i never arrived at the office less than thirty minutes before my resumption time.At our closing time, i also stay thirty minutes extra before bolting out .This was to prove that i love my job so much that i was not in a hurry to leave the premises .


This thirty minutes i stay back was not a wasted one because i used it to make friends in the company .Not friends to sit around doing nothing, but to acquaint myself with different departments and their functions.


I was so passionate about my job and did it as if i would be dead without it . This showed in the way i treat customers and most satisfied customers, i believe, don't fail to put a word or two for me in high places.

Studied part- time

I didn't go around reveling in the fact that i was a celebrated receptionist and resting on my laurel. I studied part-time to get more qualifications and knowledge .


Although after subtracting my school fees ,the amount of money left is the type that would make someone sigh at the sign of end of the month .However ,i never failed to dress-up properly according to the dress-code of a receptionist . I was always smart that some detractors in the company regarded me as always over-dressed .

During the last economic meltdown ,our company was so badly hit that a lot of workers were retrenched including many receptionist .Things were so bad that the company decided to retain only those with multiple skills . I was not only promoted to the post of a manager in another department , i also combined this with the job of a receptionist coupled with all the perks . Most of my co-leagues who were mourning about the situation of their job were given enough time to mourn properly at home .

I didn't get all this knowledge that helped me retain my Job from the parties i frequent ,rather i read and read a lot of books on job etiquette .


how to become a better employee - how to survive retrenchment

How to be a better worker

Books on jobs - books for better jobs

Avoid retrenchment books

How i survived retrenchment to become promoted - How i became promoted instead of retrenched

How to survive retrenchment

What quality do you prefer from an employee

In-case you didn't see what you want - If you haven't seen what you are looking for

please feel free to check-out here

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What is your take on this - what other quality can make one escape retrenchment

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