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How to Become a Treasure Hunter

Updated on September 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting: More than a passion, a way of life!

I always liked money, and it is one of those things that make me dream - but don't get me wrong, I don't mean stacks of bills or a full bank account, I mean jewells, gold, gold coins, antiques and... treasure!

Since I was a young lad I have been told of pirate stories, spanish galleons filled with gold, mystical caves full of jewells, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and every kind of riches available to men. I always dreamt to be a treasure hunter.

Nowadays I am a Marketer... and it isn't treasure hunting, but that I kept as a passion, and that's why throughout this article I am going to let you know a bit about Treasure Hunting, several different disciplines of the practice and how to start if you're so inclined!

Gold Nugget
Gold Nugget

Gold Mining: Recreational Gold Mining

Finding gold as a hobbie

There's nothing like recreational gold mining!

Usually, recreational gold mining is small scale placer mining or pickaxe and pan gold mining that enthusiasts practice as a hobby. It is quite a profitable hobby for those that know what they are doing.

Depending on the country or state you are at, different rules apply and regulate if you need:

- A mining permit: A permit that will enable you to mine that place;

- Rights to keep the gold: Some countries or states don't allow you to keep what you mine;

- Mining Grants: They may be needed or not;

Regardless of all of it, think about the enthusiasm of going to a mountain to mine and extract that sweet sweet gold for yourself or for sale... it is the practice of extracting money from mother Earth!

A Small Coin Collection
A Small Coin Collection

Coin Collecting & Coin Hunting

Knowing about the value of coins

Once, as a kid, I found a coin on some construction grounds that was from 1890. I was so excited, thinking I would make it big! Turns out that the coin wasn't that valuable, but the enthusiasm and the thrill I felt by holding a piece of history with the face of a dead king right on the palm of my hand was priceless.

For those coin hunters out there, know that knowing the value of coins is vital so that you can haggle, do great deals, sell them for a profit and know just how much you have in hands.

The best thing about coin collecting, in my oppinion, is their historical value - and thought buying and selling coins is very lucrative, I think I would have trouble in parting ways with those coins.

Gold Mining Equipment and Coin Collecting Supplies - For your treasure hunting needs

The products below are a great way to get started in either of these treasure hunting disciplines! Browse around!

Metal Detector
Metal Detector

Treasure Hunting with a Metal Detector

Scanning for riches

Again, I found out about this treasure hunting discipline when I was a kid. Some guy at the beach with a metal detector was scanning a beeping forward and backwards... and he kept finding old stuff that I know it wasn't valuable - but it didn't matter, he was having fun, I could tell.

Once I got near him and asked him if he had some luck, he answered that it was a bad day, but that once he found a medieval gold coin, and I was mesmerized by the story.

I have been passionate about treasure hunting from that point on, and I found out that it is quite a popular hobby.

If you like to hike and if you have a passion for treasure hunting, this might be the right practice for you - so try it out.

For the Metal Detector Treasure Hunters - Wanting to start?

If you want to become a treasure hunter that uses metal detectors, you'll need these:

The World is full of Treasures!
The World is full of Treasures!

Poll Time! - Answer the following question:

What type of treasure hunter would you like to be?

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Mining Gold... like a boss!
Mining Gold... like a boss!

Why is Treasure Hunting a Dream Job?

Turning a hobby into a full time job!

Is it hard to find out why? If it is, then I am sad to report you are not worthy of being a treasure hunter.

The passion of treasure hunting, the gold fever, the adrenaline rush and the desire to find treasures - those feelings are what impels us enthusiasts to drive forward and keep doing what we do even if most of us aren't profitable.

For those that know what they are doing and do Treasure Hunting as a full-time job, I'm sure it is a dream come true and that they couldn't be happier with their jobs.

I know I would drop my job if I could be a treasure hunter... alas I don't think I could because I don't think I have enough passion to fail before I succeed and my wife wouldn't be happy either.

This Documentary is one of my favorites - Learn a bit about deep sea Treasure Hunting

I simply loved every minute of this documentary as the treasure hunting enthusiast I am. I hope you do too.

For aspiring deep sea or underwater treasure hunters, this video might give you the little push you need!

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