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How to Become a Book Tuber and Earn Money Online?

Updated on May 31, 2020
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Vikram Brahma has over a decade of corporate working experience. By profession, he is a Digital Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer and YouTuber.


If you ask me honestly, what is the one thing that excites me the most? Than my straight answer to this question is only an amazing idea gives me the feeling like nothing else. And after hearing the idea, if I can visualize the bigger possibility for my life than I can immediately feel so much rush inside my blood.

This has happened to me so many times in my life. And I am happy to inform that those were the best moments of my life. So, today, I want to share one such idea which I believe has the potential to generate income for us. But as I always tell there is no short cut. Actions are required to get the desired results. So, let me share that idea and I hope you can too see the bigger picture.

Book Tuber Reads A Lot Of Books
Book Tuber Reads A Lot Of Books

Who Is A Book Tuber?

I am sure you will agree that reading books makes us intelligent. It gives us knowledge. But do you know by reading books you can earn money? Well, there is a system and anybody who can combine the power of digital marketing and reading books can generate income.

So, who is a Book Tuber? Well, if you have heard this word for the first time then let me simply tell you. Book Tuber is a person who makes YouTube videos based on books.

When I say they make videos then there are many possibilities within this opportunity. I will share at least two ways through which you can earn money by using this system. And the best part is neither you have to step out of your home nor you have to do any heavy investment.

So, if you are good at speaking, writing and hungry to make a career and business by using this system, then read this article. It will guide you and this article will act as a complete blueprint for you.

Start A YouTube Channel - Initial Stage

As per data, there are almost 300 million video viewers in India alone. It is expected to grow by 340 to 360 million next year. And if I talk about worldwide numbers then there are more than 1 billion viewers in a month. Yes, I am talking about the biggest video market place i.e YouTube.

So, in the first stage, you have to start a channel. As it is your foundation stage, you have to decide what will be the format of your videos. There are three formats through which you can start your channel. In the first format, you can show your face and do the book review.

In the second format, you can record only your voice and show images to make your videos. In the third format, you can use animations and make videos. So, decide the format first. This is the most crucial stage.

In this stage, you also need to decide what kind of books you will review. Whether you will review only business books or motivational books or Novels or Science fiction books etc. So, in this stage, you need to decide two things i.e format (animation, video or audio), and type (review or summary etc).

Ideas On Topics To Make Videos

Now, you have started making videos on a regular basis. And you are looking forward to earn income through this. But before, I explain how you can earn, let me give more ideas as what all things you can do within this channel. I want to show the bigger picture and possibilities before we jump to the earning part.

So, below are the list of activities which you can do for your channel.
1. Book review
2. Book summary
3. Book of the month or week
4. Best 10 books (for example, best 10 business books of the year)
5. You can do how-to videos (for example, how to read fast, how to understand a book, how to write a review of a book etc)
6. Collaborate with other Book YouTubers (for example, take their interview through webinar)
7. Inform the audience about adapted movies from books

So, these are some ideas which you can implement and make various versions of these.

How To Earn Money With Such Channels

So, if we talk about the income source then, in the beginning, we have two options through which we can generate money. These are viewership (ad revenue) and affiliate marketing. Now, let’s understand these sources in detail.

Income Through Viewership

YouTube is the only social media platform where you have something called a magic button i.e monetization. But to start earning through this process you have to fulfil three most important criteria. These are:
1. Need to have at least 1000 subscribers
2. Need to complete 4000 watch hours
3. Videos should include either your face and voice or voice at least and it should be your original videos. Plus there are other YouTube guidelines which you need to follow.

After you fulfil these criteria you will be get paid as per your viewership which includes ad revenue. So, the simple rule is higher the monthly viewership higher will be your income.

Income Through Affiliate Marketing

Do you know videos are one of the best marketing tools to present information about any product? And by using this video method chances of customer conversion increases. So, how does an affiliate marketing will be used under this technique?

First, let’s understand what is affiliate marketing? Well, affiliate marketing simply means you promote a product and once a customer buys that product through your referral link, you will earn some commission in return.

For example, you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer. So, you made one video on YouTube and gave a review about a book. And under the description of your video, you shared that book’s affiliate link. So, when someone buys that book after watching your video, you will get the commission.


Many people don’t start such channel as they feel who will watch such channels or how this channel can help me to earn money. Well, if you ask me there are so many opportunities we can create by the help of digital platforms. You just need to start, belief in your dreams, keep learning and results will come soon or later.

Now, if you want to grow even bigger than go ahead start applying for sponsorship and even write your own book. Once you will grow your channel then you will no longer be an individual but you will become a brand. And always remember the price of a brand is always higher than a product.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      5 weeks ago from Assam, India

      Oh it will be nice Swati, if you can try. If you need some channel suggestion let me know. I knew names of few channel who do this as a profession. You're welcome Swati.

    • Kh swati profile image

      Swati Khandelwal 

      5 weeks ago from Nainital

      I know only about a you tuber never even heard about it. Will surely go through the same as I am completely a book lover. Thank you for sharing

    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      6 weeks ago from Assam, India

      Thank you Mr. Krishna, yes this is a great option and future is moving towards videos. So, I think if anyone will put enough hard work and commitment he/she can also do. Let's hope for the best and I will be happy if anyone gets inspiration from my article and takes the massive action. Thank you for commenting.

    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      6 weeks ago from Assam, India

      Thank you Prantika for your comments. Yes, this can be another source of income for many people. Of course, it may take time but for sure it is a good way to earning. As by reading books, one will gain knowledge and by sharing knowledge one will earn too.

      Thank you that you liked my article. I really want to explore this niche. I hope soon I will come up with my own channel too.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      6 weeks ago from South India

      I har heard and read book reviewers, but because of your article, I came to know that a regular youtube channel is run for giving a review on books. It will certainly get the advantages of the youtube and the expressions of the Youtuber. Keep informing about the new technologies, Mr Vikram.

    • Prantika Samanta profile image

      Prantika Samanta 

      6 weeks ago from Kolkata, India

      This is an excellent article providing an insight on Book Tuber. I have heard about the term but did not have much knowledge about it prior to reading this article. Your article will benefit many aspiring Book Tubers who want to make it large in the online video domain. I like the way you have explained systematically how to proceed with the making of videos. I find it a fantastic way of earning revenue.

      Thank you for sharing a wonderful idea. The idea is apt in the current situation when online videos are gaining popularity with each passing day.


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