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Tips on how to advertise your land or property for sale

Updated on July 25, 2010

Selling a private property is not as difficult as many people think it is. There are many options for good and effective advertisement - and no, I do not mean a real estate agent under this statement. In most of the cases the owner can successfully advertise their own land for sale without the help of a real estate agent, so you do not have to share your earnings with a professional for a work you can do personally in fact.

There are many good places to advertise
There are many good places to advertise
Property for sale by owner
Property for sale by owner
A nice property for sale in free classifieds
A nice property for sale in free classifieds

In the followings, you can read some very useful tips on how to advertise your land for sale successfully.

1. The best place for your ad is online. You can either place your land for sale on free classifieds sites or on specialized web pages that offer only private properties for sale. Those sites can either be local – like a Boston-located website for lands for sale – or can be pages that can offer you ads from all over the world. Remember that you don’t have to pay a penny for placing your ad!

2. If you can afford to pay a little to have your land for sale advertised on good, related pages, then you should try another method offered online and this is Google AdWords. It is PPC advertising that can be very effective and is not an expensive way – you only have to pay after direct clicks on your advertisement. Moreover you can also see from day to day whether your ad is successful and how much people clicked on it.

3. You can also place ads in the local newspapers. These articles can work, but are usually not the best, while very few people are reading printed papers in these days and they can be way too overpriced as well.

Land for sale on the internet
Land for sale on the internet

4.       You can also try cheap flyers in a limited number. These can work, because according to statistics, most of the people move only a few kilometers away from their previous home, so flyers placed in letterboxes of the surrounding areas may be useful.

5.        Word of mouth works well in a situation like this. ‘Use’ your neighbors and relatives and all the networks available for you. Never forget about social networking sites either, while you can ask your friends to spread the info that your property is for sale between their own friends.

6.       Always place a ‘For Sale’ sign at the site of your land offered for sale. Never forget to place your phone number at the sign to enable drive-by enquirers to call you immediately. This can be a very useful method if the property is on a frequented place.

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What to include in your ad?

In your advertisement never forget to list the following info about the property offered for sale:

  • Location (state, city, zipcode, street name)
  • Size of the property (size of the house and the lot separately)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Type of the property
  • Date when the building was built
  • List special characteristics (i.e. pool)
  • Info on the neighborhood (i.e. city centre is 10 minutes away)
  • Your contact information
  • Last but not least: take pictures of your property and upload it with the ad (at least 1 taken from outside and 2 inside)

Now you know how to make your ad effective!
Now you know how to make your ad effective!


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    • profile image

      John Ulrich 5 years ago

      That is very useful information. I have found Craigslist to be very good especially if the owner will finance the property. I am not trying to promote anything here just give free information. I have a list highly related to the above. It is how to increase your land value prior to a sale. I am just trying to help people.