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DJ Employment Opportunities

Updated on July 19, 2015

Are you a DJ?

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DJ Employment Opportunities

Do you aspire to be a sought after DJ and perhaps even working for yourself?

To do well in the music business, you have to be unique. You have to stand out from the competition.

What sets you apart is your image and how you brand yourself, but also the tips and tricks you use to master your music.

You have to be passionate. You want to enjoy what you are doing. Pursuing a DJ career requires hard work and determination.

There are various DJ employment opportunities including being a:

  • Club DJ
  • Strip Club DJ
  • Digital DJ
  • Radio DJ
  • Wedding DJ
  • or any other type of Event DJ

As a DJ, it's important to be passionate.

You don't want to sound like an amateur when you're viewed as a DJ. Otherwise, you could just be anybody playing music.

People take DJs seriously. We look to them as the people who are on the up-and-up of what is going on in the music industry. Even if they play old hits, we somehow view DJs as knowing everything there is to know - about great music.

The first step to becoming a great DJ is to live, breath, and smell music.

If you're not interested in music, technology, and entertainment, all related to being a DJ, then being a DJ isn't for you. :)

As a DJ, you have to know your audience.

How often have you been out at a club, party, or other event, and you see a DJ off in his (or her) own world? I don't know about you, but for me, I don't enjoy my experience when the DJ is playing the beats for himself (or herself), without taking the audience into consideration.

The best DJs are the ones that not only are attune to who their audience is and what they want, but also are friendly and down-to-earth.

People want a DJ they can connect with. They want someone whose energy doesn't stop. The party becomes much more electric that way.

As a DJ, you should be comfortable connecting with people.

To get those DJ gigs, in a highly-competitive industry, you have to be comfortable with connecting with people. You're not going to get requests to play at events, if people don't know who you are.

The most sought after DJs in the world didn't get discovered by keeping to themselves. They had to get out there, and get people to recognize their music, and who they are.

It is important that you are social if you want to be a sought after DJ, as this will ensure that you get booked. But to get booked time and time again, you have to build great rapport with people. And not just people in the industry, anybody you come across.

You never know whose grandma has a neighbor whose dentist's daughter's teacher has a great referral to someone in the business. ;)

As a DJ, you should have the music technical know-how.

Personality plays a huge part in doing well as a DJ.

But obviously, and you may have guessed, you just got to have the technical ability. Many DJs are self-taught. They tapped into the DJ world and learned from the pros. Others took formal education. Regardless, you need training in one way or another.

You're going to need technical equipment with you for mixing beats, whether you go to people, as a Mobile DJ, or they come to you. As we all know, technology gets more and more advanced. To have the latest and greatest sounds, you can't exactly be using hardware decades old.

You should feel comfortable using technology, and knowing how to troubleshoot it. DJing is considered both a science and an art.

As a DJ, don't give up.

To be a great DJ who is known by many, you have learned that not only is technical ability important, but also you're personality.

There is a lot of competition in the music industry, but don't let the hard work needed set you back. If you are passionate about pursuing DJ employment opportunities, do what it takes to fit it in your goals. Have people around you that support you. Keep persevering.

When you seek out those DJ employment opportunities, you will want to have your own individual style. This is something that you will want to think about as you get into this field. You take the secrets from the pros and put your own twist on things!

Being a successful DJ is a possibility, so get out there and follow your music dreams!

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